Saturday, April 15, 2006

Everyone is Welcome

Every camp has a theme. Intensity always seems to be a very important subject at every camp. I discover over and over again that folks just don't know how tough they are. It's hard to know how hard to push when exercise hasn't been a part of your childhood. If you've had coaches and trainers growing up then you've had clear examples of how to push beyond your limits. I good motivator helps his students and athletes find their best at every training session. My coaches growing up lacked the finesse required to help everyone on the field improve. The strong survived while the weak got run over. Team sports will do that. Winning is more important than helping the kids who barely made the cut.

When I started training people almost 24 years ago I swore that my technique would include everyone. Fitness is difficult enough without feeling left out during the process. I want the people buying my workouts and attending my camps to feel like they can be part of the team regardless of their fitness history. Any and all levels are always welcome. Most of my youth was filled with the feeling of being left out. Last guy picked for the team, beat up at the bus stop, made fun of by the bullies at school, etc. If you look at me and think you see the ex-captain of the football team you are off by a mile. My early lessons in this life have helped me hone workouts that work...for everyone. I will never do a dance workout, or a hip-hop workout or a choreographed workout because these types of workouts leave some people out.

My P90X Kenpo workout is slow for some people because I spend a lot to time showing you how to do it properly. It's a technique workout not a fat burning workout. I've got plenty of those for you to pick from. Everyone can do some version of push-ups & jumping jacks. This is why Power90 has helped tens of thousands of people who have never succeeded before. Many programs on the market today are hard to learn, boring & repetitive. This is why they don't work for many people. Especially in the long run. I call Power90 the ON switch to a lifetime of fitness because it is a program that doesn't make you feel left out. Once the switch is on you're ready for anything.


psalm9567 said...

Aren't you right as usual??

Spot on, Tony! I NEVER did sports as a kid just for that reason! I couldn't run fast enough, throw hard enough, etc. It was in my late 20's, after having my daughter, that I discovered that fitness could be FUN! After having my son in 2002, I had kept it up, but my program was becoming stale and my body was plateaued! It was not until I found Power 90 (last May) that I started to make it my LIFE. My 6:30 a.m. appointment, every day except Sunday. Do I miss some days? Sure, but I make sure to eat as cleanly as I can and get up and do that workout the next day. As a Christian, I have learned that working out, pushing my body to it's physical limits, is an act of worship to the Lord! I had come to that conclusion during the round of tricep push-ups on Sculpt 3-4! Then, I read the same thought on Traci's thread! Great minds think alike!

So, THANKS again for making a program--scratch that, programs--that help all of us! I love P90, I love Master's Series, and I LOVE Kenpo X!!!

And I WILL see you in New York! I have more than half my money saved up and I am ready to rock it with you, Traci, Lara, Carl, LoriJ, TLC, and any others who will attend!

Blessings to you, Tony, can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony! I love how it seems that you're speaking to me directly! Like Sarah, I never played sports. I was small for my age and was always picked last for everything. 'caused me to hate "group" activities. I'm still uncomfortable and have that nagging feeling of "I can't" in the back of my mind (I am working on that though!) I find that if I'm having trouble doing something now, I tell myself that "I'll soon be able to!" instead of "I can't". Power 90 and you were definitely my "ON" switch!!! and there's no turning it off! I love all your programs (GBG, P90, MS, and P90X!) I'm currently working on P90X (just started and loving it too!)

I can't wait to hear more about NEW YORK! Looking forward to meeting you, Carl, Traci and Psalm9567 as well as many other BB friends!

Ontario, Canada

Ernest Barton said...

I think the thing that helped me get over my fitness hump was the entire P90 way of looking at things. It is not just a diet... it's a lifestyle change. The P90 plan is like having a friend who tells ya like it is, not what you want to hear. It didn’t make it complicated or trendy or fashionable. It doesn’t say, well if you only eat half a cheeseburger than yer OK. It doesn’t say well as long as you eat right, you don’t really need to work out. It made it plain and simple: If you do the workouts and eat clean, you will lose weight and feel better. The first month was very very hard in adjusting my eating habits. I was the consummate fast food coach potato. P90 made it so simple, I only had to concentrate on building the will power to do it.

You can’t argue with results. I just finished day 70 and have lost 51 pounds. My friends say, why don’t you reward yourself with something you used to eat. They must be crazy... go back to the Devil's food. I'll stick with my delicious berry protein shakes and almonds! I did reward myself however... I bought the P90 Master Series!!! Look out K-ankles... her comes Plyo-legs!!!

Thanks for all the support Tony, Beachbody and all of my WOWY partners!

leannwoo said...

I turned the light on! :)
I was one of those athletic kids. I loved sports. But when you grow up and get a job, quit having fun and start focusing on the daily grind you forget about the fun of pushing yourself.

I now remember how much fun it is to move, sweat and just enjoy.

Thanks Tony.

AlfaSunshine said...

Hi mr tony!! I'm on week 9 of 12 for a round of p90 master's series. Love it love it love it!! I feel slimmer but I don't measure cause it doesn't make me feel good. I expect that I will go to the santa monica camp eventhough I ain't the most campy person THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN WORKING OUT WITH YOU IN PERSON though. So I'll probably be there.

Thanks for the great workouts!! L

Anonymous said...

Amen Tony!! I like how you think!! I'm a certified personal trainer and an ex-marathoner BUT - I can't dance to save my life - I make people with 2 left feet look smooth on the dance floor and when I saw the P90 infomercial one Sunday morning I knew I'd found the answer. I liked your "attitude" - take all comers -everyone can do it and succeed now - not in 16 weeks when you finally quit tripping over your feet or you stop being too embarrased to go to the "hardbody" gym. I liked how you showed modifications or alternative moves and encouraged people to take breaks instead of the "go hard or go home attitude" often heard. I've done P90, P90 MS and am heading for the X and the zinger - my hubby who would not come within 10 miles of a "workout tape" has also completed P90 and is moving to MS.
You and your workouts rock!!


Gary said...

Hey Tony! I started P90 in Mar05, (and did all 90 days religiously!) and I can say that it did indeed change my life. I was always somewhat fit, and I enjoy hiking and outdoor activities, but I wanted to be really fit for a trip to Everest Base Camp in Nepal back in October 05. I never realized how the program would affect me emotionally as well - in the way I would feel about myself. I had to laugh as I was reading your blog entry and was thinking, "I wonder if he was the last one to be picked for team sports..." and then you said it! :)

Anyway, thanks for everything - and I plan to be a Beachbody guy for life!

Mary Mc said...

Hi Tony!

I think the thing that makes P90 great is that it is simple to do. Very few moves require much skill, so people can concentrate on bringing it with intensity--not worrying about how to do the next move. I've done all your workouts, as you know, but I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go back to do P90 3/4 workouts again. They still can be considered good, solid workouts that can be mixed into any program. Thanks so much for all the workouts and advice. And for just being YOU! :-)

Mary Mc

Mary Cecy said...

You make me miss you more and more each day :) See you in Chicago. Sept my friend. Must dance this year!!

Stop sitting on the sidelines people, this man is for real, whether you are starting or at your goal.
XO Peace