Sunday, July 10, 2005

New York Fitness Camp

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Mary Cecy said...

Hi Tony!
I am so glad you had tons of fun and I know the next 3 are going to be a blast. Wished I had been there but I was in spirit. I found my stuff from last Year, Santa Monica and Vermont and it was like I had been there yesterday. Tons of fun and learning. Now rest and bring it again!!! Hopefully I will see you again next year at another camp. I am having major withdrawals BTW. :) XO

absmom said...

Tony- you must get sick of hearing it but your kindness, graciousness and willingness to share is a joy to behold.
It was a trip spending the past 5 days with you...Diana was completely enamored with you by Monday morning and was so sore she didn't get in a picture with you before you left.
Thank you for facing the extended trip and sticking it out with us, and thanks for making our investment pay off- TonyB and I learned a lot about many things this weekend, about other people, YOU and ourselves.

I'm thinking we CAN DO THIS.

I appreciate you being available all weekend for everyone, I think it's suprememly important that people stick together- kindness and understanding to others is one of the finest qualities I can think of. You are the toppermost.

with love.

Tony B said...

Hey Little Bro,
So glad you had a safe trip home. I sensed you were a little home sick. That's ok after 2 weeks on the road.. Thanks for hangin with us. You have proven to me once again to be a truely fine person. We learned a lot this weekend mostly that no matter what the weather or other conditions this group had a blast. We all came away with renewed purpose and energy. We are also suffering from post camp blues. We Heart U TH

Takin' Off said...

Hey Tony,

Great post. Even two weeks later it's hard for me to sum up what the NY camp meant to me. The feelings I have when I think about how this camp motivated, inspired and supported me are a result of the participation of every person who organized the event and attended. But your openness, unconditional support, and amazing energy and spirit are what captivated me, encouraged me and verified that taking a chance on camp and driving down from Canada was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm pumped to succeed, I've got a better plan in place than ever, and, thanks to continued support from the other campers, I have everything in place to succeed in making incredible permanent changes to my life. Thanks so much for showing us the way!

Love and hugs,

Cindy ("The summer of...")

PS - Since "Tony and the Kids" arrived, my girls have become the biggest Tony fans around. No way will I be able to attend camp next year without them. So you'll have to consider adding a "Tony and the Kids" workout to the schedule. Without the animation. Just your own zany humour (which my kids love, and constantly imitate).