Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July 2nd 1958

50 years ago today in 1958 my mother was screaming! Today (fifty years later) my sister Mary Beth and I were in our parents den discussing the possibilities of cleaning out some of the old junk in their house. With that in mind I opened this cabinet behind a chair in the corner of our den. I saw an old metal filing box in the corner and my mother suggested that my original birth certificate might be in that box. We cracked it open and discovered that it was loaded with all kinds of ancient paperwork including many of my old report cards plus my original birth certificate. Wow! I've been home hundreds of times and never opened that cabinet or box before. On the day of my 50th birthday I find my birth certificate!? Weird. I learned today for the first time that I was born at 8:57 PM EST. My folks thought it was around 9:00, but weren't sure of the exact time. Now we know. There were report cards from first grade all the way through high school. We're going through them all and my mother finds and starts to read the written remarks on my first grade report-card. Miss Harris at Norwak Elementary School writes, "Anthony needs to read aloud daily during summer vacation. He lacks self-confidence when doing seat work (anyone remember what seat work is?). Anthony needs to accept the responsibility of school work. He is capable but has never completed an assignment without constant urging and encouragement. Anthony tries hard when it is his turn, but independently does little. Anthony is to be promoted to grade 2 but if his work habits do not improve, it may be necessary for him to repeat that grade. Promoted to Grade 2 Miss Harriss."

I got 3 Cs an A and one B. I got the A in WRITING. I got all three Cs in Reading with understanding, Reading with expression and Learning to attack new words. Can you believe there was a category on report cards in 1965 for ATTACKING NEW WORDS? Funny because now is one of my favorite things to do. Under "Personal Development" I received an "Indicates Weakness" for showing ability in working independently. But, under "Does Work Neatly" I received an "Indicates Strength" remark. The wildest part of this tale is that while we were all reading, laughing, remembering and commenting on my struggles as a wee lad, the P90X infomercial appears on the TV in the den. And we think we're pulling the strings. Sometimes I wonder. 
If Miss Harriss could only see me now.


nick from ny said...

Hey Tony!

Seatwork (yeah, it's one word??!) is defined on the Internet as "lessons assigned to be done by students at their desks in the classroom." I guess sitting in one place a long time without moving an inch wasn't your cup of tea:)) Well, it wasn't mine, either, I can honestly tell you that! But having had the extreme honor of meeting you on several occasions, I can safely say that your alleged "lack of confidence, independence, responsibility, encouragement and personal development" never stuck with you into adulthood. If anything, it's the complete opposite! Miss Harris from Norwalk Elementary is probably rolling over in her grave in some Connecticut cemetery right now!! For my health and benefit and for hundreds of others out there in Beachbody Land, I'm so glad the Man Upstairs pulled the right strings when he needed to:)

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony! Thanks for all the fitness and inspiration you have brought into my world!
Hope you live another 50 years!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Funny you said that about your report card because my 8 yr old just got the same 2nd grade report card. There is hope for him yet!!!! I have a mini Tony Horton on my hands!! Ha, Ha.

God bless and enkoy your birthday.
300 Challenge

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tony! As a former public school teacher, now homeschooler, I laughed out loud at your report card! How much fun to see that so many years later. I'm sure that Miss Harris would be very proud of you. Maybe she's off doing wacky jacks somewhere...

Give your mother a big hug from all of us in BeachBody land. We appreciate all her hard work on July 2nd, 1958! What a blessing you would be; to your parents and siblings, and to all of us as well.

We love you, Tony!

Mike and Sarah (rock climbing wall afficionados) :)

Anonymous said...

Tony, Happy Birthday.
Thanks for all you do.

zonagirl said...

Happy Birthday Tony!

Can't imagine you can sit still for to long of time now, or lacking confidence. Now you have enough to go around no doubt! Thank you for everything you do.


jesse perry said...

You're life is a success :) Well done buddy & happy birthday - it's well deserved. Keep on keeping on :D

almagleby said...

"Happy Birthday"--So nice that you could spend your "big" day with your family.
50-is not bad. Had my big day in April.

I would like to" Thank You "for all your help and advice. With your p90x-- I am becoming who I have always wanted to be.
You Are The Best!!

Amit said...

Happy Birthday Tony!!! U r my legend... have a long and super-fit life!

Kevin said...

Funny how what in one realm is a deficit is a strength else where and vise versa. I bet all those kids that excelled in seat-work are buying your programs to work off the secretary spread. Just like my kids, I'm always telling them not to kick their shoes off in the house, sending them flying across the room. Well 2 weeks ago they both(DD 5 & DS 3) won "gold" metals in the shoe flick at a neighborhood Olympic contest. Who knew this was a useful skill.

Happy b-day


LORI J said...

"He is capable but has never completed an assignment without constant urging and encouragement."

Boy does that ever sound like my son at that age. He was always afraid he'd make a mistake and needed to have his work checked often before moving on to the next question.

How fun for you to find that "time capsule" in your parents' old metal filing box, and on your 50th birthday! :) I love how the P90X infomercial appears at that moment as well. Coincidence? I think not! I believe it's God's little nudge.

Thank you Mrs. Horton for not only giving birth to Anthony S. Horton, but for raising such a fine boy too! He has helped so many people in this world and is loved by many! :)

Enjoy the 50's, Tony! You make them look pretty darn good! ;) ((((HUGS))))

(your Canadian friend)

David Lindland said...

Happy Birthday Tony.........No doubt you have had a huge effect on my health and that has been a gift.
Look forward to shaking your hand one day and again, thank you!

David Lindland

CT Olson said...

Thank you Tony, for being you, and far surpassing that report card ;)! That's a funny story ... my son goes into first grade in the fall (has his 6th birthday in a few days) and this will give me some perspective on his report cards at this age.

