Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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Mr. Step-It-Up said...


In this fast-paced, what's-in-it-for-me, gotta-have-it-now, out-of-control culture we presently live in, a whole bunch of people out there are trying to get away with exerting the least amount of effort for the best possible result. Back to basics involves a little sacrifice in time, effort and energy. We need to plan out meals, maybe a day or two ahead of time--just like mom used to do back in the days of bell-bottom jeans and Partridge-Family adorned lunchboxes. And you know what? We, as a family, were healthy, happy, contented, at peace, and managed to get all our business done on time. What's the big deal? Back to basics starts with giving; and when we give a little, we most definitely receive a hell of a lot in return. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. History seems to prove this fact over and over again...
See ya in Chi-town, brutha!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Tony and Mr. Step-it-up!!! I love the audio blogs!!! I was totally a "numbers" girl! Through and through!!! From the scale, to the tape measure to the calories in and out!!! I still am, a little, to be honest. It's a hard habit to break. I am doing better though and I don't care as much what the "numbers" say or don't say! I'm on a journey of good health and fitness, and there is no "end date" in sight. I'm loving it....there's so much less pressure without the numbers.

See you guys in Chicago!!!

Lori J
Ontario, CANADA
P.S. Hi Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Back to basics. Going to take may game back to the basics. Just going to work on the fundamentals. I can handle that.

AlfaSunshine said...

Hi Mr Horton! Boy you must be having a wonderful time in Chicago with all of my old chat buddies and message board buddies by now. By this time tomorrow you will be giving them all hugs and kisses. I'm thinking I will go to a texas or chicago camp next time. I like to see all your friends in LA but MyBeachbody friends seem to be in chicago and texas camps. Would be nice if you were going to Cancun. Special hugs for my sistas from a nutha mistas AlliC, phylis, ward, deedee, sage...I know I'm missing a lot of 'em. Shout out to jack the bfloboy (I know he asked you for me looking forward to my answers)!!

~hugs and kisses!