Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sustaining and Maintaining

An audio post from Tony

The Pill

An audio post from Tony

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Panacea or Placebo

What's the deal with supplements? Do you really need them? Are they worth the money? I'm convinced that my daily vitamins, minerals, protein powder, creatine and recovery formula save the day, every day.

I have devised a simple test to find out if you really need supplements or not.

For ONE week (that's all you'll need to find out) workout 6 days, eat clean and stop taking all supplements. Answer these 13 questions at the start and end of that week.

At the start of the following week start taking your supplements. I recommend Slimming Formula, Protein Powder, Performance Formula and the P90X Recovery Formula. At the end of TWO weeks take the test again. Compare your numbers and you'll know if they make a difference or not.

Answer all questions on a 1 to 10 scale. 1 = Never & 10 = Always

1. I experience sound restful sleep most nights

2. I have plenty of energy throughout the day.

3. I have a healthy and normal appetite with very few cravings.

4. I am happy with my present weight.

5. I'm enthusiastic about my fitness and have plenty of energy during exercise.

6. I'm good at handling stress.

7. I'm satisfied with the state of my libido.

8. My memory, cognition and mental acuity is good.

9. I have pain free joints and good/full range of motion.

10. My muscles are strong and lean and recover quickly after exercise.

11. My heart and lung capacity are strong during cardiovascular exercise.

12. I have no digestion, stomach or intestinal issues.

13. I rarely suffer from sadness, depression or anxiety, and I'm in good mental health.