Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here's The Thing

Life with exercise creates a completely different journey than a life without it. Making the time for exercise means that you're setting an intension to have a great life. Life without exercise means you're setting an intension to miss out on a better life. The quality of your life improves with exercise and it will get worse without it. Period! Your weight lose is a minute piece to the overall health and fitness puzzle. Every time you exercise you improve your fitness, healthy and quality of life. You always feel good afterward and you allow your mind and body to become less vulnerable to illness and injury. Every day you decide NOT to exercise your health, fitness and quality of life diminishes. You become more vulnerable to illness and injury and the energy and enthusiasm (feeling good) for a better life is not there. This is true for everyone. No exceptions.

Make a plan, stick to the plan and do it... forever!


Anonymous said...

TONY YOU ARE GOD!! I LOVE YOU I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!!! I want to do what you have done for others!!! I am a normal guy with no weight issues but the quality of life and achieving the best I can from myself is what I strive for. You are my Idol in so many ways, I look up to you and I strive to be like you.

Thank You

Will keep you up dated

I started March 1!

Mass love and respect.


Serge said...

Individuals should always champion the truth regardless of the consequences. In this case the consequence is the intention of a better quality of life. Champion Life!

Peace brother Tony!


From the Great White North

nick C said...

Yes, sir, Tony! Just like you've always said for a long time: "More durable, less vulnerable."

The thing is too that most of us really know better, but we choose not to act on it. It's when we act that we feel the glory, the freedom from sadness and fear, being slaves of our own misguided passions and emotions. Who actually likes living that way?? Not a lot of us, I suppose.

But thanks for supplying us common folk with the proper ammo to slay the dreaded dragon of poor health.


1tuffbabe said...

Tony...will you marry me??

Tom said...

Tony... I've been reading your blog for some time now, always inspiring. I have completed Power 90, and moved on to P90X. I'm now in my 8th week. It's really hard to describe how it makes you feel to do this every day, but I think you've come as close as anyone can. Thanks for all you do.

Danna said...

Tony - I am a 43 year old female marathon runner who started P90X to work on my core strength. I run and do P90x most days - but I'm not a fanatic. I work very hard at balance in all aspects of my life and I just make sure to include exercise in that balance. I've never felt this energetic, happy and healthy in my entire life. I'm ultra busy with my kids and my business and I still feel incredible. Despite running daily, weight used to be an issue for me. Now I don't even think about it. Every single aspect of my life is better because I exercise. I wish everyone would quit looking for that magic cure and just get their butts moving. Maybe exercise IS the magic cure.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony!

My name is Christa and I'm from Carlsbad NM. I ordered and started your P90X Program last Monday and in the first week lost a total of 6 inches!! I haven't had this much fun being pushed during a workout since I went though Navy Bootcamp 11 yrs ago. I have been living that diminished life ever since then. Trying to keep up with my son and everyday life. I had battled with depression and anxiety a lot over the last 10 yrs. A good friend suggested your program to me and I made the decision to order it and DO IT! And now, after just a short time, I look forward to pushing play, seeing you in my living room and BRINGING IT!! EVERYDAY!....You are my personal training Knight in Shining armor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do for so many people. It's helping me live my life everyday to it's fullest...See you after my 90 days and beyond!

Christa Reyes
Carlsbad, NM

Beth Mathis said...

Why am I doing Power 90? Thanks for prompting me to ask this question early on in my exercise program. If you hadn’t, I might have given up a couple of weeks ago and never known the joy that comes from achieving something other than quick, superficial weight loss and the accompanying attention of others. When you said that I might not see results for 30-50 days, you were right. It’s been 30 days, and I still haven’t seen the typical results I would have been looking for if I’d been doing my ususal weight loss “scheme”. As a matter of fact, in the first two weeks, I went from 194 pounds to 199.5 pounds. Um….yikes.

But you prepared me, and I am so greatful for that honesty. Well, after 30 days, I’m back to 195. Am I discouraged? Absolutely not. What the scales don’t reflect is the amazing strength and power I feel much more easily I move and breath through my day. The scales don’t show you that I can now get from upward dog to plank twice without lowering my knees to the floor. That is HUGE and makes me very happy. The scales don’t show you that I can now lift 10 lbs instead of 5 for many of my sculpting moves. They don’t show you how much more deeply I can stretch in my runner’s pose. And what those scales really don’t say is how this program has shown me, just in the first 30 days, that my entire life can change for the better with the right approach to exercise and fuel (food). I wouldn’t go to work without brushing my teeth or taking a shower. Why on earth would I go to work without also doing my morning Power 90?? I wouldn’t. And that is that.

