Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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AlfaSunshine said...

Hey Tony! Glad that Orlando trip was a great experience for you. Sounds like you are having a wonderful October so far. Think of me on Sunday as I will be doing the 1st ever Denver (half) Marathon. I am excited to be part of the event and as much as I am very healthy I'm not sure if I will feel like pushing myself for time or racing on this thing. BUT if I'm feelin' it I'm gonna go for it and see if I can beat my time from the Nike Women's (half) Marathon in SF last year.

Have a wonderful time with your family and reunion. You must be the same year as my sister as I went to one of the events of her 30th high school reunion just a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll see you at the beach before the end of the year. Until then it's nice to keep in touch through your blog and chat!

nick said...


I really enjoyed hearing about your Orlando experience. You and Traci probably rocked their world down there, big time! Dude, you are most definitely the Tony Robbins of fitness! Oh, welcome back home to New England! I can only imagine your ex-classmates'faces when they meet you:)"Wow, Tony, you haven't changed a bit?!? How do you do it?"
Oh, if you're looking for a good natural food store in CT, there's a Wild Oats in Westport on Post Rd. I used to love going in there; they make a mean veggie shake. Enjoy!
More durable, less vulnerable!

Anonymous said...


Oh you know I don't write you much but I was just SO PROUD of you after reading your mail bag!!

Your willingness to direct people to the other programs of Chalene and Debbie - well, I just BEAMED WITH PRIDE!! It just goes to show, yet again, you are all about the individual's progress and success. Not about your own gains. Spread the love, baby.

Luvs -Sarah Wise

psalm9567 said...

Little did those Orlando folks know that they had some TNT coming their way!!! So exciting to hear and read about your adventures there! I'm sure that BB will be seeing some of them "cross over" to the health and fitness lifestyle. Way to go!!

Have an awesome time with the fam and all your classmates! Enjoy the cool Autumn weather and the changing leaves... it's the best season to live here on the East Coast!

See ya in chat and on the boards (and on my TV, too),