Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kombucha ~ My new favorite beverage

What's in Kombucha and how do these ingredients support health?
Kombucha culture has a wide range of organic acids, probiotics, acids and
enzymes that give it its extraordinary value. Here's a brief look at the
benefits of each:

Beneficial Probiotics - Due to the prolific presence of pesticides,
antibiotics, and preservatives, the beneficial micro-organisms present in
our bodies are being destroyed and killed off on a regular basis. These
friendly microbes play a huge role in our digestive and immune systems.
Therefore, it is crucial that they are replenished from natural sources like
kefir, yogurt, and Kombucha. Our beverages contain Lactobacillus Bacterium
and S. Boulardii, which can help support a healthy digestive and immune

Live Active Enzymes - Active Enzymes are generally only found in foods
that have not been cooked, processed, or refined. They are like the “spark
plugs” for the body's cells because they put "life" back in our bodies. If
you think about it, the body is a living thing; why would you feed it
something that is dead?

Polyphenols - These are antioxidants that fight off the free-radicals
that stress the body and compromise its youth and health.

Organic Acids
These nutrients can help promote tissue and blood alkalinity and help
normalize the natural process of homeostasis throughout the body.
# Lactic acid helps maintain healthy digestive action (through the
probiotic lactobacilli) and for energy production by the liver
# Acetic acid is an antiseptic and inhibitor of pathogenic bacteria.
# Glucuronic acid, normally produced by a healthy liver, is a powerful
detoxifier and can readily be converted into glucosamines, the foundation of
our skeletal system.
# Usnic acid has selective antibiotic qualities which can partly
deactivate viruses.
# Oxalic acid encourages the intercellular production of energy, and is a
# Malic acid also helps the liver to detoxify.
# Butyric acid protects human cellular membranes, and combined with
Gluconic acid strengthens the walls of the gut in order to combat yeast
infections such as Candida.
# Nucleic acids, like RNA and DNA, transmit information to the cells on
how to perform correctly and regenerate.


shong912 said...

Hi Tony,
I'm 21 year old dude that just started your p90x routine.
First week down, on my 2nd week and I already see results.
The best part is, I got my cousins to do it with me. I'm totally excited to see what happens. Thx for creating these dvd's.

gkcfitness said...


Do you think it's worth being labor intensive and making your own batch, or would you trust the quality of some of the providers that can be found online? Also, how often would you recommend having a glass?

Ryan Adams said...

Where do you get this at? Sound "X" style.

nick from ny said...

Hey Tony,

According to the LA Times, it seems like a lot of celebs around tinseltown are really into this stuff, but at the same time, many experts in the medical field are advising against ingesting this tea, especially home-brewed versions of it. There have been quite a few cases of contamination, from fungus to metabolic acidosis and death.

I don't know... however, I believe through proper diet, safe supplementation and exercise, we can probably almost get the same beneficial effects, if not more.

Rae said...

Normally I agree with you and try things out that you find beneficial, but this looks....actually kind of dangerous. Not necessarily in the ingredients, but quality of preparation can turn this tasty beverage into something harmful or even deadly. Not to be a wet blanket (I'm normally not), but ....please take better care of yourself and don't gamble like this! 'M just sayin'.

Phil R. said...


Where can you find this product. Is it affordable?

Anonymous said...

i think your system is amazing and follow it religiously, but am concerned that you would recommend something so medically controversial to all those who read your blog. there is no sound scientific proof that any of the claims around this tea translate to health benefits, and more importantly, there are cases of serious side effects, including death, as a result of drinking this tea.

Andy said...


Come on, it looks like you copied and pasted this right out of here:

How about more original blog posts in your own words? I love your programs. I just finished p90x and I am checking out Power 90 Masters Series and p90x plus, planning on creating my own hybrid workouts from all of them. Thanks for developing these!

If any of you are interested, Mark Sisson (who was consulted for p90x), has a great site here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
I have seen your commercial on tv, it looks great. I am an amputee with mobility issues, who for the most part has to use a wheelchair to get around. It would be wonderful if other people in my position could have an exercise program that we could benefit from. I hope you can take this under advisement and seriously think regarding what I have mentioned.

Demi Eliese said...

I LOVE komboucha! It also gets you a little buzzy feeling which is nice! :)

Melissa said...

Because of the questionable studies regarding Kombucha, I'd avoid it entirely and stick with my standby - green tea. If someone is looking for an aid to healthy digestive function through cultures, try kefir.

