Saturday, July 02, 2005

Birthday Run

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Mary Cecy said...

Well Felicidades!! Miss you tons already. Say hi to the fam & best wishes and may all your wishes come true. Wishing you continued health and an awesome time with your new shoes and LIFE and Nature!! Take care and ttyl.

XOXOXOXOXO 47 yrs young. Bless you and your family. You all are awesome! ;)

tina1228 said...

Happy birthday Tony! Enjoy your new shoes.
Thanks for everything, and thank you Mom for us.

Mark Briggs said...


Happy Birthday my friend! Like a fine wine, you just get better with time!! :D Enjoy the day my friend!


Joe said...

Happy Belated Tony,

My wife and I are enjoying P90. My 40th is in a few weeks and I can only hope to look half as good as you in another 7 yrs! Hope your B-Day was special.

Joe (and Suzanne)

STX Jill said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you Tony. Now you're as old as me, but not for long ... 48 is right around the corner for me and my plan is to be fit by 48. You're a great inspiration and I thank you.

I hope your birthday was the best ever, with many, many more happy and healthy birthdays to follow.


Todd H. said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Tony! Sorry I didn't hear this until today after your birthday. I realize you don't know me, but I assure you that everyday you are making an enormous difference in mine and my wife's lives! So please accept my sincere thanks and give a shout out to your mom and dad for me too, since obviously without them we wouldn't have you to keep us pushing play rather than vegging on the couch! Happy Birthday man and thank you!

Anne Dudte said...

hey RI Birthday Boy

Good to hear you're taking care of yourself on one of the best days of the year (your birthday) with your family.

I'm still here in Africa crushing the X, mixing it up with SS, PHH and tennis that I've recently decided to learn. I've even just convinced my husband to start P90, plus my girlfriend the capitol is a fitness instructor at one of the biggest gyms teaching fitness classes to all us working-abroad expatriates from France, Lebanon, US, Britain, etc. She has decided to host a BB-inspired week of workouts based on my extensive BB collection. How about that for passing the love around?! Take care and catch you later, Anne

Shabby Girl said...

So glad we got to spend some Birthday time with you Tony!

I forgot to tell you; you and my sister share the same Birthday! :)

I had such an INSPIRING weekend at the NY Camp and I came away with ALOT more knowledge and a BUNCH of new friends!

Thank you for all that you do to help people better themselves!

~Xena the machine-a~ ;) said...

Tony, I'm two weeks older than you, and you're quite the inspiration to me. Thanks for the reminder about mixing things up... I've stuck exclusively to running for way too long, and it alone just wasn't keeping me fully fit - although it sure is a glorious feeling, isn't it?

You don't have to do all these extra things, but we really appreciate it!

With your help, this flabby middle-aged guy will eventually be able to do runs without having to wear band-aids on my chest! Thanks, sir! Have a great Year 47!