Friday, August 25, 2006

The Double "E"

My brain is constantly filled with a mixed bag of silly stuff. I've been spending my whole life trying to rewire the way I think about things. I'm still doing it. I've always been a happy junkie, and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to spend as many moments as possible feeling good. My journey has taught me that joy comes at a price. A constant state of elation appears to be impossible. Such a bummer! It also seems that periods of bliss only happen by doing other things that aren't so blissful while doing them. On top of that, falling into the short-term-short-cuts-trap is a total disaster. Damn, life is tricky! Do you see what I mean when I say that my brain is filled with silliness?

I hate feeling sad and depressed because it makes me feel so sad and depressed. But today, I feel really good. Kind of freaky good, and I'm not really sure why. My body bashing crazy Sunday workout was a monster this morning, and it should have knocked me for a loop. For some reason I have this hopeful happy feeling (weird but cool) that's causing goose bumps. You know the feeling. The sky is bright blue and the temp is 72, and there's a very light breeze coming in my back door. It appears that ideal atmospherical surroundings seem to help. My energy is up and so is my enthusiasm as I sit here and write. I usually forget to recognize these moments, but not today.

The Two E's (Energy and Enthusiasm) control my brain and rule my life. Some days organizing a sock drawer feels like climbing Mt. Everest. My buddy Ed will say I'm "double-o-g" (out of gas). When I'm runnin on fumes, sometimes it's my fault, (poor food choices and not enough sleep) and other times it's out of my control. Maybe the answer is choosing right over wrong more often, combined with letting go. Why in the world, knowing right from wrong, would I choose behavior that destroys my energy and enthusiasm for life? I'm still working it out, but I think the answer has a lot to do with acceptance and knowing how to ask the right questions in times of need. Poor planning, bad news, poor sleep, stress and heat waves will happen. How do I keep the day to day stuff from affecting my ability to by a happy man?

The equalizer for me has always been fuel and movement. F & M baby! If it weren't for a healthy lifestyle I'd be in a home for sad and depressed guys. My healthy plan for this life has created many more good days than bad. Research shows that we are what we eat and do, not what we think and feel. Eating and doing causes thoughts and feelings...most of the time. The basics are simple - right choices create the E & E to be happy and healthy. The wrong choices (poor diet, no exercise, etc.) cause fatigue, bad moods, stress, illness and a total mind, body, spirit malfunction. Yikes!


psalm9567 said...

Hi Tony,

I needed this post. I am trying to get my E & E back on track. Thanks for what you said to me in your chat last week. I appreciated it very much.

I have been living on interrupted sleep for a month now and have just started to sleep through the night again. Workouts aren't consistent just yet, but they are getting better! I feel myself not being as productive, certainly not as energetic, when I don't work out. My 6:30 a.m. workouts have been such a part of my existence for the last year that I feel a little "lost" without them! So, I'm getting back into them steps, so to speak.

So, the E&E will return! Thanks for posting this...


Amanda said...

Great post!! This is why I just adore you! Not only are your workouts amazing but your full of motivation and inspiration.

One day I want to meet you in person! Are you doing the camps again next year??


DivaM said...

I am in a place in life where things are good! The good choices I am making are paying off in a big way. Thanks for always going above and beyond. You set the bar high without pretending you are perfect. People need desparately to see that someone like you is 'real' and that your life ebbs and flows like everybody elses. Maybe not as many downs but you are constantly working on it. Showing us that 'choice' is everything! Chosing wisely is key!

You're the bomb buddy!!

I missed camp this year....but I will be there next year and I may just bring the whole crew! The kids just loved meeting you last year! ...and Brook is doing Kenpo and running! I can't wait for 2007 fit camp!

Hugs! Diva

momac35 said...

Don't you just love those days when E&E are on full blast!!!!

Thank you Tony for once again putting into words our feelings with such realism.

I am feeling pretty great because I just got back from a week's vacation where I not only stayed on track with my P90 schedule but went above and beyond and ran the furthest distance I ever have!!!!This is really the first time ever I didn't use vacation as an excuse. I went to the local gym an did P90 Sculpt 3/4 from memory and kicked my own a$$.

Tony, I feel like I'm spreading the word - I saw soooo many friends this week and told them all about my camp experience with you and everyone and they are just in awe and chomping at the bit to go.

I am also so excited that your sis Kit is going to run the Block Island road race and I've actually convinced about 5 friends to do it with me. I'm no gazelle but I am making notable progess and inspiring people on the way - go figure!!!!!

Thank you again I loved reading Hazels account of camp - I actually read it when it appeared on Michelles thread and was mesmorized - I'm feel lucky and proud that I have my own camp memories and would be kicking myself if I hadn't done it.

Any chance of a winter camp? I would sign up in a heartbeat!!!

AlfaSunshine said...

Oh the memories! Great recap Hazel girl. You are a rock star and I hope we stay in touch cause you are very smart and funny and I loved laughing with you (even when we were bagging on the great one hehehe). When I finish my round of the x this time I hope I begin to be as strong and well defined as you are! AlfaSunshine AKA Lauren.