Kari said...

Hi Tony! It's an honor to finally have some form of contact with you. You're one of my heroes, and the more I know about you personally, the more I admire you.

I was always a bit hesitant. In my battles with weight I started to get into holistic approaches, organic foods, etc. I only drink water, raw milk (not for the next 16 dairy at all), and kombucha tea. I can't tell you how happy I am to know about your approach with whole foods and now...kombucha.

Rock out, Tony.

Tony Horton said...


After reading some of your comments I wanted to get Missy's take on it. She is the one who turned me onto Kombucha. Take a look.


As with any new product on the market, there are going to be the people who go against them, and the people who are “for” them! Yes, Kombucha is a fungus, as are many other types of food. The very few cases where people have gotten sick on Kombucha are probably less so than people who have gotten salmonella from chicken, or Peanuts or beef!! What about Drinking Milk? Does anyone tell you that’s bad for you?? Only the government who tells you how good it is for you, but in all actuality RAW MILK is the best for you due to the presence of the natural enzymes that haven’t been destroyed form Pasteurization. But as most of you know, Raw Milk has been outlawed in most states because of our incessant fears of getting sick.

My philosophy is “everything in moderation”. You don’t want to drink 3 bottles of Kombucha a day, just as you wouldn’t drink 3 Gatorades or Vitamin Waters in a day, at least I hope you wouldn’t.

I know many people who receive positive benefits from Kombucha but everyone is different and everyone’s experience is different. A friend of mine does brew his own at home, which by the way, is the safest way to do it because you have control over the fungus and what you do with it. He reports having better digestion and more energy as a result of drinking the Kombucha. Of course with anything that is mass-produced, the product may not be as beneficial as it would be if you made it yourself. Sometimes the Kombucha Fungus does not have time to ripen when it is mass-produced which results in a less effective product.

I do believe Kombucha to be safe, but you get to make your own decision. I have been drinking it for over 2 years now and have never had any problems. IN fact, it gives me energy and helps my digestion so significantly that I recommend it to people who are having just those issues.

The beautiful thing is..we have a choice, and you get to make yours!!!

KateFit said...

I bought some for the first time ever at Whole Foods last weekend. It was delicious & made me feel different & healthier right after I drank it. It was a curious concoction. I would highly recommend checking this Kombucha out. As usual, Mr. Horton is absolutely correct when it comes to health. :)

Rae said...

TH and Missy,
Thank you for taking the time to address the concerns regarding this, including mine.

I laughed when Missy brought up raw milk, I used to spend summers on a farm growing up, so I know that raw milk is nothing to fear. I also understand that what we call modern medicine has the knee-jerk reaction of "danger, danger" to most things holistic. I owe the majority of my current health to someone I call my Yiddish Witchdoctor because if he isn't brewing up a potion or sticking needles in me, it ain't
an appointment!

Again, thank you for taking the time, I know neither of you have much of it. I've already done some research on how to brew your own, I was going to try it until I read some of the cautionary articles. Now.......I'm more open to trying it. I'm interested in anything that can better my health, and it's always good to see both sides of the issue prior to making one's decision.

Much appreciated, Rae

CT Olson said...

I really like Kefir, first had it years ago in Sweden on cereal, just rediscovered it last few years. I guess as with anything there should be better standards and labeling so people can trust the results of products and sources of food in the system. Having a system with a traceable audit trail (where are things going, where did they come from and how's the transport along the way) is important, especially as the food industry gets globalized. Makes me wonder about the 100-mile diets I've read about also. Local self-sufficiency would help save energy and be more traceable also.

Jon Fitzgerald said...


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Anonymous said...

I buy Kombucha from Whole Foods Market in NYC. It seems to be pretty popular and they stock a lot of it. Being from Texas and shopping at WFM since they opened their first store, I can't imagine they would stock something that would harm their customers.

Yes, maybe the mass produced versions aren't as effective, but that doesn't mean NOT effective - I can see stuff floating around in there and it tastes great. I just started drinking it because it tastes great and I like tea instead of coffee. No complaints.

I totally agree with Tony that what you put into your body you'll get back. Putting good whole live food in means you're getting everything that food can give you.

Also, organic organic organic. It's not hippie, it's just clean food without chemicals on it or in it.


ganesha said...

Kombucha is promoted by one of my yoga teachers, who brews it at her home. Unfortunately the climate down south is not suited, as fungus tends to grow with it.

