Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ned Farr Superstar

Well, another P90X infomercial is up and running strong, right out of the box... again. Since the start of 2010 more and more people have been coming up to say, "thank you for this amazing program called P90X." I tell them I'm just the fitness clown on the tube. It's you following the program, making the plan, eating right and pushing play.

The numbers keep growing and thousands of people each week jump on the bandwagon. I was in Lincoln Nebraska at a team BeachBody event this past weekend, organized by Doug and Tammie Fitzgerald and it was astonishing how many people I met who've made dramatic change in their lives. Dozens of regular folks in Huskers territory (and ten other states) who lost weight, got healthy, strong, lean and ripped in the process.

These good people kept thanking me and my answer was the same. It's you doing the work and it's also the man who took your stories and produced the most amazing informercial in Direct Response TV history. So good in fact that he won a 2009 Telly Award for "Creative Excellence".

Ned Farr is a humble guy who would tell you that it was team of people who made these infomercials so successful. The truth is, he chooses the graphics, writes and plays the music, does the editing himself, the voiceovers and scourers over hundreds of submissions to find just the right 5 or 6 that make the show authentic and compelling.

I might be the guy demonstrating Jump Knee Tucks and Corn Cob Pull-ups, but it's Ned Farr who gets you to take the first step. He's the guy who explains Muscle Confusion so it makes sense and he's also THE MAN that creates an infomercial so inspiring that millions of people have picked up the phone to start an incredible life long journey.

Thank You Ned Farr Superstar!


Anonymous said...

I just started my 2nd week.The first week was more or less a "get to know the routine week" I did all the workouts, but to my ability. Today I did the chest one. I used a chair with the bar instead of bands and for the first time EVER I used the bars for pushups. ( I still did them on my knees). I can do push ups pretty good w/o the bars, but I really want to challenge myself. I can do 15 w/o today I did 4 (regular) with. I couldn't believe I got back up at all. The pull ups with the bar will come, I know, but I want to do ONE without the chair so bad! Maybe next week! I will say, though, that last week I used 5lb. weights as a crutch, today I only used 8 and 10 and I made sure that I only used 10 on the second round.
As far as my weight, I did not lose any this past fact I gained a lb. I cut out 99% of the junk, I even refused Ice cream for dessert the other night. I'm going to start keeping a diary of my intake so I can see where I am going wrong. Could it be all the extra protein I'm taking in now?

I'll take a "fitness clown" over boring any day!

Kari said...

Peg, don't focus on the loss of weight right now because that's a confusing topic. It sounds like you're doing the Classic program versus Lean or Doubles. That's great! You're building muscle though. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you can maintain or gain 'weight' right now even though you're losing inches of fat. Don't let the number on the scale mess with your success.

You're on week two, right? Write down your weight and take measurements of your body tonight. Put that piece of paper with the measuring tape and scale away until the end of your 90 days. It's gonna be tough, but I can promise you that as you're completely changing your body composition you DO NOT want to focus on the numbers on the scale. I've seen too many people on programs like P90X quit because they maintained or gained weight even though they were only a few weeks into the program, and some gave up halfway through. The numbers you want to focus on are how many days you're pushing play, your reps and what weight you're lifting. Track those daily because you'll be amazed at your progress. Here is exactly what you should do....

1)Push Play Every Day, unless you develop an injury (consult your doctor if you do). To many people push way too hard and hurt themselves only to end up depressed and further behind. Again, some give up completely. As Tony says, "Do your best and forget the rest". That means some days you'll hammer out 15 regular pushups with no problem and some days you'll barely make it to 13. Write it down. Accept it because that was your best for today.

