Sunday, September 25, 2005


I need your help. You look to me for help. We all need to give and receive some help now and then. Giving and receiving help is how things move forward and get done. If it wasn't for the hard working team of people at Beachbody none of us (including me) would be as fit and healthy as we are. If it weren't for the message boards, coaches threads, WOWY, the chat rooms and My Beachbody many us would have failed long ago. This community of giving and receiving keeps us moving forward. If you live on that Island by yourself it's tough to make it in this world. The folks who don't know how (or are not willing) to reach out, fail time and time again.

Everyone of us gets a little lost once in a while, and when that happens it's important to remember that friends and family are there to catch our fall. And if the friends and family at home come up short on occasion then your other family is right here. I've told people at the fitness camps that my desire to press on day after day comes from seeing all of you work so hard at making life better. We are a community (regardless of background, race, religion or political persuasion) that is interested in supporting one another in the quest for lifelong health and fitness.

When I plan my workouts, 90% of them are with someone else. My favorite sports and activities (rock climbing, skiing, Sunday workouts and yoga) are done with friends. This blog, my mailbag and the camps are the best ways for me to connect with you. I feel like I'm hangin and talking with family. It is such a thrill for me to help somebody figure things out. I don't have all the answers all the time, but after 20 plus years I've seen and experienced problems people have when it comes to their health and fitness. In that time I've learned how to help people find their way through the weight lose, health and fitness maze.

When I try to make it on my own I (more often than not) end up where I started...nowhere. When I ask for help and guidance from someone I trust, the experience is always positive and rewarding. The more you know, learn and do, the more you can help others. Human beings evolve by continuing to explore and share what they know. Sitting at home in front of the tube too often (doing nothing) has nothing to do with sharing and helping each other. Down time is important and everyone needs a reprieve from other people once in awhile, but if that down time makes you feel down then it's time to give & receive a little help.


Dana said...

I probably shouldn't be posting this now at almost 3am... proof that I, personally, still need some help w/ my sleep issue; However, just wanted to quickly say.... very nicely put Tony. (smile) Now, if you will excuse me I'm going to sing Beatles tunes to myself till I fall asleep. --DEW--

Jack said...


You hit "nail on the head". Everyone needs help at one point or another. The beautiful thing about the BB community is that different folks have different strengths. I love being able to help folks where I can and I am so greatful for the folks that help me through my weak areas.


AlfaSunshine said...

Too funny!! I was waiting to see what you needed!! lol Ya know I'm here for ya Tony!!

I love to see my chat buddies in wowy. That's a start for me. I have a friend or 2 at the office I'm going to approach soon about working out at the gym with one and tennis with the other. I'm getting there ;)

Mary Cecy said...

Tony, I know how you feel. I love to help others. I will go to the end of the world for others. But at the same time... I have a hard time asking for help. When I am down and sad, depressed and life is happening... I don't want to pass that to others and I stay away from the chat, message boards, the site. Cause I don't want to share the bad. I know it is something that I have to overcome but it is the way I feel. When I do show up, some don't believe that I am having a hard time. When they realize it is true, I just want to run. But the truth is that they come to help me, as much as I have shown my friendship and love.

Thanks for offering your help and please never change. Only if it is for the better.
XO, Peace,

mermandrea said...

Hi Tony...

Funny... asking for help has always been my biggest weakness... If I asked for help, it exposed my vulnerable side....

I have learned in the past year, from my step-sister, to ask for what you want and need.

She has bravely fought breast cancer while trying to be a good mom to a newborn (now almost 2) and a step-daughter (now 11).

She knew that I was only 2 hours away (she lives in La Jolla) and was great about calling me and asking for what she needed.

I now need to ask for support from those who love and care about me. We are very close to bringing my step-sister (Ronne-- pronounced ron-ee) to a hospice. She is in a lot of pain and needs more care than her husband and friends can possibly give to her.

She has fought hard and has been graceful throughout.

This is a woman who ran marathons to raise money for people in need... she has continued to work to help others in need by raising money for breast cancer research.... while in bed, dealing with the effects of extensive chemo...

PLEASE help me by encouraging the women that you love to get mammagrams and GIVE WHATEVER YOU CAN (TIME OR MONEY) TO THE CAUSES THAT YOU CARE ABOUT...

