Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Magic Potion

Some people seem to think that I have a magic bag of secret potions to help them find the holy grail of health and fitness. I think I do too. Quite often when I open my bag of tricks and share the mojo I get a disappointed response. I must seem like a fake to a lot of folks who were looking for a completely different answer. I want so badly to be the answer man to everyone, but it turns out that I can't be. I hear over and over again about all these "new" ways to lose weight. Everyone is reading and hearing about the latest scientific research that proves how to drop pounds in no time. All my experiences and techniques seem to be outdated and old fashion. I wonder if I'm a dinosaur in this new world of weight lose.

It dawned on me that I have a very different way at looking at how to get healthy and happy in today's world. My focus is and has always been about feeling good, improving the quality of your life, being fit and enjoying good health. The weight lose industry could care less about these 4 lifestyle pillars. They care about weight and inches. They care about 6 pack abs. They care about shapely legs and perfect buns. Great pecs and lean arm shape are more of a priority than being able to play with your kids without passing out. Imagine a fitness program who's only selling point was improving your health. It would (and many do) fail miserably. People say,"Health is nice but I want to look better in a bathing suit."

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Don't get me wrong, I love what a fit and healthy body looks like. Where people go wrong is when they focus on the outcome before a willingness to enjoy the journey. Going from 100 pounds over weight to fit as a fiddle happens because the journey is filled with amazing moments. I'm not talking about physical change. The physical change happens too slowly to notice from day to day. I'm talking about the dramatic emotional and psychological change that happens immediately. Health, fitness, weight lose and smaller dress sizes take time. Feeling good about yourself happens the day you workout. No matter how you "look", you can still feel good. Looking good is how you think other people see you. Feeling good is something only you experience. In the end, that's what matters most.

Little kids have no clue about how they look. They are tiny feeling machines. Everything they do is based on how to deal with the way they feel. When was the last time you heard a two year old ask you how they look in their diaper? We can learn a lot from children, before they become self aware. I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but imagine a day without your ego. A day filled with love for yourself regardless of how you look. This is the mind set for someone who wants to workout and eat healthy foods for all the right reasons. I have met hundreds of people who have figured this out. They took small steps everyday and didn't listen to the old noise in their head or the unsupportive people around them.

I don't care about the latest this or that trend in the fitness industry. I don't care about how to lose a bunch of weight in ten minutes. I don't care about what other people think I should know or do. I care about my health. I care about being fit, flexible and strong. I care about improving the quality of my life as I get older. I care about feeling good! I care about what works for thousands of people across this country. Working out and eating healthy food. The newest thing could be the right thing for you, but time tested, good old fashion hard work, fruits , veggies, whole grains and lean protein will work every time! From Power90 to Turbo Jam. Motion is the Magic Potion and Food Porn Kills.


AlfaSunshine said...

Oh well I'll be the first one to say: RIGHT ON TONY!! :))) You are my fitness hero. DBZ is on again you are right up there with Goku for me!!!

Goddess In Training said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! thank you for reminding us that it's all about the journey and less about our egos.

Jack said...

Tony Horton you are on the money as usual! When the wife asked me what i was giving up for lent (being the good italian catholic that i am), I told her "FOOD PORN"! Of couse i had to word it a bit different to my 6 year old son.

psalm9567 said...

That's the new Hortonism:

Motion is the Potion!

Love it, and you, you big lug! I'll see you in NY! Can't wait to sweat it all out with you and Traci and so many of my BB buddies! Bring it, baby!

Here's to great food, butt-kickin' workouts, and a healthy mentality!


starfysh said...

This entry is just another reason that you are THE MAN...and, not to plagerize Alfa, but my fitness hero!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony, this was the exact thing I needed to read right now. I've been in a fitness slump lately, and I recently decided to recommit starting 3/6/06. I came up with a detailed plan stating what I want, by when, why, and how. The why was the most interesting. Not once did I say "to look better in a bathing suit". It's all about feeling good! After reading this blog entry, I finally feel like I'm on the right track! Thanks!
Judy (cani)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, Tony! I don't think your a T-Rex at all!!! You're're don't tell us nonsense...and you truly care about each of us! You let us modify moves when we need to and say it's OK! (Love that!) In this day and age, where life is so crazy and busy, you take the time to share your vast knowledge of health and fitness. We are all truly grateful! I'm doing things at 40 that I couldn't do in my teens...thanks to you! Can't wait to see you in NY!

Lori J
Ontario, Canada

fit450 said...

Tony, your message is so on point! But that's just like you, always bringing IT at just the right time.

