Friday, January 27, 2006

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AlfaSunshine said...

Whoo HOO!! Sounds like you are having an incredible ski vacation! I hardly ever go anywhere but Tahoe but I'm looking forward to 2 more trips this snow season. BTW I got cardio intervals (thought I was ordering uml but I can live with ci). The Masters Series has definately grown on me especially since I've layed off the X a bit. I'm back on my treadmill marathon training (I'll do the half but train for the whole) and your other stuff in between. Denver is having their first marathon in October. Hope I don't get a nose bleed or they have oxygen along the route (I'm betting money they will). Nice to hear your voice :))) See ya in chat.

TuxBaby said...

How FUN!!! Glad to hear the skiing is a blast & that you're having a great time! I miss the mountains- I bet they're absolutely beautiful.

It's a Round of Masters Series for me here- starting in Feb (and P90 3/4) until then, to 'get ready'. And then after that- the X!!!! It's going to be a great year!

Keep having fun, Tony! You just reminded me that I need to get out and rollerblade again. It's been too long!


irish_robbie said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip Tony!!

Phyllis said...

Glad you are having a great time my friend! Don't lose too much weight!!

Love ya

psalm9567 said...

Hey Mr. Twiggy! What a funny post! "Heal thyself by getting off your..." Loved it and laughed out loud!!

You certainly know the way to motivate, Tony! I appreciate you! Have a great rest of your vacation! Come back refreshed and in better condition than when you left!


Anonymous said...

AHHHH Hail ye ol'wise one !!

"Heal thy self by getting off your A@@"

Hey - Just so you know, I joined a CLEAN and SOBER softball team with a bunch 20 somethng young men (oh yeah ~ eye-candy ~) BELIEVE ME they will have me on my toes and OFF MY A** !!

You are TOO FUNNY!! Thanks for making me smile today, I needed it.

Sarah Wise