Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Mary Cecy said...

Call any time my friend and leave as many messages. We enjoy them. I am glad you had fun and planning more fun stuff to do. Always a bonus for happiness!!

Take care and have fun at CAMP!!

HarleyGuy1 said...

You are 100% right, Tony. I am a firm believer in setting dates for either vacations or special "rewards." That way I can work my butt off to get in the best shape I can and then go show it off on a beach somewhere. Just did it in Mexico earlier this month. Thanks again for you motivation and I have a goal to meet you sometime this year. I hope to do so. Take care.


AlfaSunshine said...

Hey tony!! Love your message. One comment I have from it is that I really appreciate what a people person you are. When I was at Santa Monica Camp that is one of the big things I picked up from you that I wish I was more like. You are so good at bringing really cool people out around you. I think it is a skill that I totally need to work on (being a bit of a hermit myself). I went skiing this week and I was so happy NOT to talk to a soul. I marveled at my surroundings and the blessing of chasing my 12 year old boy around the mountain (what a workout). But I was so happy to go when everybody else was staying home!! Maybe part of the skiing thing is that I can ski a lot better when I'm not worried about bumping into people, but I think that carries over to other areas socially for me. Your videos are great not just because of your fun no nonsense workouts but also because of your incredible personality. You really have a unique ability to make people feel good about themselves. That is why I totally hope people do sign up for your camps so that they can have a chance to experience YOU!

Have a great day!

Renee Apfelbeck said...

Someday I'd love to have you here in the Colorado Rockies for a ski trip. This season I believe Summit County (Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin) have the most, YES THE MOST snow in North America. The skiing is unbelievable! The powder stashes are everywhere. I'll meet you in person in Miami, until then start planning your Colorado ski vacation, I'll help. Thanks for the happy call.
ReneeA in Dillon.

Moodle said...

Thank You Tony!!


DivaM said...

Motion is the magic potion!

I love it! :D


AlfaSunshine said...

New York, NY: July 14, 15, 16

Los Angeles, CA: Aug 11, 12, 13

Chicago, IL: Sept 15, 16 and 17

Nice to see some dates finally announced for your camps Tony!

Amy Briggs said...

My only response to what you say about motion being the magic potion is what if suddenly the ability to be mobile is taken away, what happens then. Are we living for how good we feel on a particular day or is there more to life than our feelings. It just seems to me that when all is stripped away and all you're left with is you, is life over? I guess what I'm saying is that I want to be remembered not as a fit person but as a person who cared about more than just herself. Relationships with people are what we'll be remembered for. And let's just face it in this world we are programmed to think of only ourselves. Believe me it is harder to work on relationships with our spouses, kids, neighbors, and those who really need someone to just care than it is to workout (even P90x!). I want to be healthy and fit and enjoy life but I also want to enjoy life even if I am left a cripple.

Koko said...

Tony, blogermanguydude….

There are writers who don’t write, singers that don’t sing, and painters that don’t paint.
They deprive us of the gorgeous gifts they were given. I’d like to thank you for the time you take, and the passion you share, because you are a gifted artist, and all of us out here are richer because of your gifts.

Thanks for sharing your “two ticks” with all of us.
Peace, Love and Tofu!


swandivin' said...

rammmmbling! but i got "happiness comes from planning things, then living them and then tell about them!" I LOVE HAPPINESS! I KNOW HAPPINESS, I ONLY soround myself with HAPPY PEOPLE, and I am a HAPPY AQUARIAN!!! but I don't PLAN much!! so if I plan, I can find DOUBLE the HAPPINESS!? that was the UNDELINED MESSAGE, wasn't it?