Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Ski Story ~ by John Nicolich


When I last reported, I had skied day one with a hockey babe in death crust. A few days later it was skiing in the rain at 49N. Things got worse as the base went from 24-in. to 20-in. to 16-in., and as it dwindled so did my hopes of a glorious early season. Then came Thanksgiving. While others were thankful for their health, their families, and God, I was thankful for the snow that was absolutely puking outside. That's right friends 14 inches in 24 hours. Schweitzer opened on Fri 11/24, to a cushy 36-in. base. That was just the beginning. On Sunday night it snowed 10 inches over night.

Schweitzer's sexy backside was open to midway but had remained closed to the top while the hounds licked their chops and waited. By chance I was on the chair when the top opened and was the first (besides a few dirt bag snowboarders) to reach the goods. I hit Big Timber, a classic run that is the first hit for most powder pigs, posers, wannabe's, and others of ill repute. It was wide open, untouched. I was first one in for the season. It was as close to a religious experience as I've had. I was describing it to a buddy of mine and said "I may never have another run like that again!"

Next day, Monday. 9 inches of new. Patrol closed the top of the backside till 10 AM. I was skiing the front side when I saw the rope drop and started the long traverse over. I saw some boarders download off the chair, but they were heading away from the backside. I was puzzled, why would you leave when it was just opening up. Another group unloaded and did the same thing. Did they close the North Bowl runs?? I almost bailed when I said screw it, lets check it out. Back to Big Timber. No Tracks, deep pow, flying like a demon, just like a dream. Deja Vu baby.

Today, Tuesday. The temp dropped to 6 degrees. That snow you saw on Monday night football - its here now, and another 5-inches fell. This time the cold air left us Utah snow. I'm not kidding, the POW was blower, boot deep or higher in places. And the best part is on a Tuesday its just me and the old people and a few slackers and social outcasts.

Man am I tired. The pace is frantic. To ski all day, I have to work all night - just finishing up now. My family misses me. But you know its that time of year again, and tomorrow is another day.

I'm Out


PS Stan is the cow catcher on the 4-runner?, we are leaving soon. If you can, you should come up here for a pre-Targhee session - yeah its that good.


Anonymous said...

Only us skiers can relate to that beautiful story. I am expecting a few more inches this week to make my birthday ski day (December 15) even better. Hoping they open "The Waterfall" just for that day. Snow flurries right now at 5 am, just before my workout, then to the slopes at 9 for another.

See you soon Tony, Renee

Phyllis said...

Tony, not being a skier I have no earthly idea what you are talking about, BUT it sounds like you are in Heaven.
Have fun my friend and stay safe!


Phyllis said...

Ok so I see that wasn't your story. So forget what I said up there :-)
I know you love to ski and I am sure we will be reading "your" ski story soon.


psalm9567 said...

I echo Phyllis! Sounds like a foreign language to me!!! But, we all know you are a die-hard ski boy, so have fun, stay safe, and come back in one piece!

Plyo Legs, baby!


AlfaSunshine said...

Whoo hoo!! Tonight is my first night of the X...p90 fatburner in the morning and the x classic at night for as long as I can take it! WHEN I hit the slopes (Lord only knows when that will be this season) I WILL BE A SHREDDER!! I won't be holding my breath for Vail...but Heavenly is good enough for me!!WHOOOOOO HOOOO!!!

GreatDane said...

I have never been a skier but I can sure understand the excitement of doing something you love to do...

It's been a while buddy, since LA camp I have completed the Master Series and I even bough myself P90X for Christmas but I'm not quite ready for that yet...

I have also tried to add more outside stuff to my life, since we don't have much snow here in Texas I had to find something else ;) so my boys and I have been mountain biking... having lots of fun together... and this past weekend we went rock climbing all night long, today Wednesday is the first day I'm not sore all over :)... feels really good though to get back out there and just have fun... Thanks for showing the way... Appreciate everything you do.


nick said...

Hey Tony,

A couple of years ago, in order to please an ex-girlfriend, I decided to launch myself down some of the most crowded slopes in the East. So, we loaded up the car and headed up old Route 8 in your home state of Connecticut. A couple hours later I found myself screaming in terror as all of my 200 lbs barreled out of control down the steep and icy deer run at Mohawk Mt. Even though I narrowly cheated death or paralyzation, I suddenly discovered a rush and elation that I had never felt before. I got on the program, took a lesson, took a break and headed back out. Six hours and many runs later, I finally took off my boots and called it a day. I'll never forget that day.

Hydrate or die, brutha!