Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thought of the day

Most people these days don't seem to respond to gentle prodding. Our problems stem from too much coddling and our delusional sense of entitlement. You have to earn respect, success and health - and that comes from hard work, thinking outside of the box and finding mentors you trust who will push you outside of your comfort zone.


Tom said...

So true. I especially agree with you about the mentor comment.

balletomane3 said...

This I why I feel free to give them hell.

They say that you can catch more bees with honey than salt. I tried converting the minds of the obese with honey ... but they ate it.

In the military, the drill instructors who are trying to save your life and the lives of others ... they don't usually say, "Ummmm. Excuse me. I was thinking that if it is okay with you that you keep your body as low to the ground when crawling through a battlefield. But only at your convenience and only if you feel like it. Please"

KiiroSunshine77 said...

I'm in complete agreement! I've worked retail for the last 5 years in a cafe/restaurant's very upsetting!
Sometimes I want to put weights or an apple on their plate instead of their order of 2 slices of Pumpkin Cheesecake with extra whipped cream.

Anonymous said...

Ya I've always been a "tell it to me straight' gal. So I prefer the cold hard truth, don't dazzle with sweetness.

Louise said...

Good afternoon Mr. Horton,

I just wanted to tell you that my son Alex Hazan (13 years old) decided in February 2011 to lose weight because he did not like his image. He decided to train with your program P90X. After 5 months of training 6 days a week, he lost 40 pounds.

We are very proud of him and many of his friends ask him how he did it.

Alex is doing his Bar Mitzvah on September 3rd, 2011 and I was wondering if it was possible for you to either send him a message by email or send him a little video to congratulate him on his accomplishment since he admires you very much.

He is still training 3 times a week with your program and he is managing to maintain his weight. Alex is incredible!!!

I wish to thank you for your program allowing people to attain their goal and I am hoping you will be able to answer my email.

Thanking you in advance, please receive my best regards.

Louise Massicotte

Anonymous said...

I started your p90-x program in april because when i looked in the mirror i din't like what i saw. I was always ahletic but was not losing weight. Now after the 90 days i lost 30 pounds and feel great! I'm now doing p-90x plus and love every minute of it. I'm doing a hybrid of both workouts. You have changed my life and I can't thank you enough for this gift you given us. I'm now starting a p90-x club at work to share yor gift with others and to help them live a better and healthier life.
Mike DeCesare
Johnston RI

Macroman said...

The perception of delusional self entitlement comes from a jaded belief and perception of who you really are. It is only those who have the courage to look them selves in the mirror and are able to take on the truth along with the dreams. They are the ones who will achieve daily happiness..

Anonymous said...

Please, I really really need help! My husband tried p90x twice but did not want to go into a diet plan. He wanted to start the exercise program the third time now, but insisted he wouldn't go on a diet. He does not eat any vegetables. Can someone recommend a diet plan for him to transition to the p90x diet? He's gaining more weight than ever.

Anonymous said...

I had a trainer who thought since my husband was a Marine, he could talk to me like one...BIG MISTAKE!!! I work out very hard and I don't need a man to yell, "F*cking cowboy up" at me in a gym full of people. As it turned out I had pulled a muscle the day before and even though I had told him something felt wrong, he didn't believe me. I ended up in the ER that evening.
What I am trying to say is some folks do better with encouragement and possitive feedback. I don't need to be coddled but I don't need to be talked down to or made a fool of either.
I LOVE your program and the possitive feedback you give people!! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
Having worked out with you in my living room since 2002, I almost feel I know you. I just finished at round of P90-X and at 51, I feel fabulous. You have heard thank-you a million times and you'll hear it again here from me. Thanks for mentoring me in exercise and attitude, pushing me out of my comfort zone with your high quality program and inspiring posts. You have made a big difference in my life!

J Robbins said...

As a retired teacher, I couldn't agree more! Toward the end of my career, the powers that be (who HAD the power) insisted on lots and lots of coddling students. I got so tired of tip-toeing around all those delicate psyches, especially when I was told to work harder! Anyway - I'm 64 years old and have just begun my 2nd round of P90X. At first I thought I would die and was afraid I wouldn't, but now I'm feeling and looking SO much better. My goal is to do at least 10 men's push-ups and even a few real pull-ups. Sounds easy, but I've NEVER in all my years been able to do them. (I can now do 3 men's push-ups and can support my weight hanging from a bar. That's big for me, folks! Anyway, I've lost lots of weight, lots of inches, and everyone I know says I look like I'm 50. Thanks, Tony!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, when you are doing the right thing with the right people, you don't feel like you've been pushed outside your comfort zone because your comfort zone continues to get bigger. I am starting the PX90 program today with the right people who are encouraging and goal oriented-- the thing is we all respect each other and prod each other to be better athletes. Thank you for giving us a great tool to challenge us! See you in three months! Becky

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony:
I'm so glad to have discovered P90X. I have lost 25 lbs and feel great and feel motivated to keep up the exercise which has made be healthier & fitter. It goes to show that you can improve your health & body no matter what your age (63). I am still working hard and love the One on One workouts and am looking forwarding to the new P90X which is coming up soon. I like your one on one training and your crazy sense of humour. You are a great trainer and motivator. Thank you for putting yourself out there and working so hard on the behalf of others who need your guidance and support to find a healthier life style. It's good to change the world for the better. Forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

Tough Mudder. Enough said!

Eric said...



P90X has changed my life and it was not easy. I started and quit 2x before it finally became a life changing habit that I took action on everyday. Diet was another BIG step to making it happen.

You flat out HAVE TO WORK!

Billy Burgess said...

