Friday, March 20, 2009

Food. It's that thing that's killing you, slowly.

Fitness won't solve your problems. Getting free of your food addictions will. When it came to healthy living, exercise for regular people is relatively new. The average Joe and Joanne didn't really start exercising until the 50s and 60s. Guys like Joe Weider and Jack LaLaine started the revolution after WWII and it's been growing (too slowly) ever since. As the obesity trends began to rise in the 70s, jogging and nautilus became more popular. During this time various companies were selling goofy ways to lose weight. For some reason we quickly forgot that eating whole foods was the key to maintaining our weight. As food became more processed over the the past few decades we used other processed foods to help us lose weight. It was (and still is) a vicious cycle of addiction. The gain, lose, gain epidemic continues. I read a funny blurb the other day which clearly and plainly stated that if you avoided food with mascots you'll lose weight. Goodbye Count Chocula! Our grandparents didn't have gym memberships, spinning classes and fitness DVDs. They ate healthy whole foods and spent four times more time outside than we do. If your grandparents were obese it was a novelty for sure. Our behavior and habits put food-porn companies in business and we also have the power to destroy them by not eating their poison.

You control what goes in your mouth, no one else. Find ways to make healthy whole food taste good and eat it. Period!

With Love and compassion,

Tony Horton


Ed Matthews said...

Tony, great blog. I am 48 and know now how important food is to me. All my life I eat what I wanted and not what I needed. Thanks to Beachbody and you I am changing that.

Anonymous said...

Very true & uplifting to see this stated so concise & proudly. Tony you continue to dazzle me. I look forward to your blog entries everyday. May you be as blessed as those that you help.

Jason Stanley said...

Food is everything you are what you eat. However I struggle with knowing the correct portions of each food group to eat on a daily bases. If I don't eat enough carbs I am tired when working out if I eat too much i might not burn them off. I feel like eating has become way to complicated and confusing.

Anonymous said...

Tony, What about the Green Giant?

Alberta, Canada

Kari said...

The amount of people addicted to food is horrible. I've doubled my addiction by becoming an emotional eater. Take it one day at a time, and when you 'crave' something...anything...stop and ask 'why'? Why is the question that should be posed to all things. Why do I want ice cream? Why did I react that way when so and so said whatever? Why do I feel this when I do this? 'Why?' could very well save your life on so many levels.

Tony, you're amazing. Every day I respect you more. You have depth and insight I rarely see. Have a great day, Tony!

nick from ny said...

Hey Tony,

Growing up as a kid in Connecticut and Rhode Island I'm sure you were continuously exposed to all those great, tasty dishes like sausage lasagna, triple-cheese pizza, calzones, grinders and such. Well, I can tell ya, I'm still being exposed!-;) But I'm very grateful and fortunate to have stumbled upon your exercise programs and philosophy of health at the time I did. It's like carrying a shield of health knowledge, protecting me from the many nasty food temptations that are all around us on a daily basis.

Again, thanks for helping us folks realize that being healthy and happy is really not that complicated and impossible, as so many of the so-called "experts" want us to believe.

It's a spectacular thing!!!


Marion said...

I have a much more healthier lifestyle than in 2007 and I have great results with P90X/P90X+. I love eating veggies, fruit and whole meal products, but unfortunately I can't get rid of a little chocolate, ice cream and wine gum completely. :(

Is this problem only a women's thing? Sigh...

Andrew Aviles said...

Amen brotha.

I'm glad I'm still young(ish) so that I can benefit from all the knowledge about health and fitness from people who care like you.

Jen said...

Dude! Keep saying this. We need to hear it. I'm on a hiatus from the P90X (or as we call it,
P90WD40) b/c of a back injury.I'll tell you what: I've never recovered this quickly and I'm 100%it's from increased core strength and yoga. Anyway, the eating is always the issue for me. Preach on, preacher! This is what I need to hear. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Following this plan is easy if you stick to the outside aisles in the supermarket! I do all our families grocery shopping and do 95% of the shopping in the fresh dairy and vegetable aisles.

Processed food found in the evil inner aisles invites a myriad of long-term ailments.

Demi Eliese said...

So, so true. Funny you describe it as food-porn. HA! No mascot driven foods for me, EVER!

Anonymous said...

This is the main thing I have struggled with most my life! I am latina and love eating rice and beans something I just grew up eating! I have weed out the rice for the most part but my addiction lies with the beans I could eat beans for breakfast lucnk and dinner if I had to ! However my booty is helping me fight the temptation!-)
Hopefully I will remain motivated by reading your input!
You are a motivating factor in my life now and I hope to make you proud after completing my P90X program!

Melissa said...

To the previous comment, rice and beans are whole foods. They can (and should) be part of a whole foods diet. Just try brown rice instead of white.

Ashkan said...

Hey Tony,

Are you planning on having any P90X visits to Canada anytime soon? Or strictly USA based?

2LT Matthew Evon said...

