Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

I am so tired of hearing about the evils of carbs. Can we please stop clumping all carbohydrates into one big nasty pile. There are healthy proteins and proteins loaded with saturated fats. There are certain kinds of sugars that are essential for energy and recovery while others make your butt big. Small amounts of some cheeses add tons of favor and can be part of a healthy diet, while too much mozzarella on your pepperoni pizza is slow suicide. I want to take out the guess work when it comes to good carbs vs. bad carbs. Bread gets a bad rap because it has risen to the top as the king of bad carbs. This is crazy because Wonder Bread & Julian Bakery Bread (for example) have almost nothing in common. Plain old white Wonder bread has only trace amounts of fiber and is made with refined white flour. It's birthday cake without the frosting.

One slice of Julian Bakery protein bread AKA Wonderful Bread has 8 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. One slice! That is awesome! The organic ingredients are ground whole grains of wheat, oats, rye, corn, brown rice, millet, sunflower seeds, flax, sesame, poppy, pumpkin, pinto beans, honey, yeast, & sea salt. This is beautiful whole grain healthy food essential for digestion, energy and brain function. Refined white bread is a close cousin to candy bars. When you order that bagel at the corner deli, know that you've just purchased a "bad" carb. When you spread a little fruit preserve on your toasted Wonderful Bread you've selected a very good carb.

Whole Foods Grocers has a great selection of whole grain breads. If you don't have a health food store in your area then contact The Julian Bakery out of La Jolla California. They ship anywhere in the country. Special order the bread to your local market. This is rarely a problem.

Julian Bakery 1 (800) 98-BREAD


mom2ajjm said...

Hi Tony,

I am on day 85 of P90, and I have loved every single day of the journey. Well, maybe not every single day, lol. I do have a healthfood store in my city, and I am going to see if they have something close, and if not, I am going to ask if they can special order the bread for me.

Thanks so much for all you do. Someday I will get to one of your camps.


Janell said...

Hey Tony,

I am glad that you posted this. I am a pasta lover! With watching the "bad" carbs it's a put down not being able to enjoy it like I use to. I will have a handfull amount, or two, of some kind of pasta once in a while. I wish it wasn't considered a "bad" carb, but knowing that a salad is healthier I can manage.
I'll have to check out the bread. The ingredients make it sound good. Thanks! :-p

Anonymous said...

Hello Tony!
I started your program about a month ago.Giving up my breads and pasta almost made me cry.However,I find your program Power 90 awesome.I am one of those people who couldn't lose a pound on most diets.I was very discouraged and unhealthy and after a year of being in chronic pain after two injuries ,one in my left knee and another in my right shoulder. I was very unfit overweight and unhappy.The fact that I was entering the menopausal stage was even more depressing.Now I don't miss the breads.I even bought brown bread and rye bread when I do eat bread.I count calories on everything now.I bought whole wheat pastas as well.Thanks for helping me feel good about myself again.So far I have dropped 7 pounds and I'm toning up a lot.Every pound that drops off my husband and I cheer!I love your cheerful fun loving approach to the exercises.It motivates me and the fact that I am shrinking also motivates!My injuries make it uncomfortable to do some exercises but what I can do ,I do.At some point I would like to talk to you about alternative exercises.Thanks for making a difference in an overweight sedentry old lady!

Brenda Wickline

Anonymous said...


I am on day 8 of P90X and loving it! I do have question regarding food allergies . . . I have food allergies to wheat, barley, oats, and soy. What other types of carbs do you suggest I add to my diet?


Julian Bakery said...

Please use promo code 1776 for $5.00 off your order at

Thank you so much Tony for supporting our family owned bakery.

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