Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boys and girls of Beach Body land,
Anne and I went to high school together way back in the 70's. We got together to ski at Crested Butte this past season and got talking about health, fitness, weight loss, etc. What a shock, right?? After our conversation, her and her fiance, Bob decided to head back home and join the team. Her day 60 has come and gone and her day 90 is fast approaching. I wanted to share an email she sent me with a photo of her progress calendar. This girl and her man, Bob are on fire! I am so proud of them!!!

Hi Team,
For those who started on April 1...HAPPY 60TH!!!! I have 2 reasons to celebrate...my 60th day of being committed to P90 and my 50th year on this earth!!! Thanks to P90, Tony and all you guys I am on my way to healthier,more fit fifty years (God Willing!). 2 months ago, in front of my 10 year old niece, I attempted a cartwheel (easy for most and used to be for me), but my wrists were too weak and couldn't support my weight so I flopped to the ground. Last week I made another attempt and to the delight of both my niece and I, I landed a perfect cartwheel! WHOO HOO! Back flips here I come! Hope you are all seeing some kind of results. For those first starting out...there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just take it one day at a time!!
Peace and P90!


Rachel said...

That's awesome! Sounds like they're both well on their way. If she starts doing backflips, she'd better send you some pictures.

Heppy early-50th, Tony!

nick from ny said...


Congratulations on your "powers of positive influence." Isn't it funny the people we can touch throughout our lives...?

I always remember how you said at camp that you own a big desk calendar and mark down every single workout each month. Accountability! Not just winging it. Even though I'm able to successfully perform every workout you've got on the market (yes, even the dreaded Dreya roll!), I know that I'm not getting the maximum benefit of the program if I'm not writing everything down--that includes rep counts, weights or bands, how I felt, and what days I worked out. And yes, I will admit that most of time I don't write anything down for whatever nonsensical reason, but when I do I must say that I feel more confident, knowledgeable and stronger all around.

Thanks for all your good work, and a big happy 5-0!

Engage the cage, don't engorge the cage!


Anonymous said...

I identify with the joy of being fitter than ever before in my life. Makes me want to do cartwheels at 47, too!
Keep on bringin' it

Pkayfit said...

I say, "Way to go" Keep Movin. We are only as old as we want to feel. "We grow old because we stop playing." I believe this so much. I am back in the saddle with P90X and wow, It is such a challenge. I love it. Keep Bringing is more.

Happy 50 B-Day Anne. many more to come and you will get those backflips. i will be jealous.

CT Olson said...

Good article in NYT (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/24/health/24brod.html?em&ex=1214712000&en=035d29efd8cdb943&ei=5087%0A)
about aging and fitness - some facts from it:

Fact: Every hour of every day, 330 Americans turn 60.

Fact: By 2030, one in five Americans will be older than 65.

Fact: The number of people over 100 doubles every decade.

Fact: As they age, people lose muscle mass and strength, flexibility and bone.

Fact: The resulting frailty leads to a loss of mobility and independence.

The last two facts may sound discouraging. But they can be countered by another. Regular participation in aerobics, strength training and balance and flexibility exercises can delay and may even prevent a life-limiting loss of physical abilities into one’s 90s and beyond.

kimber41 said...

Anne - Congrats on your cartwheel. Keep up the good and hard work.

Tony - THANK YOU for creating such a powerful workout. I have myself, my husband and my dad (although they are not as consistent) doing the workouts. My 4 year old son tries some moves and gets upset if he can't watch me workout. He loves fitness and already understands the importance of exercise. He has been doing pushups for over a year now. :)