Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Getting Young

Just 4 years away from 50 I'm noticing that there are a lot of people I know complaining about getting old. Yuck! These Baby Boomers and even Gen X types are lamenting over their limited & finite state of being. Almost all of them believe that this process is a natural state of things. They say, "This is what happens when you get old."

I can't imagine filling that way...ever. Regardless of age, I've always felt that I would continue to get stronger, fitter, more flexible and healthier. I have always wanted to do everything I could to avoid aging in the traditional sense. Aging without exercise and healthy eating sounds like suicide to me.

I've been asking friends and family what they think aging is doing to them. The list was long but I thought I'd share with you the things I've heard most often.
1. Tired a lot
2. Slowing down
3. Stiff & tight all over
4. More illness more often
5. Frail & vulnerable to injury
6. Muscle & joint pain (knees, back, shoulders, neck)
7. Saddness & depressed
8. More fear
9. Forgetfulness
10. More anger & less open minded to try new things

I don't think any of us can be fond of this top 10 list. Quite often I heard about these problems coming from people in their 30s! Life can be pretty tough for all of us sometimes. But as we get older, it gets even harder, especially if we don't discover the importance of exercise & healthy eating. Does a healthy lifestyle cure us of the things on this list? Maybe not, but it sure will give us a fighting chance.

Every time you read a Power90 success story you hear about how someone's life changed. These changes relate to the items on the list above. Most of you started Power90 because you didn't like the way you looked. After completing it you cared more about how it made you feel, physically and mentally. Aging without a healthy lifestyle will guarantee some level of physical and/or mental malfunction.

Look at the list above and ask yourself if you're suffering from anything on it. Look at some of the seniors around you and see if they're suffering from anything on the list. They are you just down the road. You control your future and your destiny by making simple choices now. Give yourself a fighting chance and avoid the suffering that goes with unhealthy aging.

Let me hear that you're Getting Young.

T. S. Horton

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fear Buster

This past weekend we held my 4th annual fitness camp in Santa Monica California. It was the 4th camp so far this year and it was just as amazing as the last three. It feels like every camp has a theme and this one was no exception. On Thursday August 11th some of the early campers and I met on the beach for a mini version of the Sunday workout. I was asking the group how they were feeling and Nina (aka Neeeeeeeeeena) said she was scared to death. She explained that she was truly petrified on every level!

Upon further investigation I learned that Nina was not the only one suffering from this fear factor. Several in the group expressed that they too were very wary of the weekends proceedings. This is very common when a group of strangers (for the most part) come together to look at how they live in this world. This was not a vacation. It was a Fitness Camp with rock climbing, seminar/workshops and new workouts, so it's easy to see why folks were a bit apprehensive on day one.

I thought that the fear busting began during the Circle Of Love. This is the first event that occurs after Friday night's group dinner. It gives everyone the opportunity to open up and talk about where they've been, where they are, and where they're hoping to go. The stories in that circle were mind blowing. Everyone there was open and honest and willing to tell their story. As we went around the circle you could feel the fear give way to hope and excitement for the rest of the weekend.

There was rock climbing in the morning followed by the workshop on the 11 Laws of Health & Fitness. That afternoon we went through another workout which was a hybrid of YogaX and the new Power90 Master Series Workout, Core/Cardio. We closed out the evening at Gotham Hall with great food, music by Travis Howard and the famous one legged bag game (for photos see 4th Annual Santa Monica Fitness Camp thread in the Power90 boards). Early on Sunday morning we had our Form & Function seminar followed by the Sunday morning beach workout.

With every passing hour I could see folks crushing any and all fears about what was possible. "I can't" turned into "I'll try" over and over again. It seemed like everyone had a breakthrough moment. Motivation, Inspiration & Information were the key ingredients for smashing apprehension, trepidation & fear.

Next stop, San Antonio!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Big Fish First

Back in the day I was the master procrastinator. I knew what I needed to do to make dramatic changes in my life but instead I would waist hours of my day putzing (sp) around with all kinds of small fish tasks. I would tell myself that once my ducks (or fish) were in a row I could tackle the big job. Laundry, dishes, food shopping, cleaning up the house, paying bills etc. were endless busy jobs that kept me from going after the big fish. This stuff had to be done, but I would spread it out throughout my day to avoid going after the Big Fish, my purpose.

I still have a tendency to drift back to my old ways but for the most part I make a conscious effort to keep my eye on the prize. My life changing Big Fish tasks involve
writing these blogs, answering your questions in the mail bag, the monthly chats, promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle at the fitness camps, working out 5 to 6 days a week, spending and investing my money wisely, working on my first book and getting
proper rest and nutrition so that I'll have the energy and enthusiasm to do it all.

If you're having trouble getting and/or staying in shape, check to see were your priorities have been lately. Do you have a plan for your success? Have you scheduled your workouts in advance? Are you watching the tube when you could be getting the small tasks out of the way? Are you eating lame food and getting less than 7 1/2 of sleep? To achieve what you want and deserve in this world you must know when to do what. Stop flittering away your time and LIFE with mindless tasks that keep you from going after the Big Fish.

I know single Mom's with 4 kids who make the time to get it all done. If you want this amazing healthy life, you have got to make exercise priority one. Maybe that means getting up early and working out first thing in the morning. If that doesn't fit in your schedule then make a plan for when you can. Make a plan where you focus on the things that make for a great life. Put your mind and energy into your purpose for being on this earth. Something tells me it's not neatly folded laundry.