Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why Go To Camp?

I'm heading to Stanfordville New York on july 7th. My good budies Tony & Dawn Barca have volunteered to run my fitness camp at the Roseland Ranch. We had such a blast at the Chicago and Portland camps. These camps give you the opportunity to really get this fit lifestyle wired. So often I see people with tons of desire, but not enough information. We know that variety, consistency and intensity are important, but going about it the right way isn't always clear.

The two workshops on form & function & The 11 laws of health and fitness have proved to be invaluable when it comes to really understanding what it takes to get awesome results and to stay motivated for a long time. Watching a workout on TV and reading the material that comes with it is only part of the many steps needed to become and stay healthy and fit into old age. These camps are like taking a giant step forward.

As I turn 47 I'm still learning the nuances of health, fitness and proper eating. As time moves forward, so do my priorities. Benching 350lbs is not one of them. Staying flexible and less vulnerable in day to day life is more of a priority. These camps are designed to give you the opportunity to understand your journey better. The information, inspiration and motivation that occurs at these camps will allow to get better results faster, avoid injury, bordem & plateaus and keep the whole process fun and interesting.

I encourage you to put your fears aside, put your money down and come join me and the kids at camp this year. The New York camp is July 15 - 17. the Santa Monica Camp is August 12 - 14. The San Antonio Camp is September 9 - 11. The Miami Camp is October 14 - 16. If you want more information go to the Power90 Message boards and look around. You'll see the threads for all 6 camps. Chicago & Portland Camp threads are still going strong. Check out how much fun we had. You learn ~ you laugh. It's good clean American fun. Sign up now!


Mary Cecy said...

Happy Early Bday! Camp is fun and a great way of getting to know Tony and tons of other members. We all are in the same page, working on making healthy lifestyles. It is about congratulating the others achievements no matter how small they think they are. Making the decision is tbe biggest achievement anyone can have, putting into plan is the other part of it. After attending to 3 very different camps Tony has done, I can from first hand tell you, it will never get old. You get new motivation and renewed faith in this journey. Meeting new friends is an added bonus. You already chat or leave messages to most of this people. You just put a face and personality to the name and messages. Although you also get the accent, when it comes to me. I encourage anyone and everyone to at least get off the fence and join in. It is the best investment of your life.

Thanks Tony, I am still bringing it and committed as I was back in April. I am in my last 4 weeks of this round of P90. Bring it!

Have a great week! Best wishes to the birthday people this week!

Mark Briggs said...

Hey Peeps,

Having attended the Chicago Camp, I can attest to the empowerment that comes from going to one.

Tony will fine tune your form on moves, you'll meet lots of other like minded people, and you'll have an absolute blast!

I came home with a recharged energy and focus thats still pushing me forward 2 months after the fact. You owe yourself to go to one. BRING IT!

AlfaSunshine said...

Hey Tony! I'm going to your Santa Monica Camp. I'll be done with a full round of p90 and about a month into training for my first half marathon. I am so looking forward to meeting you and spending time with all the great people that have signed up to go. Your fitness philosophy could not have come at a better time in my life!! Thank you so much for helping to create such a great community of support!!

Steven Bush said...

Happy birthday, Tony! I really enjoyed the Chicago and Portland camps and will be seeing you in August in Santa Monica.

Enjoy the day, my friend.


Amanda said...

Happy birthday Tony!! Party it up ;)

One of these days I plan on making it to one of your camps. Is there any chance of one happening around Illinos again? Like St. Louis for example????

Amanda (isabee03)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony~love muffin
Hope all your birthday wishes come true! Have a wonderful day sweetie and enjoy your birthday cookie

Janet (Honeyj)

Anonymous said...

happy b-day tony. next year i plan to attend at least one of the camps so i can see how the plan should go. thanks for all of the great work that you have done and i'm looking forward to what you have to offer in the future.

love ya
Latasha aka bigapple

onemade said...

Tony, I liked your comment about approaching 47. I am a bit behind you (won't be 47 until January) but my body is different, reacts differently and recovers differently. I'm having to learn to really listen, accept that I'm not going to looke like Demi Moore and give it my best. I too have learned to appreciate the need for flexibility. We all are on a journey, and hopefully as we gain wisdom we are willing to gently share what we have learned. Thanks for all you do for the health of masses!

BEMENOW said...


Just started Power 90 today!!! (tried once before and stopped...not this time...need to drop 50!) I just saw you have a camp in NY this weekend. Too soon for a newstart?

Any suggestions for being away 4 days with no dvd player?

Thanks..I love this program.


buffy said...

Happy birthday! I'd like to learn about hosting a camp in the Carolinas next year. So ... if you can point me to the right place, I'd really appreciate it.

laura33 said...

Hi Tony -- After hearing some awesome responses from Chicago and New York camps, I made the decision to attend my first ever camp in San Antonio this year. And I know I am not the only Camp "newbie" going to SA! See you in SA!! Take CARE! Laura33

Dana said...

GO TO CAMP... it's the best present you could give yourself!

I'm forgoing my much anticipated Hawaii vacation next year so that I can go to camp instead.

That may sound crazy, but anyone who's been to a camp can tell you it's not.

*(but we are all "cult members"

Tony, I'd drink your koolaid (scratch that--- make it green tea) any day!!

Much love,Dana

Go to a camp everyone!!!! You'll be glad that you did!