Wednesday, June 15, 2011

P90X on Parade

If I've leaned anything in my 52 years it's that most of these stories about P90X have a shelf life of 20 minutes. This is TV fodder for entertainment, not a solution for tackling big picture issues. When they say "don't sweat the small stuff" this is what they're talking about. We might be better off spending less time on Opinion TV and more time on how to make our lives better. Everybody has an opinion but does their purpose on Earth have long term value for people other than themselves? This is where the rubber hits the road in my opinion. You, me, congressmen, our military - who cares how we learn about getting healthy, as long as we figure out ways to rely less on pharmaceutical companies to solve our problems, so that all of us will be less of a burden on our health care system.


HennHouse said...

Preach it.

Joe said...

Hey tony thanks so much for the p90x, first 10 days killed me, I honestly could not lift my arm to drink my beer after the work out, I love it, getting so much better after 3 weeks, kenpo rocks. Your such a inspiration and a good guy, I do my best and with all my faults forget the rest. Its funny because people look at me different after 18 days,. Thank you and what you do.

Joe said...

I must say that after 3 weeks of pain and pushing, yea its hard and you ache but really feel better after the cool down and your pumped up. It really is a mind set, you can do it, I smoke a pack a day and drink beer like a crazy fool but I told myself when I get home from work I do one hour of work out, no excuses one hour. I cut the yoga short, I do one hour thats the bottom line. Its one hour of your day, thats how I thought about things, I don't have kids or a wife, I know that makes things harder but just show up every day for one hour!!! I'm getting to the point to where its like ok don't tell me anymore how good i'm looking, I'm not a huge guy but people wanna be nice yea know.

Chris said...

While I whole-heartedly agree with you, I'm wondering what caused you to post this? I just don't know what you mean when you say that "these stories about P90X have a shelf life of 20 minutes."

How's the arm, btw? I can't wait for MC2, or whatever you guys end up calling it!

Marcus Wellington said...

I KNEW I needed to get a workout in, but going to the gym meant my son would have to stay in the gym daycare and I hate doing that if I dont have to.


Your program is making a huge difference in my family, my 3 year old son looks forward to daddy times as exercise time now instead of daddy trying to keep up after smoking a cigg or two. 50 days or so now I believe, stopped counting, just enjoying to benefits. Now that I have the ''thank you'' out of the way I would like to say I agree 100% with this comment. MY job allows me the privelage of seeing the result of poor eating habits and laziness. As a medic I see the most unhealthy, lazy, undermotivated people of my area and being on this program has inspired me to attempt to have an impact of our current united states health status.
I'm not sure if its the same for you, but my aggrevation at their responses is just more motivation for me to be more persistent with good health habits. One thing to my favor is that most people I suggest this program to are at a breaking point, near death seems to do it everytime for some reason, but amazingly enough it only lasts a few weeks. We have really bred a lazy nation.
I haven't seen the results I wanted, but i believe my expectations were really high. I have seen some dramatic changes and that I contribute to your attitude and motivational skills....thanks and keep up the strong work. If your work reaches only 1 out of 100 that is still a dramatic difference in our nations medicaid and medicare deficits. thanks.

Erik said...

The media clearly has nothing of value to report on these days. Oh wait, how about all the wars, world hunger, dwindling fresh water supplies, our overweight society and so on. They need to get serious and take a page from P90X and bring it! Keep up the great work and ignore these pundits. It's all fluff with no substance. P90X on the other hand is all substance and has lasting effects on the people who do it and not only improve their own lives but also improve the lives of the people around them. Ask my family.

Jerry Schray said...

Hey Tony. The P90X program is bad ass. I am 52 yrs old and in the best shape of my life. I run a half dozen 5Ks a year and have shaved 4 minutes off my fastest time since starting P90x. Me and my wife are in our eighth week and noticed a lot of changes already. We look forward to this workout every night after work.I can't wait till the 90 days are up to see even further results. Thank You. can't wait to see what P90X2) has to offer. I bet it will be awsome.

Reverendasmus said...

I am on week 4 of P90X and almost cried. I'm 22, just graduated college, and on a whim decided to do P90X with my best friend. I have a torn IT band in my left leg, torn ligaments in both my wrists and my physical therapists said I would never run again. My mom had both of her knees replaced when she was 46, and I don't want that for me. With all of my "conditions" I had to be very careful choosing workouts with low to no impact. Though I modify some of the exercises, I have made it to week 4 and look--sweat in my eyes--to the healthy future. I ran a mile for the first time since I was 13 last week and felt amazing. The impacts of movement in any form are huge and can change the course of health care all together. I hope to move my generation to the future without obesity and life on a couch.

