Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stay In The Game

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Anonymous said...

Once again, Tony, you hit it right on the head! Make a plan and love it! How simple is that?? LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole WOWY thing. It has kept me motivated when I am tired of another round of "knees up, everybody!" Matter-of-fact, that's why I'm even logged on tonight! To pick my WOWY buddy and get ready for tomorrow morning, then off to bed for some serious snoozing.

Tomorrow is day 72 for me. I am so excited to be at the end of the P90 trail and can't wait to get stuck into the next thing. Just devouring that big fish one day at a time...

Lovin' it, Psalm9567/Sarah

Anonymous said...

Tony!!! You are the best!! I have been working out with you since March and I am in the best shape in ten years!! ...and my sons are 6.5 and 3!

Thank you for making it FUN, keeping it varied, interesting, challenging and easy all in one!!

I LOVE you!!!

Mill Valley, CA

LoriJ said...

Hey Tony! Love your blogs, 'pecially these audio ones. It's special, special!!! Loved your chat last night too!!! I was the one who asked if you were friends with Jason! When you asked me how I knew him, I should have mentioned that I used to date him!
I've been with BB for two years, had my ups and downs, but things really didn't click for me until one beautiful day when doing Si6 and Debbie said, "Consistency....that's what it takes" I'd heard her say that many times before, but for some reason it just hit me!!! That's where I had gone wrong. I'd start a program.....P90....get to about day 45 and start slacking off and before I knew it I wasn't even working out once per week. One week turned into 2 then into a month, then into 4, gained back the get the picture. Well I completed Si6! 6 days per week completed!!! And now I'm on my 3rd week of P90X (ME!!!) I can hardly believe I'm there!!! 6 Days per week (sometimes 7 for stretching) I'm a regular WOWY logger. That's my plan and I'm having loads of fun. P90X is so loaded with change that I can't imagine getting bored with it. I do intend on purchasing P90 Masters, though for when I'm a P90X graduate. You have motivated me and inspired me sooooo many times, Tony. My fav. quotes from you are "Do your best and forget the rest" and "Bring It"! I repeated those words many times yesterday during the Chest and Back workout! I need to use a chair for pullups and a exercise ball to support me (under thighs) for pushups (Kathy Smith trick) in order to get more reps. I remembered what you said also about competing with myself only and getting the job done. I WILL SUCCEED, I WILL GET STRONGER, I WILL DO MY BEST AND FORGET THE REST, I WILL WOWY DAILY, I WILL EAT CLEAN, and I WILL NAME MY MIRACLE BABY, TONY lol ('cause hubby's snip snip)

Thanks Tony....sorry for the long read!!! Well not really sorry ;o) BTW....just kidding about Jason B!!! lol Got you back for the Wife comment last night!!! lol

Mary Cecy said...

Hey THortonhead!!! Miss me? ;) I did. Thanks for the audio blog. I needed to hear ya say those words. Got TJ (Turbo Jam) in the mail. I get all confused when I see all over the boards TJ, TJ, TJ, TJ... I think is you or TJHealthy. Geez!! Can we get another initials!! J/K

Ok, got the plan, got a program and going to do what I love the most, dancing while burning it up!! See you around. Life is too short and got to make it last.
Peace, XO

SAM G. said...


I hate planning. I hate all of the clutter, the details, the minutiae that gets so overwhelming when it comes to picking a plan, determining macronutrients, body fat measurements, supplements, training routines, methodologies of and all of the idiosyncracies of each different discipline and philosophy from bodybuilders, personal trainers, fitness experts...

You get the picture.

You can also see where I, just like so many before me, so many more right now, and so many who will follow...just get burnt out, and give up. It's not that I'm afraid to ask for help, or that I'm too lazy, or too stupid. There is just so much information out there that it gets to the point where you can barely figure out the good stuff from the "flotsam and jetsam." So, rather than beat your forehead bloody against a brick wall of information overload, you settle for just being unhealthy, and you bow out.

And that's why I love Beachbody. Haven't been here long, but I haven't had to be, to come to love it.

There is virtually no guesswork. Nothing to overthink; nothing to clog up your brain cells. You log in, you hit your WOWY calendar, plan out your next day or even the entire week if you want. Make your diary entries. Get a meal plan when you need it. Log in your stats and post your pics when you have them. Visit the Community Boards, where there is always help and support if and when you need it.

I've been a member of other online clubs before, but never anything like this. And that's why I'm sure that I will be able to "bring it" every day, for the next eighty-something days until my First Round has ended.

And I just want to say thanks for that, Mr. T. For when it's hard, when it's easy, and that moment that I know I will get to soon...when a 45 year old guy with a 50 inch waist, will be able to pluck a pair of size 40 jeans off-the-rack, try them on...and see them fit...LOOSELY, for the first time in years.

Thank you.