Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sharon ~ Kim ~ Monique

On September 14th Traci and I arrived in Chicago and wanted to charge our batteries with a little pre-camp workout. After spending about 15 minutes searching for the gym in our massive hotel I talked Traci into an old school version of shoulders and arms. I call it "old school" because unlike P90X we bombarded our shoulders for 12 sets, followed by 12 more sets of just arms. Traci was loving me...Not! While we were pumping iron, we noticed 3 gals clearing out a small space in the corner of the gym. One of them was setting up her laptop while the other two were chatting and warming up. I wasn't sure what they were up to at first, because I couldn't figure out why they weren't just lifting weights or peddling away on one of the stationary bikes like everyone else.

What were these three women up to? Why are they here and not using the fitness equipment? Why are they doing a fitness video in a gym? What's up with Bogarting part of the gym floor for they're private workout? My gym rat brain was having a tough time figuring out what was going on. As they were setting up and stretching I looked over and noticed the cover of their workout. I saw two words. Beachbody & Turbo Jam! At that moment I had two thoughts simultaneously. How cool is this and why aren't they doing Power 90? While wrangling with my ego I turned to Traci and told her that we were in the midst of some Beachbody peeps. At that moment one of the girls recognized me. My frail ego was back in tact, until the three starting swooning all over the much cooler My Beachbody girl.

Their names are Kim, Monique and Sharon. All three work for the same company and were attending a conference at the hotel. They live in different parts of the country and stay connected through e-mails and the Beachbody web site. They had meetings all day every day and still managed to find the time to burn and churn during their conference. After our initial hellos the girls got busy and Traci and I went back to our weights. As I watched them workout together, push each other and have a blast in the process, I couldn't help notice the contrast between them and the other people on bikes and treadmills zoning out while watching TV. It was another very clear reminder that Beachbody is way ahead of the curve. We get it! Our programs work! We bring people together. And we're changing the face of health and fitness.

Thank you Sharon, Kim and Monique for a job well done. Thank you for staying connected and working hard. Thank you for your commitment and desire to get and stay healthy. Thank you for joining the Beachbody fitness revolution!


psalm9567 said...


LoriJ told me this story from camp! So cool to have met some more BB peeps! Thanks again for doing what you were born to do!! You're awesome!! (how's that for a big ego boost??) ;)


nick said...


Sometime back in the early '70s, I was a big fat kid switching through the channels of my parents' TV at 100 mph, just like so many kids do today. I suddenly came upon some crazy guy with a crew-cut hairdo and clad in a green jumpsuit doing things with a chair I couldn't believe. Push-ups, pull-ups, chair dips, calf raises, leg raises! If my memory serves me right, he mentioned something about not needing much to make life and your workout interesting. That man was Jack LaLane and even though he turned 92 this week, I feel that his youthful, energetic and inspirational message lives on in all your programs at Beachbody. Just like those three women in Chicago found out, they didn't need to zone out on the treadmill or shoulder press machine while watching the daily delivery of horrible news unfold on TV. By working out together with minimal equipment and having a blast at the same time, they were definitely way ahead of the curve, and I am certain that curve will continue to grow and change lives all around this great nation of ours!
Lean! And reach! Because it's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

AlfaSunshine said...

Hi Tony! I was in chat the other day when Traci shared your story with the TJ lady. I said it then and I'll say it now wish I could have been there to see your face and I would have loved to see you join in and shake your graceful money maker! I do your workouts muted with dance music and little do you know you are a graceful dancer!

Love and Peace

Anonymous said...

Tony neglected to say that after those gals finished TJ, Tony had them all do AB Ripper X with him and Traci! My kids and I watched the whole thing through the gym window (I sooo wanted to join in the fun, but my kids were with me and weren't allowed in the gym). It was fun to watch though! Ah...the memories!!! :D


Lori J

leannwoo said...

Tony, just cause we love to do TJ doesn't mean we don't love you too! You are my first BB love. I lost my first 30 lbs doing P90. I have the X and the PHH series. I love me some Tony. But you have to also understand the funk factor of TJ! When I want to be funky I go to Chalene. When I want a dorky guy that is good looking, funny and can make me sweat! (yes you are dorky, don't deny it!) I go to you!

moviefan said...

Yeah, Traci was telling Chalene about this in one of the VIP chats a few weeks ago. She said they even invited you over to jam with them.