Sunday, November 19, 2006

Matman2163 ~ Poetry In Motion

Ode to P90

I woke up this morning, all tired and sore
From bringing it hard, to just do one more
From push ups to pull ups
And Ab Rippers too
To whip you in shape
And get rid off that goo

P90 was first and that program was great
In the first 30 days, I began to change shape
I lost weight in my midsection, my butt, and my thighs
And saw my self transform, right before my own eyes

The plan was quite simple
I’m here to attest
Workout hard, eat right, and get 8 hours rest
The diet I followed was easy you see,
Just stay on Michi’s ladder
What more could there be?

I finished my first 90 days with success
And thought to myself, give the master series a test
The workouts were longer, with many more reps
But I did them with gusto, yes, even with pep

I brought it my hardest, never took it too easy
And laughed at TH, although some of his jokes were quite cheesy
But looking back now, yeah, it’s been quite a while,
Although the jokes repeated, they still made me smile
They helped me to bring it and what can I say
I gave it my all, each and every long day

I finished the master and what could be next?
But a new kind of hurt in the form of the X
More push-ups, now pull-ups, and Yoga to boot
The workouts are longer, but the jokes are a hoot

I found my self twisting in all kind of ways
And finished with Ohm’s,
Flushed those worries away

So now I’m closer to reaching the end
But if I can do this,
Then so can you, friend

To get through these programs,
Just listen, take heed
to 3 little words,
Decide, Commit, and Succeed.


psalm9567 said...

Matt!! That is one awesome poem, friend!! Congrats on all your success!!


nick said...

Wow! Now that is a supreme example of poetic license I must say! But it's really Tony's original jokes that make the programs so great!! Well, along with a few good exercises, I guess?!?
Lock and hold, brotha!


ConnieO said...

Yay, Im so glad Tony liked your poem. It should become the Beachbody mantra. LOL ;)

littljen said... did I miss this!?!

Cool Matt!