Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You

As Thanksgiving Day comes to a close I think a lot about all the people in this country and beyond who have made a commitment to change for the better. Change is hard. It requires letting go of the past and of the habits you've grown accustomed to over the years. Staying in a rut is easy. Getting out of one requires work. Life is hard enough for most folks and adding food discipline and 6 days a week of hard core exercise is a massive commitment. It's hard for me and I do it for a living. Some are getting up before the crack of dawn to do Plyometrics, followed by feeding a family then heading to work. This is incredible to me. It goes to show you that the feeling you get from doing the right thing is worth the effort.

I wanted to take a moment on this Thanksgiving day to thank you all for choosing perseverance over laziness, discipline over impatience, self-reliance over self-pity and hard work over quick fixes. The road is often bumpy and the journey long, but the outcome from commitment and dedication is life altering. If you're one of these people then don't let the holidays become a time to put your hard earned results on hold. People will often use this time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve to ease up on healthy eating and regular exercise because they think they've earned a little time off. Why would you throw in the towel after you've won the fight? I don't get that at all. When life is hardest you must narrow your focus and keep going. Let people who don't know better start again on New Year's Day.
Not you!

Thank you,

Tony Horton


CT Olson said...

Great thanks for all you do as a living example TH!

You convinced me once you commit to the lifestyle it's easier to accept. But it's also a daily thing for me as well - trying to fit into a schedule and take care of myself. You helped me realize it's importance and the spirit needed to go through with it every day. I'm thankful for health and the opportunity to keep myself going now that I've transformed thanks in part to you.

Jami said...

You are such a huge inspiration to me Tony. I have been a life long athlete but nothing has challenged me more than your program. I recently bought P90X Plus and although it killing me, how I feel afterwards is just incredible. Thank you for what you do. Without you, I wouldn't have as awesome glamour muscles as I do now :)

batty said...

you really should update this blog more often. you're a good writer.

thank you for indirectly kicking my butt over the years.

John Paul Zahody said...

Hey Tony, thanks for posting on my 65th birthday aka Thanksgiving Day! Having taken my rest day on Thursday (Day 89 for me) instead of today (Saturday), I just now completed my final workout and became a P90X Classic Graduate--you can tell by the T-shirt I'm wearing!

Man, I'm with you on the point you're making here--I don't get it either. Why would I have put myself through all that it took to do P90X over the past three months, only to turn around and start destroying everything I've built just because it's the holidays? I had the salad and turkey and vegetables on Thursday, but left the stuffing and most of the potatoes and gravy and about half the pumpkin pie on the plate--THAT'S what felt good to me!

Now how do I begin to thank you for this magnificent self-affirming body-mind-and-soul experience--and for your personal encouragement when I first started? I have no idea. One thing I do know--I will be shaking your hand one of these days and telling you in person something of what your work has meant to me--AND to the people all around me who seem to be getting inspired by my energy and determination to BRING IT over the past 90 days! Like Uma who commented on my first blog post ( . . . and my client Lauren, my wonderful friends Pam and Scott--all saying they want to be next. And I'm sure this is only the beginning. There is enormous power for good at work here!

So you have truly created a monster. And it couldn't possibly have become what it is if you yourself didn't have such a great heart. So all I can say is, Namaste--and enjoy all the good karma that has to be coming to you from doing this much good in the world.

Now for me it's off to Maui next week (my girlfriend's surprise birthday present to me). I'll be taking your Fountain of Youth Yoga DVD with me--then it's on to P90X Plus!


Charlene said...

Hi Tony! I'm so excited that I found your blog! I started with P90 six years ago and am a HUGE fan (YBB too). When I show people my "before and afters" from the 1st time I did P90, they literally don't believe me.

Since starting a new job (100+ mi commute) last year, I've been seriously slacking. I know this. (Even wrote about it on my own blog which ironically is about life balance).

But no more! Yesterday was Day #1. My chest is killing me today but I'm ready for more. BRING IT ON!

Thank YOU!

Henry said...

Thanks for "bringing it" back into perspective. I told myself that I was making a lifestyle change when I started exercising again, but for some reason I lost my focus over Thanksgiving. You have made me see that I need to stay committed if I want to achieve my goals, but more importantly that the journey doesn't really stop once you have reached what you have set out to accomplish.



Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. I really, for the first time and thanks to P90X, understand that health does not take a holiday. Eating and moving are the keys to staying fit. I was one of those people who would stray from my success during the holidays. However this year I started P90X and vowed to not throw away my success. This Thanksgiving has come and gone and I managed to stay true to the workouts, the program, and myself. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. I really, for the first time and thanks to P90X, understand that health does not take a holiday. Eating and moving are the keys to staying fit. I was one of those people who would stray from my success during the holidays. However this year I started P90X and vowed to not throw away my success. This Thanksgiving has come and gone and I managed to stay true to the workouts, the program, and myself. Thank you
Joseph, New Hyde Park, NY

azusmom said...

