Friday, April 07, 2006


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Mary Cecy said...

Goal: Go to camp, biking and walking in addition to my workouts and eating properly. Just the first goal I will achieve tomorrow. Walking a 5k marathon!!

How did you know? Where are the cameras? Man I can't wait to see you in Sept!!

XO Peace

AlfaSunshine said...

Hmmmm look good I won't whine and complain. lol

Anyway, I am so happy to hear that Tom Petty is getting fit! I love that guy. And I love you too Tony!!

I went to an awesome seminar this week and I sooo would be interested to have you meet the guy. He's getting a little pudgy so he could use your inspiration, but even more so I think what he is about would just really inspire you too. Anyway I have a wild idea in my head that it would be an awesome combo. But then I just got home from driving through 5 commutes do my brain is just a little fried. Can ya tell the difference...hehehe Later.