Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Future Is Bright

I'm headed to Chicago in a few weeks and it looks like we'll have just over 30 people attending camp. As I prepare for my trip to the windy city my mind is filled with better ways to motivate, inform and inspire everyone. In the course of a weekend there's lots to do and cover. My job is to try and disseminate as much IMI as I can during our very brief encounter. After almost every camp I'm always asking myself if there's a better way to do this or that. Traci and I will brainstorm afterwards and look at ways to upgrade or improve upon things. The feedback from campers has been amazing and we've tried to incorporate as many suggestions as we can. We will continue to ask you what worked and what didn't, because I believe that our customers should have plenty of say when it comes to the things they need to improve their lives.

One of the best things about my job is finding ways to create "light bulb" moments for people. I think that far too many folks suffer from the bombardment of incomprehensible information floating around out there. I've never been a fan of boring and complicated ways of learning something. When I was in school I responded to teachers and professors who loved teaching. The good ones were special because they had a style and delivery that kept students interested. If I learned anything in school it was how to deliver a message. Humor has always been one of my dearest allies. A few years back I read this amazing book by Don Migel Ruiz. The book was called "The Four Agreements." I was so inspired by his writings that when I heard he was speaking in LA I had to be there. This sweet and gentle man was one of the worst public speaker I had ever seen. The material was still invaluable but the messenger put me asleep.

Traci Morrow and I are committed to making these camps as fun, inspiring and powerful as possible. This year was our first go around and the ride has been pure joy for both of us. My hope is that when people are heading home on Sunday and Monday after a camp, their hearts and minds are filled with hope and optimism for the future. The future for the camps looks bright, and I'm looking forward to next season. Now that we have a working formula I'd love to have two or three more camps next year. A ski camp and certainly a trip over the border. Maybe even a ski camp over the border. The buzz is on because Traci and I are heading down to Orlando in October to work with a Tony Robbins Master Mind group to spread the word. More and more people (through these camps) are discovering that health and fitness are priority one when it comes to finding joy and happiness. They're learning that six pack abs and shapelier calves got nothing on feeling good and improving the quality of your life through health and fitness.


Anonymous said...

I want to go to a ski camp! I'm getting a little burnt out on seminars and unfortunately life in general at the moment. You know you've been to one too many motivational events when you just could care less anymore. Thank god tomorrow is a new day.

Michelle (mspina) said...


I'm STILL just blown away by how much thought and attention you and Traci put into your camps, and by how incredibly thoughtful and caring you both are. I can assure you that you are doing your jobs EXTREMELY well! I'm still jazzed up from NY Camp, and love keeping in touch with my camp buddies (we have a Boston-based girls night out planned for next week, in fact!) and thinking about the topics you spoke about throughout the weekend. They are still resonating with me, well over a month later, and I know will continue to do so for a long, long time.

Thank you for what you do, and for doing it SO very well!

And speaking of additional camp ideas, I haven't forgotten about your mention of an X-Camp that you tossed out there at NY Camp - I'm waiting patiently for details my friend! You KNOW I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Tony! (((HUGS))) It is so weird to me that even though we have not met face to face, you are such a HUGE part of my life. I am so thankful to God for giving me the many blessings through you. I never would have thought that just by that simple "pushing play" I'd be where I am today! I thought I was improving my shape and appearance, but I ended up gaining so much more. I have purpose, I have good health and I have a love for myself that has nothing to do with the "outside package" and I well up with tears just thinking of all you have helped me with over these past 3 years. Thank you just doesn't cut it! The time has come and it's only two weeks away! We will meet officially and I can't wait! I'm also excited to meet my California girlfriend, Traci!!! It's going to be a trip to remember for a lifetime!!! See you soon!!!

Lori J
Ontario, Canada

traci morrow said...


One amazing thing (and there are many) about these camps is that we have the opportunity to meet, & speak into the lives of people we would not have otherwise met if it weren't for Beachbody and Power90, and P90X, and Power Half Hour, and Master Series, and Great Body. :)

I feel very fortunate to get my name lumped in with Tony, but it really is his gig; and I am BLESSED to be a part of it, to meet you all, and *SEE* the light go on, regarding fitness, in camper after camper's eyes! :)

We're taking Chicago and Orlando by storm..... :)


Pam (pms1224) said...

Tony and Traci are coming to Chicago!!!

I must say after having already attended two Santa Monica camps and one in Chicago that Tony, you are one of the most amazing teachers I know! I am truly in awe when I am around you...your energy and zest for life are off the CHARTS!!! Your enthusiasm helps inspire people!! You are a great teacher and I am glad you are still willing to teach each and every one of us!

I often worry that when you see me or others like me that haven't stayed true to your teachings, that your heart aches. I want to assure you that your heart should soar because if it weren't for you and Traci and all of Beachbody, people like me would have NEVER ATTENDED ONE CAMP let alone be coming back for the 4th time! If you and Beachbody hadn't come into my life I know I would be in a horrible place right now. But I am not, I may still be overweight but I am not miserable and I am still TRYING. I am healthier and more active. I have NEVER TRULY GIVEN UP and I THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!

TEACH MR. HORTON...your passion helps many and your humor let's us embrace you...and TRACI only makes YOU better!!! So much better!!! (No offense T but she so gets me!!)

Looking foward to seeing you both in Chicago!!!


Nick said...

Hey Tony,

Today I disseminated some big time IMI on a dear coworker, and I feel great about that! This guy hadn't seen me in a while and couldn't believe the general change in the shape of my body. "What the hell have you been doing?" he asked. Well, I then took a second to mentally review everything you taught me at NY camp about fitness and just unloaded it on this poor sap. To make a long story short, after 5 minutes of in depth conversation about the benefits of leading a healthy, happy lifestyle with the help of P90, he was entirely convinced that he had to try the program; no ifs, ands or buts. I could tell he couldn't wait to start, and his mood reminded me of the delightful and contented feelings I had while driving down the scenic Taconic Parkway on the way home from camp.
Tony, you and Traci are both doing God's good work, and I hope you both continue as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

If you guys are coming to my state again maybe I can drive up and see you or something???


nick said...

I'm just hanging out here in Pennsylvania with my folks for the long weekend and decided to check out "The Four Agreements" by Don Miqel Ruiz online.
Very inspiring and informative I must say, especially the part that states: The agreements (what we are, what we believe, and how we behave) that come from fear require us to expend a lot of energy, but agreements that come from love help us conserve energy and give us strength to do even more. Man, that really lights up a bulb, doesn't it?
Hope to see ya in Chicago. Hasta la vista, amigo!

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