Tony, thank you so much for the workouts and insight in your blog! I am currently serving on active duty in the US ARMY, and I am in week 6 of P90x. I feel like I'm back at basic! I began the program in pretty solid shape, but you have definitely taken me to the next level. I'm able to run faster and do more pushups and situps than ever before. The key to being able to "bring it" everyday though is like you have said: proper nutrition. Thank you for your wonderful insight and for providing the world with such an awesome product!

Anonymous said...


Where's Sophia (from Legs & Back DVD of P90X) practicing dentistry? I am thinking about making a switch. Don't care far how far i have to go & I am willing to pay double if she wears that outfit..LOL
Really enjoy p90x. Thanks (and get Sophia in more videos!)

Anonymous said...

How do you reconcile your advice to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods with Beachbody's new product Shakeology?

Marion said...

Hey Tony,

will you ever come to Germany to introduce P90X here? I have quite nice 90-days-results and I'm asked so often by many folks about P90X. Working out at home still is quite unusual in Germany. It's like a big market niche.

I hope to meet you one time in Europe, too.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

The French eat far more fat in their diet than we do.

The Japanese eat far less fat in their diet than we do.

The French drink far more red wine than we do.

The Japanese drink far more white wine than we do.

Both the French and Japanese outlive us.

Clearly we should ignore Tony and eat whatever we want. It seems that it is speaking English that kills us.

Rae said...

Spending summers on a farm, breakfast consisted of the following:
1 loaf of bread, 2 dozen eggs (fried), 2 stacks of pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, 1 stick butter, 3 pots of coffee, and 2 steaks.

That was for 2 men.

Lunch was light with roughly 5 sandwiches each, 2 pitchers of water with lemon in it (to prevent cramping, otherwise you might fall into a hay bailer and that'll be the end of you), and dinner was equally as extravagant as breakfast.

Granted, these men were working harder than any of us on this board has worked, 12-16 hours a day, every day (except Sunday mornings), for years on end.

They always thought "retiring" killed you, as they would keep eating like this and keel over in about a year. (Imagine that!). Of course, we know NOW that it was the lack of adjustment of the eating to your level of activity.

I guess my point is that you can't get away with sitting on your carcass and eating whatever you want, nor can you expect to see any kind of results if you work out like a demon and eat like hell. The culture of 50 years ago is gone, most of us can't do our jobs and be outside that much, too. Gotta pay the rent, ya know! However, I agree that this culture is exceeding proficient at shoving poison of all kinds down our throats and making us like it. I'm convinced that the culture shift away from rural/agro focus combined with a very sinister corporate campaign to peddle "food porn" is what is shortening our lives and clouding our minds.

And just as an aside, less food porn can make for milder mood swings for those ladies out there that can go from zero to ^%$&!! in 2 seconds flat...

Not like I'm speaking from experience or anything. *ahem*.

Gman said...

Tony I start P90X monday. And for this last week I have been weeding out the junk and finding whole good foods I enjoy. I believe this is the hardest part and would recommend to anyone to start at least a week ahead on changing ones diet.

I drank Mt Dew religiously usually 5+ cans on my days off. Last week I stopped and suffered a headache for two days from withdraw. I am already feeling much better from simply cutting out the soda. Yes I was irritable and snappy for a couple days. Then it was like clouds opened up and I could see the blue sky for the first time. And despite all the hype of energy boosters I have allot more energy simply drinking water.

I have always ate whatever enticed me until now. And now I am no ones fool. I will eat what makes me stronger.

Mike579 said...

Hi Tony,

I am one of your newest fans. Thanks for all your hard work over the years. It (your hard work in P90) is helping me greatly!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog...I really needed that motivation today.

@Kari, I'm there with you. I just went through that this past weekend. I am an emotional eater as well. Growing up my parents didnt really know that 90% of the food they prepared was processed and not good for you. On top of that I'm an only child and eating in front of the tube was a way for me to keep myself entertained and happy.

Angie Welsh said...

I'm officially putting myself out here. After giving birth to my children, I can't seem to shed the ever growing belly fat, even though I run consistently. I saw you talking about muscle confusion and it made perfect sense. Thanks for the motivation on eating right. It's probably the real reason for my belly fat, but with your nutritional guide and P90X, count on me checking in soon to report of its disappearance.

Anonymous said...

I'm 21 years old I look absolutely amazing (I've been told), thanks to ur p90x routine.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Bonfire said...

HiDeeHo Everyone!
I just want to make a point that hasn't been examined. The French may eat more creamy rich foods, meat, and eggs..and etc BUT that food is generally "REAL". What I mean is the meat is from grass fed animals, the eggs are from free range chickens who get to eat bugs and greens (chickens are not meant to be vegetarians, I have chickens), the cream is from cows that have never had hormones and get to pasture and sunshine. Our meats are from CORN raised animals and corn folks is not that good for you. The corn is also adulterated in terrible ways as well. SO all that being said, the real reason I wanted to post is just a cute story about my three year old and P90X.
He has been watching me work out and joins in (I bought him some 2# weights to work out with mama). SO the other day he asked to go to the park. WELL it was late and I said "it is past bathtime and almost time for bed, so NO" and HE MADE THE X WITH HIM ARMS AND SAID "EXTREME MAMA! LET'S GO TO THE PARK!" LOL ! Good Stuff! He does it all the time now when he had to struggle to do "big boy" things like puttin on his pants or taking off a long sleeved shirt. He's all "I can do it I can do it!! Like X style!" Thanks Tony! We all have a good time with P90X!