I'll get off my soapbox now... Just my way of coming to terms with this latest news...

Namaste, Andrea

DivaM said...

I am so glad that this community exsits. I probably would have bagged the whole thing long ago but I found some real friends here. I love that I can be here for them just as they are here for me.

Your involvement and availability show that you care a great deal! Thanks for all you do Mr. Horton!

We need you too :-)

Blessings, Diva

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing about Ronne! I appreciated your heart in every word!

As for you, Mr. H., Ecclesiastes says it best,

"Two are better than one." It goes on to say that if one falls down, his friend is there to help him up. If he's alone, who can help him?

This goes for so many aspects of life. Parenthood, marriage, friendship....even strangers on a fitness company's message boards!! There is truth to the statement "there is strength in numbers."

So, thanks for encouraging us which encourage you to encourage us which encourages you which...okay you get it!


Phyllis said...

Hi my friend Tony,
Everyone needs someone...I know for sure that I would not be where I am today without you and the many friends I have made through BeachBody. I get my strength and motivation through you guys! I in turn hope that I help others... pay it forward!
I would like to share with others what a very good friend of mine wrote to me...
"If we have each other we'll learn to explore and live the life we're meant to have. Keep exploring and living!" quote from Tony Horton to me in Hawaii.
I love you my friend! I am always here for you, as you are for me!

HannahRNSWAMIMOMMY said...

I find I get my greatest motivation from my friends here at beachbody. When feeling sluggish or down and wandering do I feel up to that workout... I just log in I know they all hold me accountable!
It is also a rewarding feeling to get all of those flattering compliments when you meet a milestone.

So here is your help Tony:

Conquer and defeat those workouts! And remember workouts just don't consist behind the play button, or in the gym... they can be anywhere at anytime... you just have to go with it!

DEEDEE said...

i so agree with this tony....and i had a big 'down' time this week and i reached out to my buddies in chat and while feeling the lowest i was told from the one in chat at the time to quit complaining, waa waa waa....and well, it took me further down! Blowing me off and the problem im having off is NOT the solution.its just sinks one lower. helping involves listening and responding....not telling someone to get over it.

It is very important that we be able to reach out to ppl here in our bb family....i just hope that they don't turn into our family at home that isnt' willin to talk and find the solution to the problem. I wouldnt' be reachin and askin for help if i didn't need it.

Fortunately there is you and your words help. and there are others who do help too...... And i thank God for those ppl!

With the aid of others i can pull myself outta this slump.. it's a mental slump tho. Not once have i lessened my workouts or my intensities or deviated from my diet, that part is going good still......i just had a 'down' moments and was lookin for advise or help or something....

I really miss you tony and my sa family! :)

Capski said...

Hi Tony - I have been going through such a mega down time -- and just plain old stress the last couple weeks. My parents are not in good shape medically, and my dad ended up in the ER twice this week because of CHF and other medical problems. I live with them and help care for them so the stress is there 24/7. Along with bouncing ideas and venting with my sisters, I always end up here on the boards. I've gotten some great advice, not only how to deal with the stress and lack of sleep, but just the kind, supportive words have been awesome. I do have to say if it wasn't for the programs thru BB, and especially your Ho'Ala ke Kino DVD -- I'd be going bonkers!! The Yoga just helps me relax and get my mind to a calm place, so I can take a break from it all for a while. I've also taken up meditation and really have gotten in touch with my spiritual side. So I really want to say thank you! I know I will have to say good bye to my parents sometime soon, but you, BB and other members here have made it a bit easier to deal with, by helping to keep me healthy and better able to deal with everything.

Anonymous said...

Funny that everyone is commenting on the "encouragment" of one another.

When I read this, I was focusing on the experience part of having others in my life!! ** HE HE** Well, I do beat to a different drum I guess :) **

Relying on my own little pea-brain to get me out of my problems has gotten me no where. I am very thankful that God brought me to a community where I can ask dorky questions AND somebody will know the answer !! :)

Not to deflect from the love, support and comradarie (see, need someone to check my spelling LOL!) - of Beach Body. That's HUGE too. It's just today, I thought of the educational aspect. hmmmmmm

Sarah / SIS

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