Thursday, February 19, 2009

P90X Better Than Steroids? by Steve Edwards

The X is gettin' some serious love lately. My dad calls the other night and says he watching a show in the Giants and two pitchers, Zito and Wilson, are doing 90X. Tony calls me the other day to get my opinion on something because NBC is coming over to film a segment on Wii and wants the X perspective. He calls me again, a couple of days later from a plane on his way to do more X interviews and says, "Dude, you see the Grammys last night?" I hadn't but Cheryl Crow gave us a huge shout out from the red carpet.
Then, yesterday, I get this from Tony:
On WFAN, (biggest sports radio station in NYC) the host was talking this morning about A-Rod and said something to the effect of "his body was never that chiseled, not like he had a P90X body or anything".

This, for those of you not privy to the national news, is a reaction to Alex Rodriguez admitting that he'd been doing steroids. In reality, steroids don't make muscle, they just increase your body's ability to build muscle. But in a world where we see advertisements to "build muscle without steroids" as if the public thinks it's impossible, it's nice to get a little validity for our system. Anyone can have an X body. All it takes is a little structure and a lot of hard work.

Note: Jon Congdon (our President) sent this and I think it's a nice addition:

Everything you see about P90X that might appear to be PR is "organic" -- meaning that we don't pay for PR, and don't hire celebrities or athletes to do it, or talk about it. It's advertised on TV, in magazines sometimes, and more and more on the Internet, but we don't do PR. If Cheryl Crow, or Usher, or an MLB, NHL or NFL athlete buy it, they buy it just like everyone else and either because they saw the infomercial or a friend told them. That's what's so amazing about the P90X phenomenon of late.


Sterling said...

I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Are people finally getting it??

Ali said...

A P90X body...I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

*note to editor* it's Sheryl.....please don't let yourself look this out of touch!

Anonymous said...

Must admit I'm a little upset ... I want P90X to be MY little secret! LOL
Congrats to Tony and everyone at Beach Body ... you guys really do BRING IT and the recognition is well deserved!

Rae said...

'Tis true! P90X is swiftly becoming mainstream, I took pride it in being my secret! Many people I know are "closet" P90X-ers, the conversation goes something like this:
"What do you do to keep yourself in shape?"

"*grumble**look away* informercial *look at shoes* workout at home *shrugs shoulders* DVD's."

"You WHAT?? Use home workout videos on a DVD player?!?!?!?!??!?!No really, c'mon, you can tell me!!!"

"No, really........"


And we go on our merry way. Now it's going all mainstream. *sigh*. Well earned and well deserved, congratulations!

John said...

Also, the same week Ashton Kutcher was asking about P90X on his Twitter feed.

nick C. said...


P90X is the undisputable world champ when it comes to getting results "organically," so to speak. Somebody's got to set the example, and I'm really glad that person is you, dude.

Do you really think an elite athlete like A-Rod really took that crap on his own accord?? Without the big brass knowing anything about it?? Well, if you do, I've got some farmland to sell ya in the South Bronx-;))

WE, as a nation, need to stop looking for the quick lazy fix, whether it be in athletics, academia, everyday life, or whatever.... Satisfaction is usually never immediate and comes only after an honest and well-directed effort. That's how the greatest empires were built, off the sweat of the working person's brow. And when these "former" empires started taking shortcuts is when things started rolling downhill, and fast. Keep it real, folks.

KaZ Akers-Brownlee said...

I am a P90X Grad, soon to be a P90X+ Grad and it has taken my body from good to unbelievable! I get stopped on the street to be asked who my trainer is or if I am a trainer and comments on how muscular I am but also feminine. The drawback is NONE of my jeans fit so I had to buy all new ones. Take it from someone who was a professional water skier, stunt woman, and circus artist. My body is the BEST it has ever been. I am a living example of cleaning living, clean eating and BRINGING IT! Oh did I mention everyone thinks I am in my 30's but I just turned 50! Tony is my inspiration. All I needed to add was the desire and the motivation. If I don't work out I really miss it and my body misses it and my health misses it and my spirit misses it! Thanks Team Beach Body and Thanks Tony!

Marion said...

I just love P90X. I love working out really hard and I'm on day 61 now. And it works. I see it for myself. I'm 30 now and I'm doing sports and martial arts for over 15 years. Never in my life I have been so fit and so much ripped. And all that without steroids.

I've made some videos which I uploaded in Youtube (

The only thing I am a bit sad about is that here in Germany P90X products are not available. But surprisingly I was able to convince a friend to do P90X now. He just started yesterday and is really impressed of it.

Already two P90Xers in Germany...that is a quite good start, isn't it? ;)

Kind regards,

Kelly said...