AngryChad said...

Great blog Tony. My fiance and I just started P90X this week and we're loving it. Thank you!

I'd like to keep up to date on your posts, but you don't have the RSS Syndication option turned on. Is this deliberate? I'd really like to be able to see your posts in my Google Reader as soon as they happen.

Rhett Laubach said...

Tony, where is the RSS feed for your blog so I can include it in my Google Reader?

Lion Fire said...

I have switched from Beef/Burgers/Steaks/etc. etc. to Turkey, Chicken Breast, Shrimp and from French Fries to Rice and Fresh Potatoes. I've switched from White Bread to wheat. I've been counting calories for almost a year before I started on Power 90. I lost about 70lbs from switching to these types of foods and just watching my calorie intake. Now with Power 90 and the diet I hope to see really good results. I also have been taking a really good Multi Vitamin every day as well. My only vice was Diet Coke, which I have completely quit drinking this week and am only doing Water and an occasional Gatoraide or Vitamin water. I am on day 13 of my Power 90 and I will keep going until I can get to the III and IV Power 90 disc. After that it's P90X and I plan on trying to stick to that diet plan as close as possible. I am 31 years old and have been overweight my whole life. My heaviest was 311lbs at 29 and at 30 I said NO MORE. So thank you Tony for everything. You are a big inspiration to me and your personality/understanding is a HUGE motivation. Can't wait to get to the One on One DVDs. Those should be fun, maybe I'll get to those sometime at the end of next year! Thanks again Tony! You're the man!

Anonymous said...


Eat simply, cook from scratch, walk more, drive less. Skip the sugar and salt. Try steamed veggies, no sauces, your palate will soon get adjusted, a small piece of fish or meat each day (rotate), 1/2 cup of beans or chickpeas, and you will feel full with lots of energy. You must drink at least 6 glasses of water each day to flush out your system. It works.

Dave said...

Hey Tony,
I just started p90x today and I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but what a great workout!Between the workout routines and healthy eating, I'm looking forward to a new me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of running for President? :)

M. Keith Harris said...

Hey brother Tony - I am totally loving this post...mind if I steal it and reproduce it on my blog?

Kelly Hardin said...

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Kelly Hardin

Morning Avenue said...

Tony, gotta give you props! You're a bad ass! So far about half the guys on my fire dept are P90X'in it! Also we have fun quoting you through out the day..."Check'in on the kids" haha

crazyfitchic said...

It is so sad to me that people eat toxins and poisons each and everyday without thinking twice. Why is it that the cheapest food in the store is all CRAP- little debbies, chips all buy 2 get one free AND they are so generous to add the cellulite in for free. How can anyone ACTUALLY think it is ok to eat a twinkie? there are so many chemicals and preservatives that the taste of a twinkie will be the same if you left it on the shelf for 10 years.
AGHH I get so frustrated at these companies. Everone is in cahoots and the big bossman is a man called money. America is so greedy and the mentality is bigger is better. Umm hello there is nothing I hate more than going into a grocery store and trying to find a green pepper that is smaller than a friken softball! THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THAT BIG!! Nothing tastes fresh and I cringe at the taste of these veggies/fruit.
If I could win the lottery I would travel around America and help people understand the obscene amount of chemicals and toxin crap they are eating. And then run as fast as I could to Whole Foods and stock their 'fridges with yummy real live food!
Thanks Tone for the post! Good stuff. Awesome stuff. Real good awesome stuff!
I am a crazy health obsessed fit nut and I love ranting and raving about this stuff if you guys ever want to partake please follow me on twitter
I live for making people feel good about themselves---BRING IT.

emilyplayscello said...

Wonderful post. I'm currently doing P90X and I love it! I'm actually a nutrition author and I've got a food blog at if you'd like to check it out. Sounds like it's down your alley. I'll keep reading... and bringing it, of course.

songbirdgal said...

I've been a junk food junkie for many years. I started the Power 90 system 2 weeks ago. I'm now eating healthy, non-processed foods and working out 6 days a week. I can honestly say, I feel better now than I have in years, after only 2 weeks!! Thank you so much Tony, you're love of fitness is both inspiring and addictive to me, you rock!!

Anonymous said...

thanks tony p90 x has and will continue to change my life for the better

sue62 said...

I teach 9th grade Health and get really frustrated trying to get kids to see the light of healthy eating and daily exercise when they have been so immersed in the media soup that sells them processed sugary foods and drinks and addictive video games. Along with that, our school district has sold its soul to Pepsi. We have about 25 machines in our school alone. Thankfully, they are turned off during school hours, but you should see the lines at 3:10 p.m.! School lunch is not much better. In the last 5 years or so there has been an attempt to improve. I sometimes feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I am one voice, crying in the wilderness while all the big food companies are shouting at them from the T.V.

Anonymous said...


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