2) DO keep a food diary, and be completely honest. I'm speaking from personal experience here. My first 'round' of P90X I made it halfway through before I quit (because of the scale). I wasn't being good with my diet. I figured I was working hard, so I could cheat every now and then. What you don't realize is how OFTEN you'll cheat. A handful of chips here. A couple 'fun-size' candy bars there. It's not that you can't have any 'treat' ever again, but they must remain treats and not a constant. I found success by keeping a food journal and setting aside one 'snack/meal' a week where I could splurge a little. I didn't go hog-wild, but I would plan it into my week. It made it easy to refuse really tempting stuff on the other days because I knew I was going to have 1 serving of my fav ice cream on Sunday. Again, it's a treat, but if you splurge on your treat it's only harder to get back on track. If you fall off the wagon at one meal, don't wait until the next day to 'start over'. Start over at your next meal that same day. If you don't need to schedule in a splurge you don't have to. It's just an option a lot of people like because it's hard to make drastic changes. Once you see how good you feel eating healthy compared to when you have your treat, you won't want the treats anymore anyway.

3)If you're not already a part of the Beachbody community, sign-up. You can get a free account. There are message boards and tons of people who want to help you.

4)Remember you are worth it. You are good enough. You deserve the body you want, and you can make it happen.

I'm a coach for Beachbody, and I'm a coach because I love talking to people, answering questions, and getting them inspired to start, continue, or try again. If you'd like to contact me, my email is, if not, keep on truckin'. I'd love to help however I can. You're doing something amazing!!! Keep on bringin' it!

Andrew S said...

I am about one week into my third cycle of the X. At 6'8" and 46 y.o., I'm not the prototypical P90x user. First cycle I lost 25 pounds (230-205) even though that wasn't the objective. I just wanted to get fit. I saw the weight loss after the first month. The biggest problem is finding a place to do pull ups. I use one of those door frame bars but I have tuck my legs up so they don't hit the floor. Modify Modify. Anyway, I take maybe 3-4 weeks off between cycles and resume when I feel myself turning into goo. Anybody minimally fit enough to start, who keeps at it and eats reasonably well, you WILL see results. I have never seen results from any other regimen or program. Plyo tonight!

Dee said...

I have done p 90x a number of times and each time its just as challenging as the first!

Steve Edwards said...

Go Ned!

In addition to 90x, Ned makes movies. Check out The Gymnast and A Marine Story, both starring someone you Xers all know, Ned's wife: Dreya Webber.

Matt, TX said...

Started P90X again yesterday. This will be round 2. Thanks for the program...I have a question for those at

What are the chances of P90X being re-released on Blu-ray?

Is there anyone else out there that would buy P90X AGAIN if you could get it in HD? I would...

Kari said...

Lol! You want to see each bead of sweat roll off the 'kids' in yoga, right?

I'm a Beachbody Coach, and Beachbody typically let's us know about product development, changes, etc before the 'public'. I haven't heard a word about putting anything in HD yet, but I also haven't heard it poo-pooed. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to come back and post.

Eric Jensen said...

Ned Farr's work on P90X really makes a difference to the program. From the set to the "cast" to location to lighting to use of multiple cameras to music choice to the final editing - Ned did a phenomenal job. I watched some of the "making of P90X" on YouTube and the way he captured Tony with the high contrast black and whites is just perfect for the program. Even after watching the DVDs multiple times, I never get tired of watching them. He really has a talent and just knows what works and is able to make it all come together. Two thumbs up to Ned Farr!

Anonymous said...

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Rock_N_Roll_Patriot said...

Tony, P90X has literally saved my life. When I was 17 years old I weighed 250 lbs and hated myself. I lost 75 lbs over the next year and was diagnosed with anorexia. I completely starved myself and deprived myself of all the nutrients my body needed to be healthy. I looked gaunt and very unhealthy. Needless to say, as it happens to most, I gained a lot of the weight back over the next few years.

I began attending a gym on my spare time and became friends with one of the personal trainers. I told him my story and how I have never really been the one to hit the gym everyday. He told me about your program and I bought it the next day.

I have been in the P90X program for about 2 weeks now, and I am amazed at my results thus far. Even though it is a very difficult program, the fruit that I am reaping now is worth the painful sowing. I get mixed feelings whenever I see you now because "I love you, but I hate you" much like you have said on the DVD's.

I am now down to a healthy 205 lbs, and plan on completing the program. Thanks again Tony.

Joshua Bailey

The New Deal said...

