Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You

As Thanksgiving Day comes to a close I think a lot about all the people in this country and beyond who have made a commitment to change for the better. Change is hard. It requires letting go of the past and of the habits you've grown accustomed to over the years. Staying in a rut is easy. Getting out of one requires work. Life is hard enough for most folks and adding food discipline and 6 days a week of hard core exercise is a massive commitment. It's hard for me and I do it for a living. Some are getting up before the crack of dawn to do Plyometrics, followed by feeding a family then heading to work. This is incredible to me. It goes to show you that the feeling you get from doing the right thing is worth the effort.

I wanted to take a moment on this Thanksgiving day to thank you all for choosing perseverance over laziness, discipline over impatience, self-reliance over self-pity and hard work over quick fixes. The road is often bumpy and the journey long, but the outcome from commitment and dedication is life altering. If you're one of these people then don't let the holidays become a time to put your hard earned results on hold. People will often use this time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve to ease up on healthy eating and regular exercise because they think they've earned a little time off. Why would you throw in the towel after you've won the fight? I don't get that at all. When life is hardest you must narrow your focus and keep going. Let people who don't know better start again on New Year's Day.
Not you!

Thank you,

Tony Horton