Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Who Are You?

Do you ever find yourself checking to make sure that you do something that will gain you approval from someone else? You might be very careful to say something a certain way so the listener doesn't think you're odd or weird in any way. Ever notice that your clothing looks a lot like the clothing of the people you're hanging out with. Maybe everyone around you is using words like "like" and "bro" every 5th word and therefore you do it too. Because the last thing we want to do, is stick out. To dress, speak, think or behave differently than your friends, family and co-workers could get you in trouble. And worst of all it could leave you open to ridicule. No one likes to have their differences pointed out in front of others. This might have mattered in junior high school, but once you grow up, being different is how you stand out. Standing out is how you break out of the sameness that is keeping you from loving life.

When everything around you says to stay the same, to fit in, it's hard to break out of the ho-hum, humdrum world you find yourself in. Everything you want comes from asking yourself what you want, not the drag-ass people in your life who want you to be like them. Your journey should be as unique as your DNA. Your choices, actions and words need come from deep inside. What is your gut and mind telling you? If outside influences feel wrong then they probably are. And by the way, what you want and who you are requires working your butt off. Choosing to sit on your ass because your gut tells you to is a lie. Study, practice, effort, time and patience are all part of an authentic journey. It's you doing, that allows you to be you. Sometimes just the thought of all that will make you feel like you're hanging in the wind, but most often it will give you the strength to feel like you control your destiny.

When you're living for others and just surviving, the weight of the world sits on you like a two ton truck. When you choose to stand up and stand out, and be the person you were meant to be, the world is a playground filled with adventure and possibilities. Open the door, look around, step inside and go play. If you're choosing the journey based on your desires to be unique and happy, life never feels like work. It feels spectacular and glorious! Why wouldn't you deserve that? You do. We all do. The first steps to getting there requires your desire to change. Your reasons why and plan need to be written down. Change only happens when you're in the game every day. Turn off the tube, pick up a book, do the workout, hang out with creative, smart hard working people and ask plenty of questions along the way.


Katey said...

Brilliant- just what I needed to read today. Thanks!

Jonathan & Kelly Calvert said...

Tony, thanks for shredding me! Check my before and after pic!!!

carmen said...

Tony, you've got the right stuff! We love your workouts! My hubby has lost 35lbs and counting!!

Bethany said...

How does it get any better than that? What if us choosing to be as different as we truly are and to generate a phenomenal life is the invitation for others to do the same? Thank you for your beautifully written thoughts. What else is possible??

mrsswhite said...

love this tony. thank you for being an inspiration. in a world where everyone looks to their left and then to their right for a definition of self or for validation, today's post really reminds us all to look in the mirror instead.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Tony. It's good to have you writting again!

Totalfittoday said...

You hit it right on the head. What you said is all true, we just need to get out of our comfort zone and make it happen... thanks Tony

Sivy said...

You got that right, go out and get your own and stop worrying about other folks. You're the man Tony.

Chad said...

In my office over my desk I have a quote from James Michener posted that mirrors your thoughts "the master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both...

Tony, thanks for opening up our eyes to this concept with P90X. Blessings to you.

Meg said...


You are simply AWESOME.

P90X has transformed me from a flabby, spindly-armed and legged woman to a ripped flat-bellied woman!

I absolutely love the concept of P90X that encompasses flexibility, endurance, strength, and cardiovascular workouts. I used to be a gym rat doing mostly cardio type of workouts and some weight training. I got burned out from doing the same type of activities every day. I love the muscle confusion concept of P90X. I even get the reason why P90X includes Yoga in the program!

I may still not be able to do a perfect superman pose with my arms straight out in front of me, or an unassisted pull-up or chin-up. But, boy, you should see the envy I got from my co-workers with my new physique, especially now the summer is here.

You are correct that in order to bring the change in you, you have to bravely set yourself apart from the mainstream. My co-workers constantly question me why I don't even graze on the sweets and overly processed food they bring into the office, as if I had an eating disorder. But that's just it. By incorporating P90X and a clean whole food diet, I look like I am in my mid to late 20's (Ahem, I actually had a high school kid hit on me the other day.) instead my actual age of 40.

THANK YOU so much for coming up with P90X, which is a complete eye-opener for me. Who would know that a middle-aged bean counter, and a female and CPA to boot, could look so ripped!

I really look forward to more of your workout programs in the line of P90X in the near future!



Chelle said...