I think your 50th report card would be all As in motivation, inspiration and being a living example of a fit healthy energetic person. OK maybe a B in humor for some of your bad jokes ;).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony!
I guess this encourages me for when my daughter comes homes with a 'C' again next year...

Thank you for making me make a difference in my life. I'm 30 and seeing my abs for the first time ever...I like!!! Thank you for being you!

Another Canadian friend,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Tony, you and P90X have been an inspiration to me. I've never been more fit than I am now and will tell anyone who listens what a positive effect you've had in my life (although we've never met :) )

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Yoah, Tony Horton's b-day is on the same day as mine! My dad bought me P90X+ for me on my birthday. :)

- Bryan

Smurf said...

Hey, Tony-

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for sharing your success and being such an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony! Thanks for all your motivation! Without you, I wouldn't have gotten back into the best shape of my life! I don't plan on quitting here either! I'm gonna keep on going! 35 years old and getting younger by the day! Yesterday I was mistaken for a 23 year old! Awesome!

Thanks brother!

Chicago, IL

Michael said...

Tony, thanks for making the P90x videos. I'm a career firefighter/paramedic and you've gotten me into the best shape of my life at 33 yrs old. I thought I was in great shape before I started the program, boy was I wrong! I finish the 90 days tomorrow, did 22 pull ups in a row the other day for the first time! Also noticed you like to ski and have been to Crested Butte. I went to college there and lived there for 4 years. I still ski a fair amount and got to ski Corbet's Couloir at Jackson Hole this past season, what a dream come true! We'll have to ski together some time! Keep up the great workouts! I love them!

Glynis said...

Happy Birthday!

I was just looking at my old report cards with my daughters, noticing how many of them said, "Needs to pay attention and stop talking to her neighbors."

pkayfit said...

Tony, sometimes it takes a little more time for us to really bloosom into some big beautiful flower. You have done just that and with that being said. "I hope you had a fit-tastic birthday. And keep bringing it!" I love all that you do.

Oh! By the way, my first grade teacher would tape my mouth shut to keep me from talking. I teach fitness classes now. HA!

Christopher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher said...


Keep up the good work and bringing the best fitness regimines to the lives of thousands. I just ordered the One on One's. I can't wait to get it and get my butt kicked.

On another note Tony, did you see this article? Pretty good one:

Christopher Ortega

Melanie Bolen said...

I really enjoyed this more personal blog, Tony.
Yes, if only she could see you now... I bet she'd be awed, and she'd probably BRING IT with you, too :-D

Tom said...

Happy Birthday!! Tony. Also, thank you for your inspiration and dedication to get all of us living healthier. It goes to show that ones ability to do seatwork does not determine your contribution to society. You are definitely a gift to us all.

lorrwill said...

Happy belated birthday, dude. I hope I am at least half as fit as you are when I hit the big 5-0!

Chicken Hawk said...

Happy belated Tony! This is the philosopher (Socrates)! Just wanted to reach out to you and tell you that seeing you in Philly that day in the lobby was all I needed to push play brother! It made it all real, you know what I mean?!?! So now I am after years of owning the P90X doing it one day at a time, and doing it 1000%. I'm going to be a Spartan for Halloween, I dare anyone to try and stop me!!!!

Hugs from mine to you and yours!


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Gherkin Girl said...

Happy Birthday Tony!
You look great and are an inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work and for you awesome P90X. Your workout has changed my life. I live with less pain and have new energy. God bless you and thank you again. I am a film maker/animator. I will be shooting my first feature length film in 2009. I want to have my heroine use P90X in the film. Can we work this out?

Deer Hunter said...

Happy belated bday. I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the encouragement I needed to get fit. My wife and I are P90 grads and now we are into week 7 of the X.

We are seeing results and sweating like crazy.

Thanks again

Deer Hunter

PS: If you are ever haveing a workout weekend close to ND let us know and we will make every effort to be there. If you are interested in coming to north central ND I will cook a fantastic meal for you. If you just want the recipe let me know and I will send it to you.

Khashayar said...

Dearest Tony,

Happy Happy Birthday. I found your blog today by sheer luck and boy am I so happy to be able to leave a message for you on your personal blog!

Tony, I want you to know HOW MUCH I enjoy working out with your P90X programs. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I know where I'm headed and of course, I am seeing awesome results. I love every minute of your training and feel like you are MY personal trainer.

I love your style, technics, dedication, energy and passion. You are truly my biggest source of inspiration these days. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job and congratulations on your 50th birthday. My hat off to you for all the wondeful things you have achieved. Hope to have the honor of meeting you someday in person.

Your 34-year-old Iranian fan in Toronto.


K-Lynn H said...

I know I am reading this waaaay late - and its technically your 90day happy unbirthday, so happy belated, and happy 90day unbirthday!

That is awesome that your mom has kept everything, my mom is the same way and it is truly hillarious to look back at old report cards etc. - At least you never had the comment that "she thinks she knows more than the teacher and often tells the Mrs.Pederson to shut-up, I know what I am doing and this is boring"... and that was kindergarten
Tons of thanks for P90X - you are helping me get my life back :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony, I hit the big 50 in January. I just started your program and am in week two day 5. What a blast to do this workout and being 50 and bringing it. Enjoy the day and the future only if my teachers could see me now also, they never believe what I have done in my life since grade school. I still laugh at my report cards. Take Care Robert

Chris said...

Tony, what kind of shoes do you use in your P90X series. I have the program and I see you with different workout shoes. I need some comfortable pairs. Please advise.

jack said...

53 years ago today we lost you Dad, but we never forget that date. Everyone is fine and Mom is still going strong at 93. Miss you!Peg, Lou and Jack.

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