JoKarol Dean said...

Hi there I have been researching Team Beachbody and the P90x program. From what I hear its a real-butt kicker! And I agree with you on not becomming a burden on society with sickness. The only way to stop that is to change our exercise and eating habits!

Jimmy B. said...

Hi Tony, I posted this comment on your FB page a few days back but it might as well be posted here too.

"Folks Tony is absolutely correct, When a product like P90X comes out and challenges conventional thinking with such explosive results that Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines abandon the traditional approved training and nutrition guidance, go against doctrine and start training P90X and Crossfit because it produces healthier, tougher, more balanced warriors to such a degree that these institutions are forced to completely revamp ALL their Fitness and Nutritional guidance to bring it in line with the same methods and philosophies, then something must be pretty darn right about it. Let the talking heads talk, cause that's all they got going for them. You know what we have... More Energy, A Clearer Mind, Better Relationships with loved ones, and the body that they want. The Proof is in the Pudding!"

Tony, this is pretty much fact. I am a US Army Drill Sergeant, and spent sometime around the Army Fitness School while they were developing the new Army Physical Readiness Training (PRT), and have sat through Army Resilience Training (RT). PRT is the workout portion and RT is the nutrition part and both are in line with what you preach. You have made a product that is reshaping the fitness principles of the world. You have my applause.

I am a Drill Sergeant and I swear by P90X.

balletomane3 said...

Tony. I am new to your blog but I have been a long time watcher of you infomercials. You are 53!! I couldn't believe it when I read it.

Love your blog. Love your non-candy coated style. It is similar to my own.

Anonymous said...

hi tony im 17 years old and i just finished my first round of p90x i love every day of life now i was out all day running and just having a great time with some friends doing plyometric pullups in a park and just watching peoples faces in awwwww thank you so much cant wait for mc2 good luck and keep on bringing it to the people

Anonymous said...

Your program is one of the few products these days that actually delivers on its promises. Congratulations on your success. You have improved the lives of many people, including one 41 year old husband and father of three. Thank you!

Gloria said...

Tony I am pulling a Wayne Dyer here. Setting an intention and going for it. After completing PX 90 all but those darn chin ups. I went on to get my cert in what I love, kickboxing/MMA conditioning. Started a PROGRESSIVE bag challenge. Results(lbs & inches) r super. End of challenge participants r able to complete 12 rounds (punching,kicking and misc.) for 3 minutes ea round. However, we build cardiovascularly w high impact interval exercises (switching lunges/skaters/plyo- squats etc. until we get to that 3 min point. Everyone loves to hit a bag because it can't hit back. After your PX90 2 anyway we can run this program pass the bosses? I have it all packaged and ready to roll ;) thx for reading. Energetically,Glo (

Anna Elder said...

My husband and I are on our second round of p90x. My husband has lost 25+ lbs. It's made a impact on our lives and has helped me help my husband reevaluate his diet and lifestyle. For that, I say THANK YOU!! :) And then I saw a preview for P90X 2 and my first thought was, Whoa, that's too hard. I sat there for a second, took that in, and laughed. That's what I said when I saw P90X commercials. I can't wait to try it and I hope you blog more as it comes out!

Anonymous said...

Amen!, Tony

jraasch said...

Amen, and thank u for reminding me about people and opinions!

Anonymous said...

Tony I agree it is all about helping others. When you feel good and are empowered it is easier to help others. Your program is empowering. I recommend P90 X to my patients.

Kyle said...

Very good Doc Hort. There is a fundamental block that most Americans are missing that connects the dots between the rising burden of a healthcare system and the debt it generates. That block is the seemingly unconscious but always pervasive unhealthy "American Lifestyle."

Many choose to eat processes junk food because they have all of their lives and their dopamine centers of their brains rely on these foods to make them happy. This, in turn, destroys their health slowly over time. Cardiovascular problems and diabetes become prevalent and the atrophy of muscle leads to weakening of the body as a whole.

The typical American then decides that he needs medicine to fix his problems. Entering stage left, Big Pharmaceutical. Tons of miracle drugs and useless pills are thrown at people with health problems and these people don't change the habits that made them that way. They continue to do the sloppy shit that makes them the way they are, only now they choke down a few pills and tell their equally unhealthy workmates how much healthier they are over an extended water-cooler break.

Over even more time, these people become unable to support their own bodies and end up plugging up hospitals and putting a massive strain on public funds. All because they were lazy and couldn't be bothered to take care of themselves.