I've watched the P90X informercial a few nights ago. I'm a new follower of your blog.

Exercise & Coffee Review

Paul Alexander said...

True, all the great things occur outside of your comfort zone. With all the modern conveniences we forgot to get out of that zone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony

You certainly are right when you say "Our problems stem from too much coddling and a delusional sense of entitlement."

Too many folks these days no longer see the value in earning their success anymore... and unfortunately even less are able to think outside the box any longer.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Horton,

I was 204lbs and I am 5'8".
I did not know how it got to be so bad but only after 2 months of "bringing it" and doing exactly as you say, I am now 175lbs and my body fat has gone down from 30 to 24.7percent.

I just wanted to write this and let you know that you have changed my life.

I am P90x for life now. Its a religion for me and fitness is going to be my vocation from now on.

Thank you Tony Horton.

Anonymous said...

As I work with athletics in a junior high school I am profoundly sad that your statment is true especially at that level.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your 'thought of the day' and can certainly relate. Most people do not hold themselves to a standard and insist on meandering through life 'doing the same old thing and expecting different results.' Life requires discipline; to get what you want, you have to show up, day in and day out, committed to the desired outcome- no excuses- just get it DONE!!! Can't wait to BRING it today at 5- I have a Day 30 date with you and the kids- its Plyo time!!!!
-Ms. Dennison

Carrie said...

I have many things to thank you for. One, you kick my butt into action when need be to get off the couch and do something. Two, my freshmen year of high school i was on blood pressure meds and now i am off of them, and three, you are helping me to get in shape for my senior prom. I find myself saying "What would Tony do/ say about this?" Thank you. I probably have you to thank for my life.

Anonymous said...

Tony! I just finished my second time through P90X. My first time through was in 2010, it put me in the best shape of my life during my junior year of college. I lost 20lbs this last time and had even better results than the first time. Thanks!

TJO74 said...

You hit the nail on the head!

I use this same principal in my household, especially with my son who has cerebral palsy. However, its so hard to transition this to others...I guess for fear that they will run and you want them to stay to achieve their goals. But you put it plainly that people feel ENTITLED. Like they are not suppose to work for their results. If people were as dedicated as they were to the lottery this wouldn't be a problem lol. Oh well, as they say that You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.

Dunlearygirl said...

My motto is:

Better to be an honest failure than a lying success.

Unknown said...

Hi Tony
First of all thanks for this brilliant P90X program, its really awesome.Hey, now let me introduce myself I am Sumedha Mangla,25 year old girl and will be 26 in November this year,my height 5ft.4 inches, I weigh 82kg,belongs to middle class family from India, my lower part of body is really heavy its 46inches I mean my butts and tighs, the abdomen part is 37 inches and chest is 38 inches, in comparisson with upper part my lower part looks odd, my skin is also very loose and very chubby-flabby kind off, I pissed off with this extra pound . I am doing this beachbody workouts from past 1 year, I started with Insanity and did till March,2012 and then I moved to P90X and I am about to complete my 90 days but I am not able to reduce my lower part, I do my workout one time in a day at home itself, still there are many exercises which I am not able to do I can’t do push-ups, chin-ups and pull- ups. Tony please guide me how to improve so that I can look good and get married, my face is pretty with good features but my weight is drawback due I am not able to get married.I am really big fan of yours please guide my how to improve myself.

Anonymous said...

OMG im doing p90x for 6 weeks now and the results are astonishing, my body hurts all over...

Anonymous said...

on week 2 of p90x. im 40 and I thought i was in decent shape until this thing. I curse you every day! I lost 2 pounds so far, love quinoa and veggies...dude you've changed a lot of lives for the better, including mine. Thanks so much for the vid. when im done im checking out your other stuff, i promise.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more! Health is not free, and even if it were, no one else could give it to you. Well said!

Victor said...

Could not agree more! Health is not free, and even if it were, no one else could give it to you. Well said!

homeschoolmom said...

38 years old, female, mom. Tired of blaming my low energy on lack on sunshine and putting everybody's needs before mine. Going on day grateful that P90X is here to push me and guide me on my way to more health and vitality.-Oregon, USA

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tony...Very well said. You, and all the great folks at BeachBody are really "dialed in". My wife and I are in week 3 of P90X3. Its hard, but we are LOVING it!! Nothing great comes easy. You have changed thousands of lives for the better. Godbless, and be well.

angel.5891 said...


Hey...I have to tell you something. Your exercise system saved my life.


I have been to the hospital for diabetic complications. You see I have type I AND type II. I don't create insulin and I resist it as well.

I have been in the hospital for Diabetic Ketoacidosis more than 20 times and doctors keep telling me the first time should have killed me and how I've survived 20 is nothing short of a medical mystery.

I was busy making excuses...feeling sorry for myself. Then I saw your program.

I was 395 pounds...I am now 195. I'm not built and being diabetic means I have to follow different rules than everyone else. Glucose levels must be stable or my workout forces my body to feed on itself, my insulin has to be in effect or my liver dumps too much glucose into my body during workout, etc.

But I haven't been to the hospital as much as I used to. My diabetes is managing itself because of your nutrition plan and cutting down on the bad foods that were harming me.

I'm done making excuses. I don't care about any other workout or any other solution. This workout right here has brought me back from death's door and into the living world again and I've never felt more alive.

Thank you have no idea how it feels to not feel like you are actually feel normal for once in a decade's worth of suffering and debilitation.

This workout has given me strength to live on not only physically...but mentally and emotionally. My friends see the difference...I just had to believe in myself and build my self esteem...

You helped me achieve that...Thank you so much.


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