Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tony Horton P90X - TMT Update

An audio post from Tony


Mark Fernandez said...

yo tony, im looking forward to the master series of p90x, just as soon as i finish up my days left of p90x.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony - very exciting to hear about the 10 minute routines! I am very anxious to hear more about them - I have been looking for a quick routine for in the morning, these might be just what I've been looking for. Please keep us posted on the progress.

Anonymous said...

any roll out date??? Got to have this one...
aka marathongirl

Anonymous said...

How come power half hour cannot be ordered from Canada??? I really want to get it and I am from Calgary, Canada. There is any way I can get POWER HALF HOUR???

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, you might have answer this question before. But if you do not mind, please answer it again. How would you suggest people choosing between TMT and P90X. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I am generally a really active and in-shape female 46 yrs old but had a stressful year, hardly got exercise, and put on 30 pounds. I have your 10 minute trainer DVD, but I need something more challenging. I was going to get P90X, but I'm not sure that's the right program if I want to take off 30 pounds asap. What program should I get?

Lana said...

Tony pirated copies of your P90x extreme home workout all 13 dvd's plus the 4 plus dvd's are being sold for $30

The are selling it on www.ioffer.com, ebay.com people can also get your videos for free. I can't afford your suggested price but I wont buy pirated copies nor will I download it from P2P sites either.

I thought you might want to know.

send me an email if you need more info


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