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beachmom15 said...

I just saw the new infomercial and I think its wonderful. I just started your P90, hoping to one day do P90X. That's how I found you, was with the original P90X infomercial. That was so inspiring to me. I didn't like the 2nd infomercial.. love the new one though. It inspired me again to start up.
Lisa (lisita15)

hungheykwun said...

hi tony

do you ship yr dvds to malaysia?

Anonymous said...

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Samantha said...

I saw just today that Pink has stated that she uses P90X and it's in US Magazine.

Currently I have completed my second round and am mixing it up with my other workouts. I think that it's very versatile and I've hooked a lot of my friends on it.

Wes said...

It amuses me that I have an HTPC/DVR that auto-records my TV shows and auto-cuts out the commercials, but now, upon reading there's a new P90x infomercial, I am going to actively seek it out to watch. hahaha.

Oh yeah, and Tony's the man, and yoga rules.

mandingo said...

"Is there anyone else out there that would buy P90X AGAIN if you could get it in HD? I would..."

Count me in! Maybe even ship the disks with iPod/iPhone copies included. I'd like something portable to take on the road to follow along with.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

Kari said...

If you guys like P90X and are looking for variety, Tony also has P90X+ out and One on One. P90X+ is 7 new routines, I believe, and One on One is a new DVD every month where it's just Tony in his home workout room and one camera guy. I have his Fountain of Youth Yoga DVD. It's excellent.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks Tony, I have a love/hate thing with you...GREAT job to you on the delivery and Ned on the rest.

Im a P90X grad and on my second round. First time I did Lean, and lost about 7lbs and this time I am doing classic and on day 58.

The varity is great, and the whole thing is well put together. I have never seen any of the commercials though, I guess they are on Youtube too?

Keep on P90Xrs and Bring it!

Dan Sims said...

I would like to thank everyone behind P90X. I have lost over 60 lbs and have never felt better. I am writing my experiences for 2010 each and everyday. Tony your name is often writing within my pages because not only do I just do the workout, but if I start to feel like, nah maybe I should skip I hear your voice say, "just push play, do your best and forget the rest". You are like a personal couch with me 24/7 and that is just what I needed. Outstanding job getting my fat ass off the couch. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

Good on ya Tony for giving credit where credit is due, but if it weren't for you and your motivation I wouldn't be able to do a single pull up today, let alone Corn Cob pull ups! Congratulations on the success that you so richly deserve!

Kevin said...

I just finished my first 90 days. I am excited about the changes to my body and mind. I'm surely driving my family nuts with renewed enthusiasm. At 46, I never thought about building muscle, becoming moe flexible, and feeling so much younger. The program has helped me change my lifestyle and I am eternally grateful. One week off and back to it again...

Anonymous said...

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T1me L0rd XIII said...

Hey Tony!

I introduced my TKD teacher to P90X he's about a week in and loving it.

I'm gonna be starting it again, along with my Mom. Can't wait to see how that goes.

You totally rock Tony!!!

x Nicole

Anonymous said...

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Greg said...

I just started the P90X system yesterday. I just finished Plyometics. OMG, what a workout! Not only am I completely exhausted, but I really wanted to rush to the store and get the P90X drink to rejuvenate my body.

I coached football for quite some time, and I thought that we put them through some badass workouts! Not anymore. As an athlete, even though I am about five years removed from playing ball myself, I can honestly say I've never been through more difficult workouts than Day 1 and Day 2 so far. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me.

By the way, just after the first day of doing Chest and Back, my triceps, chest, back, shoulders, quads and glutes are SO SORE!!! I LOVE IT!!!

P 90 X

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have found out you were in Lincoln!

Tony, I'm still on the P90 and plan to finish it. I have tried the X, like it, but want to do it right.

I know a lot of people here in Huskerland that use your program. Not a lot of beaches around here, but a great option when you are snowed in and do not have a lot of training opportunities.

You may be the clown in the tube, but the program is a solid design. Wishing you lots of success this year!

Anonymous said...

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Eric Jensen said...

