Sunday, September 11, 2005

San Antonio Campers

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AlfaSunshine said...

Wow!! Glad I checked in. Awesome guys!! I agree with Mark: God Bless Tony Horton!!

mermandrea said...

Tony.... dude, take a looooong rest!!! You deserve (and need) it.

Good to hear your voices TJ and LeeAnn!

Maybe we'll have to think about a Santa Monica reunion!!!! Don't know if I can wait a whole year!!!

Listening to campers really made me miss camp... and it's only been a month.

Smiles... Andrea

Dusk said...

I see Leann has gotten her revenge for not having a voice in Santa Monica! It was good to hear some of my fellow Santa Monica campers!

I love that part.... hehehe.
Dawn aka Dusk

Mary Cecy said...

Well I love you too Tony. Thanks for letting me hear the voices of my friends. I miss them tons!!

I am so glad you all had fun and take care of your voice. We need to chat tonite, if it does not get postponed!! See you in chat.

Mary Cecy

Dana said...

Tony... you are so generous & kind.. and nutty (God love you).

I just wanted to thank-you for giving so much of yourself to us this weekend; it was amazing spending time w/ you and my new friends & family. It was such an honor for you to include us in your blog- voice or no voice- sorry I punked out on you though.

I'm still working on my "Faith over Fear" issues I guess. smile.
Next Time...

Love you (((FREAK))), Dana "DEW"

pbrenneraz said...

Tony - Thanks for an awesome weekend in San Antonio ... I can't wait 'til I can make another camp. I feel the kick in the pants in the best way, haha ... no more excuses! Hope you're feeling better ...

Patty - aka, Tony's typist 8-)

DEEDEE said...

OMG, as a newbie and first time camper i must say that i have been totally motivated and rejuvinated and inspirated, and maticulated and was anticipated, and elated and any other kind of 'ated' that there is!

Tony is such a wonderful person ( i know you like that part) and i have to admit that he is a real person like you and i and therefore there is no reason that we cannot strive to be more like him.

Everyone at camp was totally awesome! i was scared to death to go, although excited at the same time, and i must admit that i felt the warmth of the 'cult' immediately after arriving!

tony, hoped my throat drops helped you! i was honored to have met you and enjoyed dancing and sweating with you.

i'm moved more than you all know!

Beachbody ppl are the best!


DEEDEE said...

OH YEA, one more thing.

i'm vowing to wear my 'faith over fear' band til i make my first goal. then i'll set another goal. and another. So, there should be no reason for this thing to ever come off! :)


Phyllis said...

Thank you Tony, you are awesome!
Thanks for letting us share in your blog.
Hey did I mention that you were awesome? :-)
If you have never met Tony then you have to go to one of his camps. This man is awesome, there's that word again! See for yourself!!!
Love you,


Help4101 Tina said...

Tony and SA Campers!

Thank you for EVERYTHING. At camp, I learned I really do like myself, I also learned to quit comparing myself to everyone else. The bond that campers (and TH) obtain in such a short period of time is unreal. As most of you know, I cried and CRIED when I left. Although they were sad tears of leaving the weekend, the were also tears of happiness knowing I can BRING IT more than I ever thought possible. Tony, thanks for keeping it real. You made me feel like I could do anything, and you listened when I got mushy at the Thanks TH!