Friday, May 26, 2006

Law # 1 ~ Variety


In the next couple of weeks I'll be posting my recently revamped 11 Laws of Health & Fitness. Here is Law # 1.

Variety is the spice of life and fitness. A lifetime of health and fitness is achievable when you can think outside of the box. Mix it up, change it up, and turn it up all the time. Stay curious, creative, and stick with the kind of workouts that you enjoy. A variety of exercises, workouts, and sports will allow you to avoid the evil fitness killers: injuries, plateaus, and boredom.

One of the reasons why Power90, Power Half Hour, the Master Series, and P90X work so well for so many people—who have tried and failed with other programs—is because they are NOT one discipline. Those programs incorporate a variety of things: sectional progression, plyometrics, ab and core routines, boxing and kickboxing, yoga, stretching, and cardiovascular exercises. From Tony and The Kids to P90X I have always tried to make the routines fun and filled with a variety of movements. Workouts that are uncomplicated, easy-to-follow, time-tested, with combinations that work. I’m not a fan of boredom. Doing the same routines and movements over and over again doesn’t appeal to me. That’s why many of my programs don’t repeat the same move twice.

Curiosity is a key reason why I’ve been able to sustain a high level of fitness for over 20 years. If I see something that looks fun and challenging, I’ll try it. If it doesn’t ring my chime, I’ll move on to something else. Curiosity was one of the reasons why you picked up the phone and ordered Power90. You weren’t happy with the status quo. You were probably unhappy and unhealthy. You were in a rut and you wanted a change. When I’m in a rut, I look at ways to mix it up. Just because something works for me right now doesn’t mean it will work or hold my interest later. Too many people hold on too tightly to things that don’t work anymore. You know it’s time to change things when you hear yourself saying: “I feel burned out.” “This isn’t fun anymore.” “I’m no longer seeing improvement with this routine.”

You could be suffering from a temporary bout of mind babble, or maybe it’s your heart telling you that it’s time to move on. Only you know the difference. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Figure out what keeps you in the game, even if it’s very different than what others think you need. If you’re beating yourself up when it comes to inspiration and motivation regarding perspiration then you need an alteration to your transformation.

Variety in your fitness world will keep boredom, injuries, and plateaus at bay. That’s the reason why Power90 has two levels. P90X and the Power90 Master Series were created so that you’ll have a myriad of ways to mix it up and continue to see improvement over time. If you really want to improve your fitness and physique and make this a lifestyle thing, then eventually the other box you’ll need to get outside of…is your house. This might be hard for people with a hectic schedule but why not skip that Sunday barbecue for a hike or run or skate or swim or volleyball game. After you’ve seen my goofy mug too many times, you might want to open the door and explore.

Power 90 is the on switch to a lifetime of health and fitness. After your 90 days are up, a nice variety of activities, workouts, and athletic endeavors will turn even more lights on. I like to call the program after Power 90, Power 10,950. That’s 30 years. You can reinvent yourself and take control of your life if you stay curious and try new things. Finishing Power 90 (or any other program for that matter) lets you begin to explore all the possibilities. Variety in fitness and life is essential for keeping the lights on.


AlfaSunshine said...

Hey Mr Horton! I bought my plane ticket yesterday for Denver. I'm doing the 1st annual (half) marathon there in October. I don't consider myself a runner at all but it's a good way to focus. Training to succeed at improving over my first half marathon last year will be fun. I walked in the local Relay for Life at our high school last week. I did the last hour for our Realtors for Life team (we raised over 25k for the American Cancer Society) I lost count on my laps but it was nice to walk outside even in the drizzle. I usually train on my treadmill which I love for keeping track of time and distance. But I agree with your point about getting out of my house sometimes.

Guess what? My son is in Babe Ruth now having just turned 13 and now that he's playing with 15 and even one 16 year old he wants to get buffed and he wants to pump some iron! We did arms and shoulders together the other night! I am excited because last year he had problems after the championships with his throwing arm and the dr said he needed to do push-ups and work his way up to chin ups and he never really got into it. Well now he is all into it! He's even using his chin up bar! Maybe I'll be able to get him to come with me to muscle beach. Gonna be down that way for my neices' graduations the end of June. Hope to catch up with you and your friends and get my hugs on my way home from Laguna. ;)

See ya in chat!

Chris said...

Tony, how can i bring you in for our group of 50 people for a fitness camp with us?