I think Ned Farr's work is fantastic. I don't think P90X would be as immensely popular if it wasn't for his work on the program. Obviously, it couldn't have been done without Tony, but his work on the program definitely shows. I just started using P90X+ and if I had to guess, I'd say Ned was not involved in that production like he was on P90X. Is that true? Everything from the lighting, the set, the camera angles, the edits - not nearly as good or professional or "cool" as in P90X. Might just be my opinion, but I think the Plus program would have really benefited from Ned's direction. He does great work and I hope he teams up with Tony (and other Beachbody programs) more in the future.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic! Tony, you really need to bring out a dedicated Yoga DVD that combines your experience of yoga with a variety of sequences.

Despite the seemingly thousands of yoga DVDs out there, the overall quality is low. So many teachers seem too concerned with selling their own 'brand' of yoga.

Yoga X and the One-on-One series are completely different - absolutely no BS, just solid teaching of the moves.

Yoga needs a guy like you to bring it to people who would never normally consider doing it. Thanks for your inspirational teaching.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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John said...

Just want to say I started P90X and love it so far. I'm 9 days into it and can't wait to keep going! My girlfriend and I started a blog about are adventure over at

Hattori said...

I'm in my P90X Lean Week 1. Hopefully I can keep myself motivated.
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paul said...


I Would like thank you and the creators of the P90X. I am a mother of five who started the P90 in August. I was 100 pounds overweight and very depressed. Since August I have lost the 100 pounds. My depression is gone and I feel like a whole new person. The P90X saved my life.

Erin Coffey

Rahul Patwari said...

I second the yoga disk comment. I would love to see more Tony Yoga. The other ones out there are too... new age.

Great job Ned! Your commercials have inspired so many to improve their lives. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Love. It.
the first week I could barely move form all the good pain. The legs routine im still sore for 4 days.
Completed the first round of classics and going for the doubles. Waiting for the P90X+ in a few days. Love the kenpo and I want more.
As a paramedic, this has been exellant for lifting patients. Not to mention the fact that I can't help myself from looking at it the mirror at my shoulders, chest,back and legs. still having trouble with the abbs not showing the muscle yet as I was hoping for, even though i have lost 2 inches off the abbs. Weight is maintained and in fact gained 2 pounds. All muscle in exchange. People get bear hugs from me now, have to be careful not to crush them with my girly ( yes I am a woman and a paramedic) muscles.
My modivation is not just for my work so that I can lift people, but if you tell me that I can't do something, I will prove you wrong and show that yes I can. So there.
I had heard other people had tryed P90X and quit 3 to 4 weeks in. Knew it was going to be hard but worth it if you could stick to it. I knew from the very first workout that this is the workout program i was looking for and that unlike other people I knew, i was going to stick to it. So... now it is one round done and I crave more. So there. next round please and thank-you.

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Ron Smith said...

So I did/do P90X and I love it. Dropped 30 pounds and I haven't gotten near to eating healthy yet. I plan to do P90X again soon
however eating properly this time and forever (hopeful).

Anyway, the reason for me writing this.
I used to play hoops hard when I was in high school and now am back coaching the team I once played for.
This season was hard. Kids who want to play well aren't and I KNOW it has to do with their life style (earing junk and not always exercising). We should/could have won cities however we settled for 3rd.
We are in the off season now and I apologize for burning P90X up front however my entire team is now doing the workout and experiencing CRAZY results.

I have been speaking with the school about getting it in the gym and having other teams for the entire school do it.

I am thinking of running a "P90X call out" for the entire athletic school program!!!

The athlete of the year for grade 9 joked that you cant get "huge" doing P90X. I challenged him and said "do chest and back" and only do what the girl does (the Germain potato soup girl).

Obviously he failed. She is X-treme after all. The student said "I have never worked so hard in my life."

Thanks for bringing forth this amazing program!!!

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Kody said...

Thank You Ned Farr!

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Despite the seemingly thousands of yoga DVDs out there, the overall quality is low. So many teachers seem too concerned with selling their own 'brand' of yoga.

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