You want to do well by not only Tony but by everyone? Shrink the size of your "health-footprint." The best health insurance truly is exercise and a healthy diet. Getting the nutrients your body NEEDS to function while also maintaining the strength and integrity of your cardiovascular system will greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on healthcare. It will greatly reduce the amount of money us as taxpayers spend on hospital-ridden citizens. You shrink the burden you put on society by doing something as easy as moving around and eating good food.

The choice should be completely obvious. It's too bad we don't choose to see it.

And Tony...nice post.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Great post Tony!

Actually I read that the goal is to have each person on 5 meds, that way they can make billions.

I say workout, eat clean you will feel a whole lot better and the money you save you can take a vacation :-)

Preach on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
I work in the medical field and i see so many patients with sooo many problem and the sad part is that almost all of them can be prevented by making the right healthy..exercise...good habits.
I'm 43 almost 43, i have been going to the gym for about 3 years with few results...I started P90X almost 3 weeks ago...i'm not going to lie to has been hard...everything hurts...but my body is starting to feel stronger...thanks for this amazing program!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sir, bring on P90X2. Bring it!

You have no Idea ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you

bigbillyvegas said...

Thanks Tony...see you in P-90X2 land.

Anonymous said...

open heart surgery, rods in back with almost complete spinal fusion, 3 kids, pituitary tumor, and p90x keeping me going. Thanks Tony! (and erik who with one leg inspired me do my best and forget the rest).

Anonymous said...

if your so concerned about health and fitness. what about the people who cant afford ur p90x. the thousands of overweight people who really need this? What do u offer them?/ me! I long to do this challenge..what abou the over weight people who long to be fit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Horton,

You are my body-sattva! And the "Jack Lalanne" for a new generation.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @6:40PM. Why attack Tony? Save up, or get a used copy off of craigslist, or start doing push ups and jogging, or buy his book, or buy some other book, or look up someone else's fitness success strategy that is free online, or the library... That, surely, can't cost $120.00 dollars.
There are so many free and cheap places to get help with getting fit that there really are no excuses. Tony, as well to do as I'm sure he is, cannot afford to buy the world copies of p90x that they would undoubtedly not find the time to do or decide was too hard. You're success is in your hands.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony. I started p90x on June 25th and i love plyo. I may not l;ove doing the workouts but once you do them, the product after is gorgeous. I have what you can call/say a 4 pack and am not afraid to take my shirt off anymore. I am on summer vacation so i dont worry a whole lot about skipping workouts even though i have to somedays because i am super busy with graduations, etc. Email me back with your thoughts

Anonymous said...

Pleasant Post. This enter helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot

LifeCoachLeann said...

Well CLEARLY the media reporters have NOT actually TRIED P90X. :) We should invite them to walk their talk and actually TRY it before making comments like that. And if they did....well, then they were simply not capable of BRINGING IT! LOL Have a fantastic day everyone!!

Anonymous said...

P90X is the real thing for those who do try. I can't wait for X2. I have been on the X zone for about 40 days now and the results are noticeable, both in the way I look and the way I project myself to others. I feel P90X! Soon I will post my pics, in the mean time I'm bringing it!
Hey Tony I'm 54!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I am in my 3rd week of P90X and I am having a hard time with the yoga. Is there something else I can do instead. Thanx

Anonymous said...

Tony, I so agree with your phylosophy. There are so many people out there waiting for that magic pill that will miraculously make them well. This is why pharaceutical companies are making millions. The truth is that medicine can just make you not sick and "not sick" is a mediocre way to live. The key is exercise, eating right and healthy living. I have been through the sick and not sick part of my life. Today I am on my way to being truly healthy.

Unfortunately, the media keeps pounding us and providing to hope that some day there will be a magic pill that will change the world. The answer is getting off the couch and passing up the junk!

Anonymous said...

At 54 I am in week 4 of P90X and I am seeing quite a difference. The diet has been tough, but is an essential part of the program. I have lost about 10 lbs and seem to be changing my physique (probably due to the tone muscles and loss of body fat percentage). The good news is that I have been able to throw away my BP medication and my wife says she is liking the transformation. I am also making fitness a daily priority which is about time. Gym memberships helped, but did not produce the transformations that I have from P90X. Look forward to future changes, thanks Tony for your personality, motivation, and great engaging workouts.

Marco Paese said...

