Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fear Buster

This past weekend we held my 4th annual fitness camp in Santa Monica California. It was the 4th camp so far this year and it was just as amazing as the last three. It feels like every camp has a theme and this one was no exception. On Thursday August 11th some of the early campers and I met on the beach for a mini version of the Sunday workout. I was asking the group how they were feeling and Nina (aka Neeeeeeeeeena) said she was scared to death. She explained that she was truly petrified on every level!

Upon further investigation I learned that Nina was not the only one suffering from this fear factor. Several in the group expressed that they too were very wary of the weekends proceedings. This is very common when a group of strangers (for the most part) come together to look at how they live in this world. This was not a vacation. It was a Fitness Camp with rock climbing, seminar/workshops and new workouts, so it's easy to see why folks were a bit apprehensive on day one.

I thought that the fear busting began during the Circle Of Love. This is the first event that occurs after Friday night's group dinner. It gives everyone the opportunity to open up and talk about where they've been, where they are, and where they're hoping to go. The stories in that circle were mind blowing. Everyone there was open and honest and willing to tell their story. As we went around the circle you could feel the fear give way to hope and excitement for the rest of the weekend.

There was rock climbing in the morning followed by the workshop on the 11 Laws of Health & Fitness. That afternoon we went through another workout which was a hybrid of YogaX and the new Power90 Master Series Workout, Core/Cardio. We closed out the evening at Gotham Hall with great food, music by Travis Howard and the famous one legged bag game (for photos see 4th Annual Santa Monica Fitness Camp thread in the Power90 boards). Early on Sunday morning we had our Form & Function seminar followed by the Sunday morning beach workout.

With every passing hour I could see folks crushing any and all fears about what was possible. "I can't" turned into "I'll try" over and over again. It seemed like everyone had a breakthrough moment. Motivation, Inspiration & Information were the key ingredients for smashing apprehension, trepidation & fear.

Next stop, San Antonio!


Mary Cecy said...

Tony, once again you crushing people's fears. Amazing... diff camp, diff city, same goal: Healthy Life!
Neeeena YOU ROCK!! Everyone at camp, I missed you all dearly... Withdrawals are almost over.. I just have to keep facing my fears and keep crushing them!!

Tony, thanks for caring and being a leader, a teacher and a friend. You are AMAZING! Imagine what would I be saying if I had been at camp! ;)

Everyone Bring it to camp and get off the fence!

Neeeena said...

Yep, Tony, I was scared.
Because you and I both know where I had been and what I had been able to do (last year’s camp) and then I showed up this year knowing that I had let that go and was not sure what I would be able to do.
I wasn’t exactly sure what would help me find the celebration of working out again, but I felt certain that I would find it at camp.
You said it a few times “you know what to do, you know everything that Traci knows, you did it”. You knew that I didn’t need a cheerleader or a sermon on what to do. I knew that already. I just needed to do it.
And so you made me. 
The workout that brought on the sweat that broke me loose? The Masters one. Very focused, very intense…VERY SWEATY. And I did stuff I didn’t think I had the strength for. That was the beginning of my physical awakening at camp. After a 4 month hibernation.
It took the FEELING of camp. The tangible excitement of the people that were there for the first time and remembering what that was like for me, meeting Dale for the first time after so long of “knowing” him only from writings and phonecalls. Seeing you and him “play”…that’s what got me to fully open my heart to the celebration. I wanted to play too. 
I came home in the wee hours of the morning on Monday and took it as a rest day, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? 3 big RED X’s on my calendar – with many more to come. I have my plan. 4 days cardio, 2 days sculpt. I’ll change it up in 6 weeks. Done.

I arrived at camp full of fear, I left camp full of faith. Faith in God, in myself, in the program, in my hugely supportive group of friends…

Thank you Tony, for all the listening you did. For the open heart and willing soul to help someone who arrived so scared and bogged down by it. I am now fully engaged, feeling strong.

P.S. I read halfway through the Ruiz book last night. Almost lost me in the first pages with all that wacky dream life stuff BUT, once I got to the meat of it, it was good. Simple enough directives really – why is it that I have to read it in a book to GET it? We humans are funny, often making the simple so complex.

AlfaSunshine said...

Faith over Fear!!

Mary Cecy said...

Nina I read it in Spanish. LOVE the 4 agreements. Got 2 more from him to read. I am hooked.

I am very proud of you and I know that you can do it!

StevenB said...


Thanks for everything, man. It was a wonderful week for me. In addition to the camp (which was exceptional) and a fantastic vacation with my best friend Ozlem and my daughter Gabrielle, I met someone special while in LA and went to a concert with her at the Hollywood Bowl. An unexpected pleasure to say the least. Also, please tell Phil and his girlfriend what a pleasure it was meeting them and talking with them. Phil impressed me a lot and his girlfriend was equally charming.

Hope to see you again one day!