Friday, October 14, 2005

From The Heart


Everyone's Heart Rate (HR) varies and it's not uncommon for yours to go outside of the training zones shown below. Keep in mind, your HR is only a gauge of fitness in relation to you as an individual and not to anyone else. Knowing this, you should closely monitor your HR throughout each workout, while continuing to push yourself as hard as you can.

Training Zones


25 to 29 ~~~~ 140 to 170

30 to 34 ~~~~ 136 to 169

35 to 39 ~~~~ 132 to 160

40 to 44 ~~~~ 128 to 155

45 to 49 ~~~~ 117 to 150

50 to 54 ~~~~ 115 to 145

55 to 59 ~~~~ 113 to 140

60 to 64 ~~~~ 111 to 135

These are general calculations based on 70% to 85% of Maximum Heart Rate. Whenever doing intense cardiovascular exercise it's also a good idea to use the 1 to 10 Intensity Scale. A 1 would equate to being very relaxed and comfortable, whereas a 10 would feel far too intense and difficult to continue exercising. Between a 6 & 8 is ideal.


marycecy said...

Thanks Tony! It has been a while sine I have worn mine. Better strap up again :)

AlfaSunshine said...

Hi Tony!! I recently bought a heartrate monitor. I workout above my recommended HR pretty often but my resting hr keeps going down and I know I am stronger and fitter. The reason I got the hr monitor is because I want to do at least 3 of my workouts a week in my lower hr range to burn fat. I haven't been too successful at burning the fat even the weeks at a time that I get the eating thing right. Do you think that is a good strategy for weightloss??

Daria said...

I have a heart rate monitor but it is good to know where the heart rate should stay for what age you are for the training to be effective. Thanks for the info about the heart rates. Love all the info you give very helpful. Thanks, Daria

Tonyfan said...


Thanks for all the helpful info. you give us so that we can keep improving and giving it our all! :-)

But having a hot guy like you for a trainer makes my heart rate go up even before I start working out. ;-) Thanks for P90!

Scott J said...

I learned from a trainer not to be a "heart rate apologist" and push myself beyond my comfort zone. I'm nearly 41 and regularly train in the mid 160's for 20 to 30 minutes. I also wear my heart rate monitoring during weight training (most recently P90X) and depending on the workout register between 135 and 145. Great pump and great cardio. The heart rate monitor is the single most important tool I've found to maintain intensity for every kind of workout you do.

DEEDEE said...


Christopher said...

This information is really helpful for the people who are studying in medical science. I have heard that the beat rate of new born children is the fastest among them all.

harish dev said...

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