Sunday, June 04, 2006

Law # 4 ~ Purpose

When we exercise and eat right we feel better. When we feel better, we do more. When we do more, we meet amazing people blazing the same trail. A healthy lifestyle gives us the energy to be better than before. We create a desire to participate, share, communicate, and build a community. If you had never found Beachbody, you might be right back where you were—isolated with nothing to share, because you weren’t doing anything with anyone.

We come together because we all have one thing in common...the desire to improve our lives. Anyone willing to explore our message boards, chat rooms, and WOWY is given the opportunity to participate in something truly unique. The intention of helping yourself turns into a chance to improve or even save the life of someone else. We plant seeds that affect much more than our own weight loss and improved fitness. The moment we decide to share our story we create a shift in energy so powerful that it has the potential to change the world. Change, and the world changes with you.

When we’re in a state of fear and anxiety the people around us aren’t too thrilled either. If we have the energy to be kind, wise, and loving, we lift up everyone around us. The difference between these two states is CHOICE. Often it’s hard to choose wisely when you’re too pooped to get through the average day. Pre–Power90 many people feel overwhelmed, sick, and tired. Shortly after starting the program (even before any real physical change) something remarkable starts to happen. You feel better.

When you feel good you act quite differently than when you feel lousy. The people around you don’t need be told what kind of mood you’re in. They know. Your behavior (good and bad) has tons of energy and power that affects everyone in your world. You are what you eat and what you do! If you eat junk and do nothing, friends and family will sink with you or abandon ship. Not a terribly inspiring or productive outcome. If you choose to devote your time and energy to health and fitness with wisdom and courage you become a beacon of energy so powerful it could change the lives of thousands of people.

A healthy, fit body directly affects the mind and spirit. The brain and body are one. The reason why so many people reach for cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and fast food is because it makes them feel good…for now. These short-term pleasures deliver a long list of physiological and psychological disorders and diseases down the road. A steady dose of exercise on the other hand will guarantee the opposite result—a lifetime of good health, energy, self-reliance and hope. “If you look after the body, the fragrance of the mind and spirit will come of itself.” —B.K.S. Iyengar

Having purpose takes the onus off of you and puts the focus on the people who need your help. The gift of giving is the greatest gift to receive. The people I know who practice this on a daily basis are well rounded, content, empathetic, wise, and happy. They say that about 3% of the people on Earth live in bliss. What the hell are the other 97% doing? Maybe we’re spending too much time on ME, ME, ME! I believe that our journey on this Earth is to be in service. Discover what you love, learn how to do it well, and share it with others. It’s also important to recognize when friends and family are not ready for change. The worst kind of advice to give is the kind that was never asked for.

Purpose is the driving force that moves you from here to there. Your purpose in taking care of yourself is based on intention and resolution. If your intentions aren’t clear, strong, and true; the best food, supplementation, and perfect workouts won’t help you discover what your purpose is. What are your intentions? Do you want to find resolution? What is the $24,000 question? If it’s about looking hot for the fitness camp, how will that hold up come Monday when the camp is over? Short-term goals are nice. If you want long-term success and a worldwide impact then put your energy into the long-term reasons why.

The key to success with Power90 and P90X comes to people who figure out that when you share your experiences; your wisdom, love, and truth, you begin to know what it’s like to live in that 3%. The message boards, chat rooms, WOWY, and coaches’ threads can be precious commodities. In these forums, we are given an opportunity to share everything about our journey with people going through the same thing.



laura33 said...

Tony HUGSS.. law #2,3, and 4 are soo important for so many reasons that you mentioned. Too many times I've heard - Oh just cheat one day - eat what I want...but to me that just feels like you are setting yourself up for working twice as hard in working out to conteract all those negative calories he/she had the day before.
With summer coming - it is easier to say I wnat that dish of ice cream or cone - or that pizza cause it is "easier" and more readily available.
Getting enough sleep, eating right and in proper proportions, pushing play, getting out and doing that sport you love - all are helping you in your purpose.

My decision to be a part of BeachBody fitness was and still is one of the best decisions I have ver made and 100 lbs + 35" less and 2 years later am still going and helping others in their journey.
Can't wait to meet you again in July...New York camp baby! YEAAAHH HAWW!!

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah blah

AlfaSunshine said...

I'm beginning to see a pattern...hehehe. Love your blah blah Tony Horton. This is a great one for me because it resonates with my chat habit. I have spent a good part of the past year in the bb chat room and I have chatted with hundreds of people from all over the world. It has been great sharing all of the handy tips that I learned from other chat buddies with others newcomers that came to chat to learn more and more about fitness and nutrition and stuff. It has been a unique experience.

keep those laws coming Tony Hortonhead!! Hopefully I'll see you again soon.