Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Choose To Feel Good

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Mary Cecy said...

I agree with Ned, the workouts make me feel Happy, Full of Energy and makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING. Eating healthy helps too. And sorry, but I do like my cheese :P

so OWN IT!! Cause it is here to Stay!

Anonymous said...

great audio blog. inspiring story.
also - you are a goofball (in the best way)-
Thanks for everything-

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony!! The guy sounds awesome. I'm recovering this week from running in the Nike Women's Half marathon. Couldn't walk 3 miles very well last April when I started p90. Now I feel completely recovered in less than a week. I'm starting the master's series mixed in with another workout on Tuesday. I have decided to really get the eating under control (again) and I'm gonna get myself out of bed in the morning to workout as a discipline to go with the eating change. Gonna wowy plan it out so that I am doing it to New Years. Then guess what??? I'm gonna do a real round of p90x!!! NO EXCUSES!! If I do it and I'm not at my goal weight by March I'm gonna blame you, ok?? lol hehehehehe j/k

AlfaSunshine said...

um... something changed on the comments. That last comment was me (Lauren, aka AlfaSunshine, aka NubianQueen) Have a great end of the year!!

Dana said...

I just came from a Halloween party and I happen to be feeling good because I must have been told by 20 different people how "hot" I looked. My co-workers have noticed my weight loss and that's cool. Looking good is one thing, but feeling good is on a whole different plane. One I strive to get to.

I recently let some emotional baggage from the past get to me and I hadn't worked out in a week... eight days to be exact.

I worked out this morning and I have a wowy date tomorrow morning as well. I was hurting a bit during the workout, but I felt great afterwards.

Thanks for reminding me that it only takes one workout to feel better. (Here's to many more)

Much Love, --- D.

Mary Mc said...


Yesterday I almost talked myself into skipping my workout. My elbow and knee were both bothering me a little. Plus, I just had no energy--I even felt weak climbing upstairs to change into my workout clothes. I layed down on my bed for about a minute and almost took a nap.

But then I thought. . .What would Tony do? I thought thru what I'd learned from you and said "No, I'm not taking a nap!" I should at least "go thru the motions" of my workout and see what happens. I chose to do PlyoX because I couldn't think of a more fun workout that wouldn't strain my elbow or knee too much. I decided to end with AbRipperX.

I not only "went thru the motions", but had a pretty good workout! Plus, my elbow and knee felt quite a bit better by the time I was finished.

I overcame my "mind chatter" showed that a person can really feel better just by completing one workout! Here's to working out and feeling better "for the rest of my life"!

Mary Mc

Mary Mc said...

Oops! My mind isn't working today!!! I meant to say I did KenpoX yesterday!! It IS the most fun of the X workouts! :-)

Mary Mc

Dusk said...

Dude! Do you even read the comments on here? If so, I wanted to tell you that things are going spectacular at home!!!! WE actually have a workout room now - WOO HOO! I have a question for you, but haven't a clue how to actually get in touch with you. If you ever see this and get the time, shoot me an email TheRealDusk at hotmail dot com!

Thanks for everything!
Dawn (& Rob)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Tony!
Choose to Feel Good. That's it in a nutshell! All about choice.

Anne in NE

Anonymous said...

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