Monday, August 31, 2009

Thanks Ryan

While I was away last week I received a letter and check in the mail from a Mr. Ryan Windeler from Ontario Canada. Ryan wrote about how excited he is that P90X got him in the best shape of his life at the age 37. He also wrote that P90X is becoming as popular as hockey up in Canada.

The second half of the letter was an apology for pirating his copy of P90X off the Internet. He writes, "I can't in good conscience continue to push play knowing that I didn't come by my P90X discs honestly. Honor is a man's gift to himself and today I hope to restore a little of mine by enclosing a money order to you in the amount of USD $120.00." He concludes by saying, "I wanted you to know that P90X has the power to transform more than just a person's body."

I was floored by this letter and check. I know sometimes we might buy movies or workout DVDs that aren't originals (manufactured by the companies that worked hard to create, market and distribute them) and think, "What's the big deal?" The "big deal" is that purchasing these products can and have ruined the legitimate companies that make them. When you buy counterfeit and/or pirated copies of anything you're doing much more than chipping away at a company's profit margin.

First of all you're stealing. You're also hurting a company's ability to develop new products, spend money on media to advertise, preventing companies from hiring new people, and forcing companies to cut corners (that hurts you) to make up for the loses.

Ryan Windeler is a hero because he admitted doing wrong and apologized for it. Sending the check was just a bonus.

Thank You Ryan


Anonymous said...

It's fun to see the results of how they look on the outside. However we rarely get to see what Tony does on the inside. Reading this let us see someone develop spiritual strength, its intresting to see everyone must pass all kinds of tests. Tony has changed me life as well. I am glad you posted this to show that your work outs challange mind body and soul. Thanks Tony!

Working out with you everyday!

Ben Sutherland said...

Holy Crap, nice to know there are other decent people out there.

I inadvertently bought a copy through an online retailer and then realised it's likely bogus. My "Official & legitimate" version should be delivered tomorrow!

Cannot stand the thought that the guy I just followed to the best shape in the last 20 years of my life didn't get the royalties.

Cannot wait to do the bonus 5 DVDs!

Great job all


sam_i_am said...

I hope Beachbody takes Costco to the cleaners for continuing to sell pirated copies of P90X. Anyone who uses pirated copies is just cheating themselves of a really great program. Good to know that for Ryan it wasn't about the money. It was about restoring his good conscience, honor and honesty.

On different topic, for anyone who thinks that resistance bands are for wimps, check out this video of Terrell Owens describing his workouts using resistance bands:

nick from ny said...

Tony, this is definitely not a new phenomenon. I can remember back in 1999-2000 when Power 90 and Great Body Guaranteed came out, my first introduction to these programs and to you was through pirated copies. Some guy in an office where my brother was freelancing at was distributing free copies of these "crazy new workouts" to everybody. I tried it and enjoyed it so much that I had to buy the "true" unpirated version from BB. And yes, it was the right thing to do, in all aspects of the word.

Although my first experience with Beachbody was through an illegal copy, I was able to later break the vicious circle of piracy by realizing that companies and people should be rightfully rewarded for their hard-earned efforts.



Christie said...

Hi Tony, I just bought your 10 Minutes workout DVDs program and wondering if it safe to use as my Post-natal Exercise. I'm a new mom to my 15 months old son. I breastfed him until he turned 1 years old and I didn't hardly do any exercises which might reduce the milk. I still have this soft stomach due from pregnant's stretched and need to strengthen that. I already had the ok from my OB/GYN Doctor from the six months check-up after gave birth.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thank you Tony for posting this, and I agree this program does transform you mentally as well.

Im a P90X grad with a love/hate relationship with a GOOD way of course.

John Paul Zahody said...

Well, Tony, after a few years of fence-sitting, you and P90X finally got me--at the tender age of 64. I'm on Day 3 today, aching all over my upper body--and very happy about it!

I decided to document the experience "next door" to you here at

So thank you for all the inspiration, and for staying on television long enough for me to jump in. Though I have to say, you're tougher than any PT instructor I ever had as a Marine.

But, as I heard someone say very recently, "I hate it! But I love it!"


Glynis said...

Thanks for posting this - it helps restore my faith in people. It seems every time I turn around I'm hearing people complaining, people cheating, lying, behaving badly. It is *inspiring* to be reminded that there are HONEST people - and that people do have the ability to realize when they are doing wrong and be transformed inwardly, as well as outwardly.

Debra-Dawn said...

We are a buddhist family of 6. We take pride in living the good life. a moral life... and we do not burn movies or music.

My kid's friends come over and try and brag that they burn movies all the time. I, with much compassion, explain that someone didn't get paid because of what they did...

We learn what we live, but someone somewhere needs to break the cycle...


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, there is NOTHING that spreads the good word faster than pirating.

How many bands/pullup bars/supplements/etc. have been sold because someone got a copy of p90x from somewhere? You can't do p90x without some sort of resistance. You can't do properly without extra nutrition, etc.

How to you think Microsoft became so dominant? They turned a blind eye to the massive pirating of windows. They did this in order to establish a base. A foundation of users who were locked in to windows, and forever would be.

p90x, like windows, is the foundation. The real money is made in the accessories, as their price markup is usually massive.

Pirating is free advertising, and any company worth it's salt will factor that in to the marketing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say it Tony, but I was like Ryan and pirated the series. After 1 month of doing the program, I bought p90x and power 90. Now, I'm in phase 2 of p90x and am in the best shape of my life. The best purchase I have made for myself in a long time by far.

