Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Grand Plan Stan/Stella

So you want to be fit and lean and you want all the news on how to get there. Well, you need a plan man/woman. Your plan must be simple. Exercise and eating right does not have to be convoluted. You need a philosophy for getting there. Know ahead of time when you're going to workout. Write it on a calendar (I'm old school...that's what I do) or in your PDA and get into WOWY with a group of committed people. Schedule out the whole month in advance!

If you really want results you have to stop with the FOOD PORN. Remove the porn from the house and buy fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. If switching over makes you feel deprived then do what I do. I call it the 90/10 Plan. Ninety percent of the food I eat is in the top two tiers of Michi's ladder. The other ten percent of the time I dip into Michi's basement. I stay away from grease, fat and salt but I do relish in the sweet side of life. Can you say chocolate chip cookie? Another plan is the 50/50 plan. This is for people who have been eating poorly at every meal for years. Your job is to clean up your act just half the time while sticking with the old ways for the other 50%. You have to decide ahead of time which meals are clean and which are PORN. Three meals a day, seven days a week makes for 21 meals. Make 11 of them healthy (you know what that looks like) and keep the rest ugly. This plan will improve things immensely for many of you. The hope over time is that 11 good meals becomes 12 and 10 bad becomes 9, etc.

If you really struggle with your healthy diet then start writing down what you eat. Try this for just 3 weeks. Buy a small note pad or some 3 x 5 index cards and start keeping track of every morsel. Grade yourself at the end of each day. Healthy foods get no grades while junk/porn get a negative number. That blue cheese dressing in your healthy salad gets a negative 1. Add bacon bits and you're at a negative 2. On a 1 to 10 scale 8, 9, & 10 are best. Below 5 means you've been cheating all day long.

Your simple plan is to schedule workouts so that you can stay consistent and find a food philosophy that works for you.


DEEDEE said...

hi tony!

it's me DEEDEE from San Antonio camp! i must say that i totally agree with your plan/stan/stella, pam or otherwise. My current problem is finding time! i have been working 12-13 hour days and i stand ALL day long and i just have no intensity left at the end of my day! And it's not fair to push yourself if your intensity isnt' there is it? i tend to notice that i get sloppy with my moves and form. But i just wanted to say HI and to say that i miss you! I love the plan, and i try to set many of them also. :)

i plan on trying harder! :)
talk more soon!

AlfaSunshine said...

Well today was day 2 of my plan! I didn't move much at all after last Sunday. Perhaps that was a mistake. I avoided the pain for a few days by not moving. Now that I'm moving my thighs and butt are screaming! Cardio/core and Plyo/legs are perfect for these areas. I am definately modifying but by the end of my 2 month plan I ought to be jumping to the ceiling and palms down to the floor!! OK here's my confession. I almost forgot about halloween and I bought the candy minutes before the kids started coming to the door. I didn't resist the snickers :( I still have a bag left. I love snickers. I ain't throwing them away. Buy the time my butt and thighs don't hurt anymore they will be long gone. Luckily my chat buddies told me a long time ago to shop and eat from michi's ladder and on my last shopping trip I used the BeachBody customized plan. I planned out 3 days of meals and used their shopping list at the store. I had enough healthy food to last me a couple weeks. So the I am guessing I'm like 30% porn and 70% healthy.

sheena said...

Hi Tony,

I am new to your power 90 program and I am really enjoying it. Today I have been exploring the beachbody site and I came across your message. I believe that this is a great way for me to view my eating habbits, and starting today I am going to watch how much food porn I eat. Thanks for the great out look!!


Mary Cecy said...

I am keeping tract but I have not written it out. This is going to take a lot from me. Ok, I will start on Monday...

I wanted to share with you something I saw this week. There was this picture of a swimmer. Under him there was this written: "Effort. The spirit to win and the will to excel is always measured one stroke at a time."

jac said...

I love the fact that you don't expect everyone to be "perfect" and remind us that we can give ourselves permission to be less than perfect. This isn't a perfect world we live in, nor are these perfect lives we are leading. Yet at the same time, so many of us are seeking perfection, either consciously or unconsciously. American society and culture promotes the appearance of perfection, usually at the sacrifice of health and even sanity it seems.
Thanks for being a rock for so many in this stormy journey towards health and fitness.

Anonymous said...

WHO-RA to what JAC said !!

I love the rating scale too. I already have 3x5 cards that I plan my food every AM, and have 30days of workouts scheduled in WOWY. Using the rating system will keep me in REALITY (hmmmm a Tony law?) :0) !!

My b-day was yesterday and I had 1 pc of cheesecake AT the restrauant. No cake is laying around here! With the holidays approaching, we need to keep our own kitchens clean - we will be tempted enough at all the social gatherings we CAN'T CONTROL!!

Thanks again TONY for adding to my success.
LOVE Sarah Wise / SIS

Dana said...

How uncanny that I was probably making my plan as this was being posted.

I like your idea of a rating system, not for me personally... I already carry around too much stuff w/ me.

I *DO* have a plan though! It addresses both workouts and food. I also instituted the "A-Team" (my accountablity circle). Every Tuesday we email each other our goals for the upcoming week as well as if we met our goals for the last week. I passed on some Nachos because I didn't want to have to own up to them in my weekly email. lol/smile.

Anyway... Listen to Tony Folks... get yourself a PLAN that will work for YOU and then... FOLLOW IT!!!

Like my name says: "Just_DEW_It"
smiles---> Dana "DEW"

christy6 said...

Love your words of wisdom Tony. I tried to forward this to someone and the e-mail nazi's just do not understand the term Food Porn! hehehehehehe