Just finished P90 and I'm amazed at what I can do now, compared to what I could do Day 1. Amazing. And though one of my goals is to wear a bikini in public this summer, I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey! Who'd a thought I'd look forward to weight training or doing jumping jacks? Your program and your words have encouraged me every step of the way.

And I'm determined to prove that we can still improve our health after age 50!

leannwoo said...

Dude, you hit the nail on the head with that post. I lost 30# with beachbody and kept it off for over a year. Problem was that I didn't have any other goals, and on top of that I didn't think of myself as a healthy person. DUH! Your mind has a way of shaping who you are. So now I am starting over but workin on the inside. I feel better than I did before. I know I am healthy now, I know I am fit now, I know I am energetic and strong now! You know how I know this? Because I am telling myself this every day. No more beating myself up.

christy6 said...

SOOOO well said!!! Don't let the few get you down! I have learned so much in the last several years since I discovered Beachbody. There will always be those looking for the magic pill just like those looking to get rich quick. In a society where obesity is rampant - it takes more people like you speaking the truth to make a difference.

mary9060 said...

thanks Tony

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. I really love this post. It is so true and so hard to get past the visual aspect of things. When I first saw the infomercial for P90...I saw all these great looking people and I thought.....Well I can do that. Well I've struggled alot, due to my own issues with myself, but I'm back again to give it another shot. I thank you for being so honest, sincere and caring. It means so much more when I'm watching you on my tv telling me what to do next. I know that P90 works and I've seen the results in a months time. Since reading this post....I know that I need to look at it in a different aspect. One in which I need to get healthy. I really have to focus on the bigger picture not just what's in the picture. Thanks Tony!
Heather Haile

bigval69 said...

The number #1 reason I started P90 this year was in hopes of passing a physical fitness test for the Army, Reserve. After years of physical neglect: smoking, and stress, I had convinced myself I couldn't keep up with the "kids" anymore. I have to do this twice a year, as a civilian, with no drill sergeant yelling at me to do so. I've tried energy drinks and pills, but NOTHING could compensate for true muscle and lung capacity that actual "training" gives you. Truthfully, shortcuts will never take the place of the real thing, like homemade sauce and the kind that comes in a can :) Only a select few can change the world, lead the people, whether it be of fitness, or global...Thank you, Tony, for helping me change the way I present myself...with confidence.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. You're a good man Hortonhead. ~Gweldon

Leonemarie said...

High Five to You. You are the best. My husband knows that I have this affair with you if you will. Everytime he sees me eating something or drinking something that I really shouldn't (which is very seldom) he asks me "What would your man say about what your eating??" I love this lifestyle of exercise and eating right and feeling great I will never change.


SCouncil said...

Tony My good man, I couldn't agree more. As a person who is a P90 grad and one who currently is on round 4 of P90x. I enjoy the results of over a year of hard work. At 52 I'm in EXtremley good condition, can ski my twenty year old son into the ground and do twenty-thirty push-ups more than he can. I have normal blood pressure.(had low-high 2 years ago) My doctor says wow and my wife says wow and that's all that really matters. I still have workout work arounds I have to do because of old injuries, but watching your video's, your the one that says modify and I did. Thanks for the programs Tony. Recently bought PHH to mix it up and to keep on pushing play. I can now run 3 miles couldn't do it before starting your program's. one knee would swell after 1/2 mile. I feel the workouts have balanced my body and reduced stress on one side Bla Bla Bla I don't know. I just know i can do it. AND THANKS

Ernest Barton said...

I was 375 pounds and felt horrible. Lethargic, ugly, lazy. I was a mess. I have been morbidly obese (as my doctor calls it and ) since my early 20's and have tried every diet fad known to man. Whether it was chalky tasting shakes, to eating pork as long as I didnt have nonfat yogurt, to watered down lettuce soup and everything in between. I was fed up with a diet industry that didnt care and simply gave up. I knew I would always be fat and was going to die young. I just wilted and ate fast food to my hearts content because it made me "happy". Then I saw P90 on TV.... I bought it and in my normal lazy fashion, it sat on my desk for over a year. Then in Feb. 2006, I was sitting in my chair, tired from a sedetary day at work ad falling asleep at 6PM. I felt so fat, like I was stuck in the chair and couldnt move. I breathed heavy walking from the chair to the kitchen. I had enough!!! I got up and dusted of P90. Read the documentation, logged into, wowy and fitday. I said today I am going to do it. On 2/6/2006, I started P90 and worked the program exactly as described. With will power and support from my family I have completed 38 days. I have lost 33 pounds so far but that isnt the best part. I am still very fat but feel great! I walk proud and confident. TOny's program changed my way of thinking about life and food. I dont have the bad cravings and love getting out and doung things. Whether, it is just going to the park or doing dishes with my wife, I am active again and am experiencing life again... away from the TV and chair! I am still fat and have a long way to go... but I have a new lifestyle and look forward to a long future!!! From the bottom of the heart of the entire Barton family... Thanks Tony!