I have to wonder when the holidays became all about food. Why not focus on the real meaning behind them? Thanksgiving, for me, is about taking time to appreciate my husband and kids, and all the "quirkiness" in our extended family. I also love that some folks really get into the spirit of it all; they become kinder, more patient, more self-reflecting. I'm still working on that, lol! (But a good way to start is by staying away from the malls. Oy!)
IMHO, a great way to treat ourselves kindly is to take care of ourselves. It doesn't mean we have to be rigid and inflexible, in fact it's just the opposite. What's that saying about the strongest trees being able to bend in the wind?

Anonymous said...

I agree with batty, more of your writing PLEASE. Love your statement "Staying in a rut is easy." So true. Getting out is a challenge but one sooo worth taking. As a good friend says, "Pain is weakness leaving the body." :)

Mark said...

Well, I had drastic results from P90x losing over 35 lbs, and now weighing in at 184 and lookin ripped. But I still believe it is important to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I spend a lot of time each night a way from my family locked in a room knockin out each workout giving 110% to my workout instead of spending time with the family. It pays off for my body and health. But, Face it I or you could die tomorrow. I do not want it written across my gravestone that my major accomplishment was completing P90x. I think you should still try to balance and enjoy life, and family and food...and even a drink occasionally. If you are working out 1-1.5 hours a day, a little break should not fact I think it is a great reward at the end of 90 days of getting your @ss kicked, and provides some additional motivation to start back with the program the next day. Ill be honest. for thanksgiving, I piled my plate HIGH! I still managed to somehow lose a pound, and I believe that is because my body is trained to process the food....And I still stick to the program after thanksgiving continuing both diet and excercise.

There was an interview with Mathew Maconahey a while back, and he was at sonic eating big ole nasty burgers..and I wondered how the hell does he stays in shape. Well, I found out, he excercises everyday, playing basketball and periodically just dropping to knock out sit ups and pushups. this constant activity keeps burning off calories. So I dont see a big prob with dropping the diet on Thanksgiving and Christmas day..but it is more important to pick up the program immediately after and keep "bringin it"! just my 2 cents.

Shane said...

I couldn't agree more. I was planning to start P90X again after the new year but decided there was no reason why I shouldn't start sooner. My next round begins next Monday and I'm keeping a blog to document my progress and keep myself going.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Tony we thank you as well, keeping us pushing play. I'm on round 2 of P90X, and teaching others.

Stiving to do more and more each day and get better then ever.

Thanks for sharing a great blog!

mariecerv said...

Thank you for acknowledging the people who set their alarms before the babies wake up, the feedings, the job, etc, all in the name of a great work out and the results that go with it. I continue to re-energize from my TH workouts, and from listening to your messages (both on the DVD and in your blog). I am proud of myself and my work, and it shows in more than one way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding in that it's hard for you too, being on top of a healthy diet and exersice regiem. I think a lot of people look at athletes and trainers and say "Oh, they can do it because it's gotten easy for them" But it never gets easy when your challenging yourself all the time. I'm working on becoming a personal trainer and your program has opened my mind up to new workouts and things I never would have tried otherwise. And sometimes I question myself on going into the fitness industy, am I going to be able to stay on top of everything when my life gets crazy? I just know that even on the bad days I'll find some way to get though. Thanks for what you do! It's so important.

-Tiffany Lynch, NY

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Agree with the other person - you should update your blog as often as you can. You are an inspiration. I have just started teaching Yoga (mostly YogaX fashion) to some married women for free and they absolutely love it. I harp on them all the time about eating right. I eat very clean all the time and am so proud of it. All THANKS to you! I never thought I would be the one teaching a fitness class..EVER! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Katherine. said...

Thanks for showing us the path TH. Can't wait to see you in January brother.


renaud said...

Hi, i'm french and i can't find the P90x in my country why? Do you have a solution to order the program in my country ?

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2 Time Champion said...

Tony I just joined your blogspot to tell you I have done P90X and plus and one on ones. We have enough YOGA and need more KENPO and full body workouts like on PLUS. I want to get a NEW KENPO in the mail. I love the core workouts.
Thanks TONY youve changed my way of living life

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

tony, I am on day 7 with your program. I have always been cocky saying this wont work and that wont work, but, something drove me to the challenge of your program. I absolutely love it. Its amazing. I cant wait to do the 90 days, then do it again until i can do all the reps and keep up then go to the next level. I already feel better inside and out, and i know its only gonna get better... Thank you tony For changing my life. I will continue to use any of your new programs. thank u.