Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Me & The Kids

This morning I was in Glendale California at the Horece Mann Elementary School hangin & playin with 7 amazing kids. Andrea Glassner their equally awesome teacher had posted on the boards that she and her amazing 7 were all working out to "Tony & The Kids." Mary Cecy (Wisconsin Superstar) contacted me and Mike K. at Beachbody to let us know that Andrea was using "Tony & The Kids" on a regular basis in class. After hearing that Andrea and the kids were having so much fun, we decided to head over to Horece Mann Elementary and see for ourselves.

The momment I walked into their classroom I felt like Elvis. I was the King...of Crunch Frogs. At first we all got to know each other, then we got right into the workout. They knew routine better than me. Heather Church was flasing me mini Q-cards with the hope that I could keep up with the kids. We ran through all the classics. Marching, Swimming, Leapfrog, Muscle Maker, The Radar Twist, Wacky Jacks, Bunny Rabbit & no workout is complete without the Loosey Goosey Shuffle.

It was an awesome morning filled with fun and inspiration. I want to thank Andrea Glassner for having us in her classroom today. I also want to thank her amazing 7 special kids for bringin it.


Mary Cecy said...

Tony, I am so psyched that you and the team got out there with Andrea and the kids. I got a call of joy from all of them. I was beaming and thinking of all of you while you were WOWTK! It was great to put you all together. What a joy this brings to me. See you soon!! Peace, hugs, kisses. You all rock!!

mermandrea said...

Dear Tony,

WE had an amazing time yesterday. The kids, oops, I mean "the amazing 7", were after me all day today... "What time is Tony coming today?????"

YOU HAVE AN OPEN INVITATION... with or without cameras...

We would love to hang with you on our playground equipment and burn up the monkey bars together!!!!!

You can be sure that we'll be wacky-jacking and crunchy-frogging every day.

I'm even more psyched for Santa Monica camp now than before (if THAT'S possible)!

A big hug of thanks goes out to MARYCECY... you rock!!!!! is AMAZING.... I LOVE YOU GUYS.

With love and gratitude,

Steven Bush said...

You're an amazing guy, Tony, and I'll never forget watching you with the kids in Chicago.

See you in August!