Thursday, July 28, 2005

Food Fight

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, I just got onto this whole blog thing and I love your audio posts! Thanks for the message of yesterday! You made me laugh out loud at my computer with the whole gas and broccoli thing! Makes me think that I am talking to my brother! I have been doing P90 and kicked out Day 50 today! I am still on Sweat 1/2, but have moved up to Sculpt 3/4, where those Lunge/Squat 5's kick me hard! I am up to 33 squats with you at the end, though, so I am loving it!

I am close to a 90/10 girl, having learned through my husband's diagnosis of high cholesterol what a healthy diet consists of. I watched him get in shape, losing 45 pounds and several inches. He has been an inspiration to me! We eat fairly healthy, though I have given in to pizza, fried stuff, etc. I have finally learned that after I do, I feel terrible and my body rebels! Living life within 2 feet of a toilet isn't a fun place to be, my friend! I have cut it all out, except for pizzas I make myself using a large ww pita for the base. Yummy yummy and no trips to the john! :)

A question for you, though: I have a sensitivity to caffeine, in all its forms, even chocolate, and have not found a supplement that doesn't have some type of caffeine in it, including green tea. I drink decaf green tea every day, as well as taking a women's multivitamin, but is there any other kind of weight loss supplement that's on the market that would work for me (or one that BB sells?). I admit, once I switched to level 3/4 for Sculpt, I was shaky afterwards and have started cooling down more and stretching more than what is on the DVD. After doing all those squats, my heart is pounding, my quads are tight (in a good way), and I need more time to cool down. I have also been drinking a protein shake right after to help deal with shakiness and recovery time.

Sorry this is so long, but I know what you said about the supplements being so imporotant and would love some advice. On another note, I appreciate what you do and that you are REAL when you do it. Thanks for using your gift that God gave you for the betterment of people like me. Read my My BB profile for more of my BB experience so far.

Thanks again and Cheers,

Mary Cecy said...

AMEN, my friend. Options are good!! I am using them. Not sure I want to write down all the info, but will again for PHH. Whole Grains, Fruits, Veggies, Lean Proteins and omega 3's are really good. 90/10 work and 15/21 well what can I say, it works also. I have made huge changes in my eating and it is showing. I love how you put it, and I miss ya! Ok, back to my healthy eating. I am HUNGRY!!

XO See you around, Peace!

Tony B said...

I bow to you my friend .. without you and Beachbody there would have been no renaissance....
I am healthier and more fit than I have ever been in my life..

My rebirth now focuses on helping others attain thier own goals. After 26 years in the healthcare field I finally feel that can impact peoples lives for the better. It's a great feeling watching someone change in front of your eyes and knowing you had a lot to do with that change..

Thanks again for your support and for supplying me with the tools to save my own life and hopefully change so many more..

Peace -Power and Health to you My Brother..
Tony Barca

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