Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Kari Crosby said...


Louise said...

Good afternoon Mr. Horton,

I just wanted to tell you that my son Alex Hazan (13 years old) decided in February 2011 to lose weight because he did not like his image. He decided to train with your program P90X. After 5 months of training 6 days a week, he lost 40 pounds.

We are very proud of him and many of his friends ask him how he did it.

Alex is doing his Bar Mitzvah on September 3rd, 2011 and I was wondering if it was possible for you to either send him a message by email or send him a little video to congratulate him on his accomplishment since he admires you very much.

He is still training 3 times a week with your program and he is managing to maintain his weight. Alex is incredible!!!

I wish to thank you for your program allowing people to attain their goal and I am hoping you will be able to answer my email.

Thanking you in advance, please receive my best regards.

Louise Massicotte

Anonymous said...

Tony, how about recommending some workout trunks for men. Also, some good, light shoes. I've been working out in socks on a carpet, but I would like the stability a good pair of workout shoes gives one.

dissertation help uk said...

absolutely great!! glad that found your blog man. keep sharing cool stuff, please

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have just decided to dedicate myself to your workout DVD's but am having a hard time surrendering the food aspect. I am a former anorexic and have a control issue with food. I would love to utilized this portion of the program as well, any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Tony- I work for as a personal trainer. WE are trying to establish MET Values for all your DVD's for clients who are looking specifically for met values and not calories burned,, can you tell me if MET Values are determined for the P90x and where I would find them?
Nancy- ASCM personal Trainer

P90Xking18 said...

Hey tony hows it goin! I am currently on day 3 with the P90X program and so far i love it! You really are a great person to be doing this and i wanted to thank you for waking me up to change my life for the better! I am currently a mass communication student at Kent State University in Ohio, freshman. Would it be possible if i could get a phone interview for my article for the kent state newspaper and how P90X has changed peoples lives all across the nation. Thank You

Best Wishes,

P90Xking18 said...

My email is

Thank you

Vedran said...

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Anonymous said...

Suggestion - it would be so awesome if you can put together a one week workout boot camp.

Anonymous said...

I am perplexed...I really want to do the workout program but, yes there's a butt (which needs some trimming), I have a bad knee. Doctors told me 8 years ago I should replace it. I don't want to go that route. I am a 52 year young woman living a stressful life with some physical challenges; bad right knee which is causing me to have low back pain. I NEED to get started on something, I just don't know what? I have tried working out with other trainers, I hired a personal trainer for 6 months at a 24 hr Fitness place here in Bellevue, WA. While my body did start to show improvement (my body reacts fairly quickly to exercise) I hurt my knee and my back and had to stop. I know you say do what you can but honestly, I think you need to do a workout series just for people like me, someone who knows they need to work out but has a couple of health challenges; I need someone who will push me but that someone has to know how to keep me from hurting myself.
Tony, I don't love exercise,and your P90X series irritates the crap out of me...I get frustrated because I can't do it. Why don't you have a program for "slow starters" How does someone do lunges with a very unstable knee? How do I get my knee stable enough to do some of your programs? Maybe you should have a start up class for women 50-60 that want to strengthen and tone their bodies but can't get into the P90X...yet.. I would love to share in that experience!
I don't look gross, I just don't feel good! I want to feel good, can you help?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony - Is there anyway you can send my husband a Happy Birthday email on his birthday this Saturday, November 20th? He's a huge fan of yours--he actually wore P90X stuff for his Halloween outfit & told people he was you! I know just a short line would really make his day! His name is Tom and you can email him at

Take care & all the best!
Tom's wife - Elsie

untater said...

Last year.....seems like a long time ago. Here's the story. I was a one pack a day smoker, and was a two rum and coke's a night drinker. I decieded I would work out, so I got the P90X videos. I failed to read the instructions and figured "no pain no gain" so I did the chest and back video until I no longer could move my arms, then I did the legs and back video till I could hardly walk, I finished with the ab ripper. After all that I was so sore I couldn't believe it, I went to bed and when I woke in the morning I couldn't even hardly bed my arms to brush my teeth. When I went to the bathroom I noticed that my urine was the color of coffee. "Not Good"!!! I went to the emergency room where I was admitted to the hospital for four days. Here's what happened: When you work out your muscles release a toxin into your bloodstream called Myoglobin, most of the time your kidney's are able to filter these out of your blood and things are ok, however i worked out so much that my CK levels on my kidneys were at 80,000 (normal is 250) and I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis. They flushed my system for the duration of my 4 day stay, and I swore off exercise altogether. On July 4th 2011 I decieded to quit smoking and to get into shape, with the last experience still fresh I started easy with Power 90, then moved to P90 Master Series, and now I am ready to take on P90X. I have already lost 23 pounds and am feeling great, I spoke with my doctor about suppliments and he said absolutly not to take them, so following his sugesstion I may not recover as quick as I could with the supplements but I'm still going for it. I would like to use the P90 recovery drink, but I'm not sure if I should knowing my kidney struggles in the past. I am scared to push myself to far, so I hold back a bit. Should I use the recovery drink and not the supplements?

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chas1133 said...

A beachbody veteran here....P90X, Insanity, and now well into P90X2...I love these workouts. Once in awhile I throw in an old resistance routine. My body has changed and I look amazing...54 years old and in better shape than the guys I work with that are half my age.I'm a Police Officer and the workouts are life exaggeration! My blog (for LEO's only):

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Jorge said...

Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

Greetings from Cáceres

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Steve Flint said...

Very cool. It's so true, if you don't use it you lose it. And to get started again takes A LOT of effort. Believe it or not I learned that while I was in Drug Rehab.

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