The organic food stores have it, but it is very expensive. I have tried it and do not believe it is worth the cost in the stores, or worth the effort in brewing it yourself.

It seems to be more popular with the yogis that I associate with.

K.C. said...

I have been drinking Kombucha for almost 15 years and LOVE the stuff. I brew it at home and have given away more scobies than I can remember.

Now I'm making my own Kefir with Kefir grains. Kefir is fermented milk which is so healthy for the intestinal track's bacteria. In fact I recently sent some grains to my BeachBody Coach Chris (Wave to Tony - Chris). LOL I'm excited to see his results.

I use Kefir as part of a shake that becomes my meal replacement, and/or add some carbs and it becomes my post-workout drink. Love the stuff. Hell, I even put Kefir in soup.

Glad to see you give an update on Kombucha and remind people to take care of their gut. Like was already can find danger in ANYTHING and the "wives tales" goes both ways.

Find a friend who is making Kombucha and/or Kefir and they'll give you the their babies. You'll be friends for life, and a long healthy life that will be.

Thanks Tony! You're the greatest! And please...No more mason twits! :-)

Aloha from Hawaii!
More info about Kefir and Kombucha on my site.

MADNESS said...

i like what youve done with the website and yoiur workouts are pretty good. when r u gonna be on demand with free workouts again

Dan said...

Was on a kombacha kick for a year or so a few months back. The stuff is fantastic. I think the the bottled stuff you can get at most whole food stores tastes like alcoholized ginger ale.

Also-- amen to Missy's whole milk response. There's a lot of (I believe unfounded-- no more statistically dangerous than many of the other foods we eat) fear around it, but it tastes better than anything pasteurized at the grocery store... goes down clean and tasty with no aftertaste and when it goes "bad"? You've got Kefir... Kinda. But does whole milk jive with a healthy diet considering it's not exactly fat free/calorie light?

Bonfire said...

Alright! I have purchased and began my Kombucha batches! I got to tell you this stuff is GREAT! It is fun to make because I can use different teas to make it. I like to use ginger tea with chopped ginger root as well as green teas. I wasn't too happy to HAVE to add sugar, but it is food for the kombucha and I figure most of it is predigested like the lactose is in kefir. I noticed some slime and got weirded out, but my stepson assured me it smelled, looked, and tasted right. I enjoy it over Pellegrino from time to time. Thank you for your post about Kombucha! It was the post that gave me my "just do it" sensation ! : )
Luv and sunshine to you Tony and thank you so much for being you and providing help and hope for so many!

STXjill said...

Greetings from St. Croix Virgin Islands!

My Dad up in Oregon has been making his own kombucha for years. He and my Mom both drink it daily, at 76 and 73 years of age, they're very healthy! Whenever I'm back for a visit I look forward to a daily 'dose' of kombucha ... YUMMM!


Ryan said...

Please don't let the fear-preaching pseudo-dietitians scare you away from this product. My wife and I have always made our own kombucha and kefir, and have never had a problem. Just follow the guidelines and use common sense with food items that can spoil.

Ganesha, I live in the south, and have no issues with my cultures.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I have to say I am NOT a kombucha fan. However, before I say what I need to, I should mention that I am not against the product....I just had a bad reaction to it. If you can handle it, give it a try. I am very strict about what I eat, shopping at whole foods or any organic market. I saw kombucha on a shopping trip after seeing that Tony recommended it. Unfortunately the bottle doesnt say anything about the serving size you should drink. The bottle is 16oz and I drank the entire thing before I got out of the parking lot. About 2 hours after doing some plyo, the kombucha starting coming back up, which lasted for about 5 hours. Needless to say a miserable experience! I wrote the company about it and they responded quickly and mentioned that I should have not drank so much for my first try. So buyer beware! If you have never had this stuff, take it slow and easy, you never know, you could have a reaction like me, just be careful =)

Janet said...

Hi Tony!
I love your stuff, workouts (especially the X) but I would put caution on "kumbucha".
Please check this link out from the MAYO CLINIC.
I want to warn people to NOT try to make this stuff on your own...very dangerous!
I'd stick with green tea, kefir, mangosteen, acai, blueberry etc....great stuff like that.

Janet said...

After reading Missy's comment again..I guess it's to each his's true how we are totally sold on how milk is so good for you (not!) I would probably go for the store bought version of the kumbucha.

Personally, I strive to eat like Okinowans since they are one of the healthiest in the world! :)

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