I have since deleted all of the pirated music, software, and movies off my computer and am buying real copies. For so long, I tried to justify it to myself, but now I'm turning over a new leaf.

Thank you Tony for your amazing programs!

jjcrews01 said...

I believe with a product like this, if you don't pay for it, it's just going to sit on your coffee table as a coaster for your cold drinks because it was free. But, if you paid top dollar for it, you better push play and get your moneys worth.

Anonymous said...

Dear guy who deleted all his music, etc because he felt bad about pirating.

If you really want to 'give back' to the artist. Buy their shirts/posters/merch/etc and go to the live shows.

That money goes directly to the artist. They make virtually NOTHING of the sale of their music. This is the reality. Your guilt is misplaced, and is putting money into the wrong pockets.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar experience, but with a different conclusion. I am currently on week 4 of the p90x program. I have fully paid my $150.91 for my legal copy of the p90x video series and I think it's worth every penny.

Originally, I was on the fence when I was watching those infomercials - I obtained an illegal download copy with the intention of evaluating it and if I didn't like it I would delete it. That worked - I am now a proud p90x customer!

I think it might make sense for Beachbody to provide the videos in an on-demand fashion (with DRM software to prevent people from using it past, say 30 or 60 days) as a trial and if they like it they can just click on order and get the videos and go. You can even force them to register before they start their trial so that you can have sales people ask if they are ready to buy.

I think what tends to happen is people think that the infomercial is bogus and they don't even try it - or worse people think, "all I have to do is make 3 payments of $39.99 and I will look like Tony." The reality is there are no shortcuts, it's just hard work. The videos are an excellent mechanism to show that hard work.

And in this day and age of instant content, I think it's silly to have to wait 2 weeks (in some cases) to even get started.

Just a thought…

jsk said...

That is a great idea!

leannwoo said...

I own nearly all the BB workouts and have bought all but one from BB. The one I didn't buy I bought from an Ebay...I've often wondered if it was a pirated copy.

I don't know what possesed me to purchase the copy from E-bay, maybe it was to try it out and see if I like it. All I can say is I feel strange using it because I don't know where it came from.

I end up sticking with my P90, P90X, SI6, One on One, Turbo Jam and PHH because I know where they came from.

James P. Manganiello said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James P. Manganiello said...


I think it's admirable that Ryan Windeler sent you the money order. What would have been better is ALSO bought P90X.

Unfortunately not everyone thinks this way.
A few weeks ago, I was at my bank here in NJ. I briefly talked about P90X. The manager behind the counter said that he's also using it and got great results. I asked when did you buy it, and he said "Buy? I'm not paying for that! No, I downloaded it off the internet - and burned a copy for a friend." He ADMITTED that he downloaded it - AND HE WORKS IN A BANK!?!?!!

Ryan did the right thing, and I respect that.
I refuse to visit this banking branch because of this guy. I will not do business with that branch.


Jorge said...

First of all, excuse my poor English.

It is easy to say that it is wrong to use copy ... but how can we get to P90X from outside US and Canada ?

I really want to buy it, but impossible to have it shipped in Belgium. This program deserves to be known in Europe ... but now we can only get copies :(

Please let me know when I can get DVD's and accessories here in Europe, and I'll buy it right away ... but now I must keep going with poor copies :(

I cannot get DVDs and accessories ... and I cannot get the coach program because I would promote it in french, and no belgian and french people could buy it, so I wouldn't earn any dollar. Please do something to fix that, it is a whole new market for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Tony reads these comments after his blogs :(

Michael Brashier said...

Good for him. He did the right thing by paying for it.
Personally I bought mine from Craigslist.

I think you should offer P90X videos as a digital download via iTunes, PS3(playstation network) or via Tivo.

it would save me from having to switch DVD's in and out of the player plus you could not lose revenue on resales (craigslist).
Thx for P90X.

Heather said...

Good for him! Now that's a true Canadian :)

John Mattos said...

It's so great to know there are people with honor out there. Well done Ryan, and thank you Tony (for motivating my daily!)

Anonymous said...

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Martin Johnson said...

Good to see honest people being honest. Great product and workout. Price is nothing compared to your health.

Anonymous said...

Ab ripper X, i hate it, but i love it!

Charlene said...

That's amazing! Someone recently asked me to sell them my own copies of P90 since they couldn't afford it but I ended up just buying him his own copy instead. (Okay mainly because I'm NOT giving mine up but I do also know it's a business!) Karma works as my sister just bought P90X for me!! Whohoo!

Zamiller1110 said...

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing! I'm in week 3 of P90X and have been a Coach for a year now. For the first 2 weeks of the program I was mentally resisting but forcing myself to Push Play everyday. Now I find refuge in my P90X workouts and look forward to them...I wish I had more time in the day to fit in a few more workouts! Thank You Tony!

heyward said...

I did the same thing! A friend downloaded the whole thing for me, but the program was so good, I had to pay up. I gave the pirated DVDs to my redneck cousin, and HE did the same thing: "This is too good...'sides I want the discount on that there pullup bar..."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tony, if you are so concerned about piracy, maybe you and Beach Body should send a cease and desist letter out to Amazon. I received P90X for Christmas, some of the discs skip, and your company won't provide support because the discs were bought off Amazon and not from the offical site.

Anonymous said...

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