Thanks for your thoughts Tony. Exactly what I needed to hear today!

brad said...

Dear Tony:
Just have to say thanks. I've completed two rounds of P90X and one of P90X+ in the last 18 months. I weighed 213 w/ a body fat around 20%; now I am down to 178 and my body fat is in the single digits.
Getting fit and being a P90Xaholic has allowed me to branch out: I'm back to playing basketball twice weekly which hasn't been routine since high school (15 years ago) and I'm logging about 16 to 20 miles running per week. Finished the Fontana 1/2 marathon Saturday at a 7:10 per mile clip; a year ago my average per mile in the same race was 8:36.
Stronger, faster, leaner, more energetic. It all starts and ends with P90X. Thanks for setting the tone and working hard. It's contagious. Looking forward to more challenges from your videos.

Brad Metzger

Mary said...

Oh Tony. Yes, it is true and we may even find ourselves very alone doing what it is that makes us feel the best, without a soul that even "gets it". But after time on the road of the heart, you do find like minds, because we know like attracts like.
Thanks for brining it, again. XXX

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony,

I'm on my 2nd round of P90X, I'm a pretty skinny guy an very shy of my body I got your workout to help get in shape not to show off my muscles.
But the other night my wife had some of her girlfriends over and she kept bugging me to show off my new body to them, I didn't want to it's not my style but eventually I did and I could see the looks on the faces of the women there and I have to admit it gave me an ego boost.

I guess I won't be shy to take off my shirt this summer.

Anonymous said...

wow that was "touchy". Stay sharp Tony....

Lisa said...

That's so true Tony, I see/hear it at work all the time.

I guess I started P90X 3 weeks ago and I'm pretty excited. I'm 36 never a weight problem until about a year ago it started appearing...ick! I've lost a good 10#'s but I want to be toner and I know I can do it I'm tough!!

If anyone wants to improve themselves they have to do it only for themselves. But I have to admit I like working out to your dvd's cause your so fine to look at. :)

Stef said...

Very good post as always.
Keep up with this good stuff and Bring It.
By the way, you're killing me on P90X. I am looking forward the end of the 90 days and see the results. maybe with hope, i can be on par with you then..

Matt said...

Your advice is right on track. I have gone through P90X, and am going through Power 90 this summer for a little break (but still a burn!). I've gone from 194 to 161 in about 5 months - never could've done that without your workouts.

Thanks again for all you do, it has truly changed my life. You're like the Dave Ramsey of fitness - that's the best compliment I can give anyone! To be debt free and in shape is an amazing thing!

In the middle of all of the fitness (physical, mental, etc.), what emphasis do you place on spiritual? Perhaps you could answer this for you personally, and what you recommend to other people as well.


Gina said...

Well said. I agree be unique. Allow yourself to live life to the fullest, have passion, be creative and don't allow yourself to worry about what others are saying. As long as you don't hurt anyone..It is your life..enjoy it!


niko63 said...


You know, when my dear brother first lent me Power 90 1,2 back around 2000 or 2001, I instantly knew that I had opened a whole new door to how I looked at myself and toward others. What really makes your programs so addicting and pleasurably painful-:)) is that you show the people the way toward a happier future, but at the same time one clearly notices that you're always yourself, never bowing down to outside pressures and suggestions on how to act, how to speak, how to dress, etc... And, man, I love that! And so do countless others out there in the fitness world.

Rhode Island rocks!


Anonymous said...


Spot on! In a world where it is expected for the sheep to go with the herd,it is necessary to go your own way!

Also, reading your blog reminds of a quote I stumbled upon earlier this morning “To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will" (Sugar Ray Robinson)

all the best,


tk8302 said...

You always write some very inspiring words. You should write books about this stuff man. I would buy it the day it gets published! (or maybe you already have?)
I must say that before I began P90x, I was already in good shape. Sure, I became way more cut throughout the program and could do more pull-ups, but I didn't expect the other benefits you can achieve through P90x. The discipline and motivation I've built in just 90 days is fantastic. Sometimes I feel like I'm on top of the world. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work!

(on my 2nd round of P90x)

Boris T. said...

People define themselves too much by what other people think and say. We live our lives craving those things which others tells are we should want and need.

It is time to step out of the mold and become individuals, to become healthy, happy and motivated.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome post...

vanfox23 said...

Thanks Tony. I just read this to my 11 year old daughter who is starting middle school this fall. I think it will help her in the future too. I'm bookmarking it!

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