Friday, September 16, 2005

Forget The Rest

When I was in Yoga class the other day I noticed how I needed to back off a bit because I felt like I was getting a cold. Yoga has always been a practice where I never compete with the class before. I never tell myself before a yoga class that I need to go deeper in Warroir 2, or that Crane has to be better than the last time I did it. I'm just glad I'm there, and I do what I can based on how I feel in the moment. That's what yoga is supposed to be anyway.

I'm beginning to apply this philosophy in all areas of fitness. It's making my workouts easier and with better results. My focus is no longer on how to beat my numbers from the time before. I focus on "Doing My Best And Forgetting The Rest." The rest is the mind chatter that prevents me from enjoying what's happening right now. That mind chatter tells me that if I don't continue to improve every time then something's wrong.

Your numbers, reps & strength will improve automatically if you work hard and stay consistent. But if you beat yourself up during the workout because you can't do as many push-ups as last time then the "I'm a failure" mind babble wins every time. Big deal, so what & who cares that you're weaker this time then last. It just is. Are you doing your best? If you are and your numbers are lower than last time, then it's perfect.

Don't let the workout you're in the middle of suffer because you're comparing it to others. Just be glad you're in the middle of a workout and not in the middle of the couch. Stop judging yourself based on past achievements. It'll make you crazy, and it will cause you to ultimately fail in the end.

Forget The Rest & Do Your Best!


AlfaSunshine said...

OK Moodle just told me this entry is all about him. It is my guess that 90% of the people who read this will say Tony wrote it with them in mind. lol.

Having a challenging couple of days here. Just gotta keep pushing foreward. Thanks for the encouraging words Tony.

Mary Mc said...


This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I've been panicing the past couple days because I was afraid I wouldn't do good enough at the workouts in Hawaii. I know I shouldn't compare myself to the others that are going, but I did it anyway. Instead, I need to focus on just doing my best on each day. As long as I do my best, I'm successful. Thanks so much! I'll see you in Hawaii. :-)

Mary Mc
(Yoga Queen from Chicago camp)

Moodle said...

Alfa your a nuthead!! I did not say it was all about me!!


I said it was very similar in context to something I and him had discussed...

get it right!!!!!

Mary Cecy said...

Thanks! This is what I have been telling Ben all week. It is not about a contest to Hawaii or anything like that. I do love to look great in a swimsuit but doing my Best today at whatever time of the day is what I am striving for. If not in the morning in the afternoon, if not right before bed.
How can I miss then? I used to beat myself about that or missing the workouts. Why because I was to busy fighting with my mind chatter. Yes I talk to myself, I already told you I am crazy.

Thanks for the reminder. I need to do my best and forget the rest. Going to finish this month strong. No need to worry about anything but what I do. Ok Ben and the kids and they are on top of things as well. I am doing it. That is what counts.

Mary Cecy

HannahRNSWAMIMOMMY said...

Tony that was beautifully expressed. I've been teaching hatha yoga since January (I taught in the past as well)and the biggest problem I find is people strive to do what everyone else is doing no matter how many times you tell them not push to hard to "relax into the pose" I could repeat it over and over. I do the modified and then the advanced poses and turn to find the entire class trying to tackle the advanced poses. Wish I could bring you to class with me. :) I'm gonna steal your quote "Forget the Rest and Do your Best" for my next class. :)
Hannah aka RN/MOMMY

leannwoo said...

true dat

Tony, this is something I have recently come to grips with. After being out of it for so long due to surgery I was beating myself up. Getting out of shape and fat in my own mind.

I'm doing best and loving every minute of every day that I can press play.

Thank you.

Mary Mc said...


I feel so stupid! I just found out the filming is just for P90 and not P90X. All that stressing for nothing! I can handle P90! See you in a month!

It's so important to ignore mind chatter--and I obviously need to work on that! I'm now going to concentrate on "doing my best and forgetting the rest"!

Mary Mc

Dana said...

Drink some tea, take some meds., get have Miami camp and Hawaii to prepare for... smile.

Great words as usual... that I'm still struggling to live by... smile.

have a great day everyone,DEW

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

Thanks for another great bit of advice - this will be printed out and posted on my wall at work - this is great advice for workouts - and life.

Thanks also for the help at SA and sharing your fitness knowledge. Hope the voice is better!

Joyce (aka Sage)

MysticRain said...

Hi Tony! You always have such great advice!

I hate I missed seeing you at the SA Camp! Last minute things kept me from attending..but I will make it to one very soon!!!

Come visit me at my thread and see what your motivation has done for me!

PS: *housevan* (giggle)

StevenB said...


As you already know, you've had a tremendous influence on me in the past year; "do your best and forget the rest" is evidence of that. Many times when I'm doing yoga I think "try it, just do your best."

It reminds me of the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. The fourth agreement is "Always Do Your Best." Ruiz writes "Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret."

Hope you are doing well, Tony.


Tuffwolf said...

Great advice Tony. but it is alway harder to accomplish than to say it. I always find that if i work out in a group such as my cycling classes and even my yoga classes i want to compete unfortunately it is human nature to be competative. Even working out by myself at home i find i want to go deeper into a pose or push my weights harder especially when i think of mark and want to look like him. (never happen really don't want to be bald) but i do want to get close. that is who we as humans are but sometimes you have to temper it.. Good advice i will use it as much as possible thanks

Wendy said...

Hi Tony,

I know you posted this blog almost a month ago, but I just discovered your blogs today and this one just smacked me up side the head so I had to comment.

As a yoga practitioner for almost two years now I've always struggled with this issue. I've always been competitive and in yoga I have to work to not compete. . . with others, with my last practice, with my expectations, with my ego. I'm still a work in progress, but getting much better. I'm working on finding my "edge" where I'm growing, but not pushing too hard.

I have never applied this priciple to my other workouts though. I've always pushed, pushed, pushed, and beat myself up if "yesterday" I did X number of pushups and "today" I only did Y. I have to find my edge here too.

I can't wait to meet you in Miami!

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David said...

Tony, This is the first time in my life that I make more than 1 week of excercise ... this is my P90X DAY 17 and Im fealing GREAT!! ... Excelent workout!!

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