Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Project Earth

What if we lived in a country where everyone had tons of energy and motivation to be their best? Some folks have that. Most people don't. What is being your best anyway? Curious, hard working, happy people don't just happen. Most of the folks that come under that catagory work on mind, body & soul. I use a combination of reading, research & seminars for the mind. Yoga, weight lifting, skiing, gymnastics & cardio for the body. My soul work stems from philosophies that teach me to live and let live, avoid judgement and share what I know with people who want to learn it.

I believe that the root of all joy and happiness starts with the body. The use of body feeds the mind and soul. Food and exercise provides the chemical balance required to be your best. A sedentary garbage eater has little energy and motivation to do anything. If you decide to clean up your fuel and begin to move your body then the whole Earth starts to change. The things you talk about change. The things you do change. People around you see the change in you, so as a result you change their perception of you. All this positive change is effecting thousands of people every day.

This energy that flows out of you and around you doesn't just evaporate into thin air. It has very powerful consequences. The fitness camps are filled with it. The message boards are jam packed with it. We go from being lost, stuck and confused to people who want to help each other. That change in us grows and grows into something bigger than all of us. It is the energy of love. It's certainly not hate or fear. We don't yearn to connect with other people because we hate or fear them. We do it because something good is happening inside of us. It's the desire to connect, help, share, communicate and explore without judgement. That's love people...and what the world needs now... is love. A healthy diet and exercise is a simple and powerful way to change the world. Who knew?


DEW said...

I can't believe nobody commented on this! Well... I for one like "Idealist" Tony as much as "Whacky/Silly" Tony.

If I hadn't broken down in the 'circle of tears... I mean love' --- I would have mentioned that the biggest reason that I have undertaken this journey into a happier, healthier me is because I was tired of feeling lost.

It's not about losing the magic twenty pounds (okay... so in my case it was 117 pounds, but you know what I mean). I know there is no pill out there that will make me thinner, smarter, more beautiful.

It's about being the best me possible- in mind, body, and soul. It's a lot of work, but the journey is well worth it!

Thanks for touching me in all of these areas and helping me to be a more well rounded person with tons more energy. (No inappropriate touching, of course!)

I am enjoying my new lease on life... thanks for the roadmap.


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