I am glad "real" people are used for this,, I also like to see the muslces on the guys,, looking good!

azusmom said...

I guess we can only imagine what A-Rod would have been able to accomplish if they'd used P90X instead of the 'roids. Sad.
Maybe now they'll wise up and get with the X!

Anonymous said...

People dont want to put in the hard work they should anymore. They are always looking for the shortcut, guess this proves that taking the shortcut only leads you to a dead end. Like my boy george lopez once said, doing it the right way may be a lot harder, but in the end you can walk around with "your head held high, and your wavels down low"

Paige and Addy's Daddy said...

That is awesome that P90X is growing through some old fashioned word of mouth. There is no better endorsement than success and being healthy is contagious!

My wife and I are starting week 8 tonight and I am feeling better than I ever have in my life. I used Power 90 to lose 30 pounds a few years ago - then like an idiot I stopped working out and gained some back. Last year my wife started a blog and invited friends and family to join her in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. 616 pounds have been lost by nearly 40 people, including more than 70 by her and I. We recently started our 4th 12 week challenge on the blog and my wife and I decided to step it up by doing P90X together. I set some goals and after only 6 weeks on the program I have accomplished almost everything I set out to do in 12 weeks! Thanks for inspiring me and keeping me motivated.

Kelly said...

I'm a new P90X user and definitely a big fan in a short period of time. I agree that it's great that word of mouth is working for P90X. It's a great testament to the effectiveness of the program. I know that I will be promoting the program to my friends and family and whoever asks. I've only been doing the program for one week, but after only 7 days of exercise and clean, sensible eating, I'm already starting to see the beginnings of a new me.


CT Olson said...

You guys obviously did your homework and created something very very special. Kudos to well-deserved recognition!

Rae said...

All joking about keeping P90X to myself aside, what I sincerely appreciate about this program is the attitude. This program, and Beachbody products in general, are not the normal condescending drivel you see out there. P90X assumes you want to work hard, you want results, and that you're willing to do what it takes to do it. This is what I knew I was hungry for. I was a gym rat for years and sick of not getting the results I wanted, and feeling frustrated because various trainers/articles/research material were so conflicting that I was fed up. Give me something that worked, that's all I ask, I'll do whatever it takes. Obviously, I'm not alone in that respect, most people I know are more than willing to work extremely hard IF they know it's not in vain. The results of P90X speak for themselves. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tony on all the exposure-well deserved! Ques: if you've completed 7wks of P90X and traveled on business for the following 4wks, running and utilizing "road warrior" while away, should I pick up with week 8 of P90X or repeat a previous week? Thanks for your help; I couldn't find the answer on the beachbody site.

Pamela said...

All my life, I've known that only hard work will reap the rewards I desired -- whether it be good health or healthy finances or good grades in school. That doesn't mean I didn't try an easy route here or there in my younger years -- of course, without success. 'Tis true that what one gets out of something is directly proportionate to what one "puts in" to said something. It's all in what you "Bring" to "it"! I'm not at all surprised that the high profile people we see touting P90X are those whose physiques and level of health we have admired for some time.
Yes, my friends, P90X is no longer "our" little club -- it belongs to the ages now! Still, this is all part of "service" to our fellow humans (even though there is business involved): turning people on to something that is GOOD for them! Something that might really make a positive impact in their lives. It's like being "called". God works with us, we get called and we do the work(s). I'm excited to share with the people around me, but just like not everybody is "called", not everybody is going to get into the X just because I know how great it is...
Okay, I"m rambling. To quote my 2 year-old gandson: "How cool is that?!"
~ Pamela aka Mimigo

Anonymous said...

kat ate a cookie

Anonymous said...

I am on my 2nd week and have a long way to go. I am so excited to get back into the same fitness level i was in when I was in the Marines. So far these workouts are Amazing! I love every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

It'd be nice to reciprocate Sheryl Crow's shout out by spelling her name correctly in this blog post.

Loving p90x though.

Glenn Ford said...

P90x *is* organic but as someone who is working with a coach to promote p90x and all the other BB products (p90x by far the most popular) I must say the new website where it lets you remove the coach who referred the sale is going to KILL your affiliate (or sorry, "coach") program.

I sure hope that gets fixed as it was quite successful the way it was, but this new way has killed sales by the coach I work with 90% from 1000$ weekly minimum to 100$ a week.

It's a mess and "organic" growth will die since coaches losing 90% of their referrals.

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angie said...

Hi everybody,

I loved what I've heard about the P90X so far and really wanna try it. The only thing is: I live in Germany. So how can I get it? I haven't found a website yet that lets me order and ship it to Germany!!

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Tim Cooper said...

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