Saturday, December 08, 2007

Horton Holiday Travel Tips

People commonly fall off the fitness wagon during holidays. Don't do it! Prepare with these pre-trip tips to help you enjoy a healthy holiday celebration:

Pre Trip Prep Tip:
Pack Smart. Bring your resistance bands, a jump rope, healthy protein bars and a sturdy leak-proof empty (for security reasons) water bottle.

At the Airport:
Take the stairs often. Escalator schmescalator!!! Use the stairs whenever possible. If you’ve got a long lay over – climb a long staircase a couple of times or powerwalk through those terminals. Your legs will love the release after being cramped up, back in coach.

Fly the Hydrated Skies:
Pack the empty water bottle with your carry-on (you can fill it after you pass security). Airplane air is desert-dry. Much of the “jet lag” people experience is actually dehydration. So indulge in the H2O before, during and after your flight and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Pack the Protein:
Eating several small healthy meals througout the day is key to good nutrition, and almost impossible to do when travelling – unless you bring your own. So stash some healthy bars in your carry-on, and even if the flight is turbulent, your blood sugar won’t be.

While Visiting:
Sweat it out. Exercising at least 20 minutes a day is a great way to burn off the family stress. You can do plenty with resistance bands, your rope and a sturdy chair – so get creative! Can you say UML? It’ll keep your mood up and your weight down.

Check the Holiday Cheer:
Holiday drinks such as eggnog, peppermint schnapps, hot rum and the like are loaded with calories. If you treat them as deserts in liquid form, you’ll have fewer surpises the next time you step on the scale.

Get Jerky:
Healthy between-meal snacks may be even harder to find at your relatives than at the airport! So have plenty of those protein bars available and try stashing some natural Turkey Jerky in your parka in case of emergencies. Reaching for them before the chocolate or fruit cake will keep your appetite (and your mood) at an even keel.

Happy Holidays!


Ryanide said...

Thanks for the tips Tony! Having just finished my first week of the P90X program, I've been contemplating how I'm going to manage to keep up during my week of Holiday travels. Definitely going to pack my bands, bars and shakes. Wishing you all the best! You are my hero.

Destiny said...

Thanks Tony! Great tips. I just started P90X this week too, and you really are a great workout leader. Previously I believed that only the most annoying of people ever chose to put out exercise videos - not that P90X is just some "exercise video" mind you - but you have proven that theory wrong.

niko63 said...


Thanks for sharing these super healthy travel tips. Yes, they tend to not only help the body, but sometimes even more importantly, they help create peace of mind--especially when my Italian nonna pulls out six different homemade pies after dinner and screams mangia! mangia! you're getting too skinny over there!!:) I actually feel good when she says that.;

Safe travels and a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and all your loved ones!


JayBee said...

Great tips. My wife and I are finishing our third week of P90X and we are going to take the yoga and core synergistics dvd's with us to do while we're at her parents house. I have found myself craving another workout each day. I still have a lot of weight to lose but my wife looked at me this morning and said she noticed that i have lost some weight around my waist!!! Sweet!!
i am X-static!! i love p90X, what am I gonna do at the end of these 90 days???

Anthony said...

Just wishing you a Happy Holiday season, Tony! I am loving X, just finishing up my third week!

Thanks for the commitment to getting people like me in shape... sometimes it takes a boot in the butt to make it happen. This program serves me as that boot. :)

Take care!

AlfaSunshine said...

well it's starting with the food for me...but i started the x a couple weeks ago so at least i have a counter attack in place. I'm not traveling this year so it's all about what happens at the grocery store...yesterday there were 2 items i might should have thought twice about...2 out of like 40 isn't too bad...oh well Merry Christmas.

Anne Dovel said...

Love the water/airline tip. I flew to Ireland this summer, and despite the fact that I knew I'd be up and down the aisle frequently, I drank water the entire trip. Felt great when I got there. I also got lots of exercise going up and down those aisles! :) Everyone else was sleeping..why not? You can also buy water on the other side of the security gate and I bought a liter of water for each leg of the trip. I also asked for extra water on the plane.
Drink that water! :)

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