Amen brother! I am a chiropractor in Michigan and a lover of all things health & fitness. Been doing P90X for a while and it is still as fantastic today as it was the first time I tried it! Couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

Tony, not sure what stories you're referring to. Frankly nothing can overshadow the incredible avalanche of online testimonials and social media power you have. Real poeple - real results.

I do have to say though that your blog sounded angry and disconnected.

Anonymous said...

budget solution - make the president, our senators, and congressmen do the P90X plyometrics class with weight vests on until they submit to a decision.

Billy H said...

Hi Tony,

P90X is doing the job for me - I had surgery to remove some damaged cartilage from my left knee 5 weeks before I started so on some of the workouts I have to hold back and look after the knee - but I have just started week 5 and have lost 16 pounds and 2 inches off my waist - I had to go and buy new shorts my old ones kept falling down

Cheers - Billy (Ireland) 43

Anonymous said...

Dude, Tony, p90x is really awesome. I'm 14, and went from being one of the slowest runners in my class to one of the fastest and most endurant after doing plyo. Really, thanks for teaching me how to motivate myself at such a young've helped me develop the passion to stay healthy for my whole life :)

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sharon said...

Are there any women out there doing P90X. I'm looking for fellow P90Xers with blogs. You can contact me at:

Anonymous said...

I am surprised ater reading the initial I started P90X just 27 days ago, and dropped 11lbs!! Yes, dieting is important, and I am following the 5 small, healthy meals, including the shakeology/recovery drink, but completed 22 workouts too. Absolutely fatigued after every workout--so it is what it is--this program is working. Who cares about simplicity, it keeps me motivated and it is easy to do from home. Anybody critizing hasn't tried the program! Bring it!! Thanks Tony!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Nicely put, amen!

Lisa said...

Started the program 3 weeks and 5 pounds ago weighing the most I've ever weighed taking Lipitor and BP meds. I'm 52 years old and it makes me feel so alive! Had just finished Physical therapy for a herniated disk. My daughter and her husband ordered P90X and she encouraged me to do it with them. "Just do what you can Mom" she said. It works!!! I'm following the nutrition guide and I feel great. My resting heart rate in the beginning was 98. It is already down to 85. My BP is down and my feet no longer swell. Thanks Tony!!

SallyBR said...

Tony, I've been a faithful supporter of P90X for more than 2 years

finally I decided to write my own personal review on the system, and I published on my blog (I am a food blogger, don't hold that against me)

After 2 years and a few months of P90X, I am ready for the P09X-2, and already ordered mine! Can hardly wait.

if anyone is interested in my review of P90X, here is the link

R&E said...

Well said. There will be critics of everything that is good just because it does not suit them. I am 61 and my finance is 54 and we have just completed 14 straight days of the best, most challenging workout program we've ever encountered. Despite some hip and knee arthritis and not the greatest flexibility we have enjoyed the program, have already seen and felt positive results, and look froward to achieving our goals. Neither of us are want anything to do with prescription drugs to keep us healthy and we know proper nutrition and structured, consistent exercise are the keys to healthy living. For us P90X is helping us to achieve. Richard & Elizabeth

ErinB said...


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MsJackie said...

Hello Everyone~

My P90X arrived Friday, I have spent the weekend reviewing each of the videos in it's entirety to see what I will be doing. In this case the Lean Program in the beginning. Although, I have quite a bit to re-established a healthier body, I believe Now there has never a better time. I am on to my 41st birthday in the Spring and I can honestly say that I want to enter into this next decade as lean, flexible and full of vitality as possible every day. I am not interested in taking a pill to mask a system which in many cases is a result of poor water, food and inadequate daily exercise. Enough is enough.

New England

walia said...

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MaxBurn Funciona said...

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Perfect Radiance said...

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Coach Tripp said...

As a professional in the alternative healthcare arena, I completely appreciate this post...weeding out the mental trash is as much an issue in our culture as the un-food issue.

And in fact, they're connected don'tcha think? Sitting around watching those on the tube spouting, telling us what we should think; and stuffing our own faces to prevent having to deal with our authentic feelings.

Yeah. Where the rubber meets the road indeed! Thanks Tony!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to tell you thank you so much for, Bringing It!
I'm in week two, day 9. your work out --Beach Body was given to me as a gift from a family friend while my fourth son was healing from a birth defet, gastroschesis, a yr and half ago. He healed and then I had to have surgery to remove a kidney stone and repair to the ureter on left kidney as well. It was tough but were both well, thanks to God.
I've decided to get into the the workouts to build myself up, not only for myslef but for my family to have the best of me. Honestly, your workouts are a answered Prayer! I'm feeling better and stronger everyday! Thank you so much!

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