There is so much more I could say. So many ways that becoming an active, healthy person has and will continue to help me create a better life for myself. But for now, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sparkman said...

First of all, there is no doubt that you are one of the most dynamic and inspirational people I have ever seen in action - BAR NONE!! Your infomercials on TV have led me here to your blogspot for help.

You said it all, Tony. It is NEVER too late to start eating right and taking care of yourself. If you can look like you do at nearly the age of 50 and stay that way, anyone can.

My problem is that I have a degenerated L4/L5 disc in my lower back. It is mild to moderate and I have completed my doctor's and Physical Therapists' treatment regiment, including cortizone injections. I have been cleared to do just about any exercise that I can except for sprinting, prolonged running and sit-ups.

Controlling my weight and building a strong core is the key to preventing further degeneration and staying 100% pain free and living a normal life. The problem is that I am just not edjucated enough to engage in the right exercises to safely and quickly as possible lose the weight that I gained during my nearly 11 months of down time.

I looked into a couple of the programs that you have (P90 and P90X) and did not get the impression that they were safe for me. What can you suggest? My career and avoiding spending the rest of my life in traction, on crutches or maybe even a wheelchair on disability depend on losing 40 to 60 pounds and keeping it off.

Anything you have or can suggest would be more apreciated than you can imagine.

I AM READY TO COMMIT TO THIS, DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE AND BRING IT!!! I know that it means a lifestyle overhaul including discipline, diet and exercise.

Tony Horton said...

First of all... I love you people! You're doing it! You're living it! You're in it! Right On!

Secondly... Sparkman, I feel ya brother. Here's the plan. Buy Power90 and show it to your doctor. Make him/her watch it. They can tell you which exercises you can do and which ones you can't (for now) There is no sprinting or prolonged running in Power90 and don't sweat the sit-ups. DO WHAT YOU CAN AND SKIP WHAT YOU CAN'T. Gentle stretching or super modified versions of some exercises is fine.

Hope this helps.

T. Horton

carmen said...

I think you are an inspiration and these are good words you've written here. Thanks, man! :o) Thanks to you, my hubby and I are on our way to a happier, heathier life with our six kiddos!!

Phil R. said...

Tony I only wish I took the before photos prior to starting P90X. I have always been in the gym lifting and 2 years ago I was pretty ripped. I got into a car accident last year, and I was never able to get that motivation back that it takes to get in phenomenal shape. Thanks to you and your program, it has been only 5 weeks and I'm making progress faster than I ever thought imaginable. This has been a huge lifestyle change for myself and my fiance. I have the best personal trainer in the world pushing me and setting the pace for me every day. I look forward to the workouts every day, and seeing you do pull-ups like a monkey gives me the motivation to never stop. You are my fitness guru for life. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us; you are changing lives. You the MAN!

Khashayar said...


I live in a small apartment and obviously for the resistance days of P90X I have to go to gym. There I do every single exercise while listening to you(I have the audio format of P90x workouts on my Ipod.) Now when I see how many of these personal trainers train their clients, I do get to realize I truly have the BEST PERSONAL TRAINER in the world with me. I am proud to be a P90xer and want you to know that every morning I get up craving that day's killer workout.

Just like the way Phil said, You will forever be my fitness inspiration.

Your Iranian friend, Khashayar from Toronto, Canada.

Scott said...

Thanks for P90X!
I'm on Day 12 and bringing it!

Peace to you and all earth's creatures.


David said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the blog and the inspiring words. I am on day 4 of P90X and while i can't keep up yet, I'm already seeing results when i combine my BJJ training and have lost 3 pounds so far!

Anyways, keep posting them, i'll keep reading them. Thanks for all you do. - David

John Zachary said...

Scientists at research centers like Pennington Biomedical Research Center (in my hometown) are discovering how far-reaching nutrition and physical activity affect all aspects of humans. We all know that our physical bodies improve with good nutritional habits and exercise, but many people don't realize the benefits to their mental health (less depression), cognitive abilities (you become smarter), and public health (less tax dollars spent on public health issues). Eating well and exercising are so easy to do, as well.

My wife and I are starting P90X today and are excited about the program. Thank you for making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

John Zachary

Gaius Petronius said...

Tony -

You rock, but I believe you meant intention not intension. The usage of intension is wrong, but your usage for intention would be grammatically correct.

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