Northern Orchid said...

Thank you Tony. That was a great blog. I copy and pasted parts of it into my favourite thread "February 2006 Slim in 6 Newbies" because I found it so encouraging and uplifting! I especially appreciated the part about imagining life without an ego and loving ourselves regardless of what we look like. I also really benefited from your thought on really enjoying the journey of becoming healthy rather than focusing on the final outcome which is purely physical. Thanks again for the eye opener!


laura33 said...

Well said Tony!! *applauds

Like Mr Barton I have tried almost every "diet" out there and found that BeachBody is what works the best for me -- whether it is Power 90, turbo Jam, or my new favorite the Power 90 master series. Since I joined BB in March 2004, I have lost a total of 96 lbs and 35"...that is great i know - but it IS the th emotion and phsycological changes that make me smile and grin from ear to ear... I went from a very shy person who'd read a book or watch TV than exercise- but I now look forward to my BB workouts and hardly ever watch TV ads I am a BB coach now and spend evry night in the chat room coaching and advising others, offering support and being all that I can be!!!
Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for everything that you are doing!! (HUGGS)
As I have said and heard -- being fit, eating right, and exercising are for the rest of your life, not just a quick results kind of thing. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony-- I have a great motivator that learned from you and he also has been pushing this message to me. It is hard to get past the mentality that I want to see results... I am working on enjoying the feelings I have now... I am proud of my accomplishments so far and look forward to setting my new goals and striving to acheive them. Just yesterday i finished P90 and I feel great... Thank you for not only bringing this program to me but also for bringing the right frame of mind to enjoy it. Blessings to you and your family.

psyknife said...

Some people look for easy ways out... I was always one... but eventually it seems that we all realize there is only one good way of going about weight loss... and that is with health.
Thank you for breaking me of my couch potato habits, thank you for making me believe that I CAN do things in life (whether it's exercising or anything, really), thank you for helping me form new healthy habits. I hate to say that finding you was a last resort, but for many people it is. We try to avoid reality all our lives. I remember trying meal replacement diets, I tried diets where you put stuff in your water and it was supposed to burn fat, I tried pills... but when it came down to it, I was lazy and ate crap. So, thank you for opening my eyes to this! I'm just extremely thankful that I found your programs this early in my life... not that finding them later is a bad thing... finding them anytime is great.
I now want to help others. Since starting these programs (almost a year ago now! wow!) I've read up on fitness a lot, I've learned how to do things correctly. I want to go further. I hope to eventually look into becoming a certified personal trainer... and I WILL do it!
So, thank you for this new lease on life that I now have. It feels great!

sofia aka swandivin' said...

So, Tony tomorrow I'll be a MIAMI-CAMP DOER!! after reading THIS am ENERGIZED more than EVER. THanks. I WILL BE BACK stronger! with the forever "yes, I can do it" imbedded in my mind and a health to prove it. IF reading your motivational words do this to my mind, the P90 program I know does wonders for the body, gosh! I can only dream what would meeting YOU in person could do? I'm guessing it must be the complement to mind and body!! isn't that the SOUL???
Sofia Pilato
aka sawndivin'

Anne Dudte said...

hey tony

thanks for this. It's really coming at a time when I was starting to lose track of my overall progress towards being healthy, fit and happy and was more concerned and being trapped by numbers.

You're absolutely right. Everyone before me here has said it all. It's just easy, you see, to sometimes get caught in all the trees and miss sight of the forest.

By the way, I just picked up the masters series as a variety to workouts from my favorite "X" workout. Let me tell you how much I love the new moves, many of them pylo-inspired. I cannot get enough of pylo-moves. Do MORE.

and again, thanks for the reminder outloud for us what in the hell we're doing in the first place.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Tony, you are so right. Our society is only wanting answers of instant gradification. As you have put there is none. Only hard work over time will bring results. As a martial artist, I have trained for 15 years and finally attained the rank of a black belt. It was only then that realized that the goal for so many years getting the "black belt" was wrong. I was not realizing that the real goal was the road of getting there. Thanks again Tony.